How to find Diamonds with the Lapis trick in Minecraft

Exploring caves or ravines is the greatest technique to find Lapis Lazuli Ores. You must first locate Lapis Lazuli Ores and then dig down starting from the 4th block north of the Ores. If the 4th block north is in a different chunk, you must resume counting on the opposite side of the same chunk. Lapis Lazuli can produce Y-levels ranging from Y -64 to Y 64.

find Diamonds with the Lapis trick in Minecraft

Diamond ore and lapis lazuli ore are connected. Diamonds are easily found by following a straightforward step-by-step method that begins with Lapis Lazuli ore. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the Lapis-Diamond technique. Exploring caves or ravines is the greatest technique to find Lapis Lazuli Ores. Lapis Lazuli can produce Y-levels ranging from -64 to 64. However, they are more abundant around level 0. To display your coordinates and the Y-level you are at, click F3.

  • When looking for lapis veins, be sure to turn north (-Z) and start mining four blocks lower.
  • If you exceed the chunk limit, switch sides immediately so that your diamond block, which is close to the boundary, generates on both sides of the chunk.
  • When digging straight down, be cautious because you could quickly die from fall damage or land up in a lava pool. That is why you should dig in a vertical stairwell pattern.
  • You only need to dig till you uncover Diamond Ores.

Because this approach does not have a 100% success rate (more like 80%), you will not always find Diamonds this way. It is also not applicable to all seeds. If you try it on 5/6 or more Lapis Lazuli Ores and don’t find any Diamond, odds are it won’t work in the entire Minecraft world you’re playing in.

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It will not work if you are using the Java 1.13 patch or earlier. This method does not appear to function with Minecraft Bedrock.


1). In Minecraft, how can you get Lapis?

Lapis can be found in abandoned mineshafts and shipwrecks. The only way to utilise this resource is through the Lapis Lazuli pieces that fall when the ore is mined. These fragments can be dyed, used as a reagent for Enchanting, or manufactured into a gorgeous Lapis Lazuli Block.

2). In Minecraft, how much lapis lazuli do you get per block?

On singleplayer only, lapis lazuli ore can now be found at bedrock level and now drops 4-8 lapis lazuli each block extracted (up from 1). However, servers have not yet been impacted.

3). What is the purpose of lapis lazuli in Minecraft?

Lapis lazuli is a valuable resource in Minecraft. While it cannot be used to construct tools or armour like other ores, it can be utilised to enchant objects with powerful enchantments that can aid the player. It can also be used as a dye to colour a variety of blocks and things.

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