How to Get and Use Moss Blocks in Minecraft

Moss Blocks are an new natural block in Minecraft that can spread to other surfaces. This block is a component of the Caves and Cliffs update, which was released in 2021. Moss Blocks spawn primarily in the Lush Cave biomes, but they can also be obtained in other ways.

Blocks in Dirt and Stone can be instantaneously swapped with Moss Blocks, spawning Grass, Azalea shrubs, and Moss Carpet along their surface. For the Moss to spread successfully, an empty area above surrounding blocks is required. In Minecraft, players can employ these unique mossy mechanics to create inventive patterns and structures.

moss block minecraft

When gamers first saw the new block, they were ecstatic to find an all-green block that resembled grass. The block was released in the first part of the update, followed by the full biome in the second. Because the new cave biomes were an instant hit with gamers, these blocks, along with blossoming azalea bushes and glow berry vines, quickly became fan favourites.

Where to Find Moss Blocks in Minecraft?

In Minecraft 1.19, these blocks can be obtained in two ways: from the Lush Caves Biome or by trading with the Wandering Trader. However, not all Wandering Traders will accept moss blocks in exchange for emeralds. As a result, the Lush Caves biome is the greatest place to get these blocks. The biome will not only give this block, but it will also be a lovely region where players may locate Axolotls, glow berries, and other interesting creatures.

moss block minecraft lush biome

Players must look for uncommon Azalea Trees that spawn just above the biome to find a Lush Cave. Azalea trees are distinguishable in Minecraft by their yellowish-green foliage and little pink flowers sprinkled on their leaves. However, identifying these trees is difficult, especially in a densely forested environment. Remember that Lush Caves form at different heights, thus digging too quickly or carelessly downward could end in a fatal fall.

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Moss Blocks can be discovered in Shipwreck Supply Chests both above and below the water. They have a 42.1% probability of spawning with other chest loot in particular. Trading with Wandering Traders is another way to earn Moss Blocks in Minecraft. These NPCs have a chance of selling Moss Blocks 2 for one Emerald. Nonetheless, Lush Caves are the most dependable source of Moss Blocks.

moss block minecraft shipwreak

How to Use Moss Blocks in Minecraft

moss block minecraft
  • If players have a lot of bone meal, they can use it on these blocks to grow the vegetation and create all sorts of new blocks. Moss, grass, moss carpets, Azalea shrubs, and even Flowering Azalea can be obtained by players. When moss blocks are bone-mealed, they can transform any stone or grass block into moss.
  • Moss carpets, mossy cobblestones, and mossy stone bricks can be made with these blocks. If players wish to provide a grass block effect somewhere without placing an actual grass block, mossy carpets are an excellent alternative to conventional wool carpets. It can also be used to prevent spawning. Mossy cobblestone and stone bricks can be employed in buildings that must adhere to a specific theme.
moss block minecraft

Except for Cactus variations, all plants in Minecraft Java Edition can be put on Moss Blocks. Nether Fungi (Warts) can also be planted on top of Moss, although Mushrooms will only stick to the surface of a Moss Block if the light level is 12 or lower. Bedrock Edition, on the other hand, differs from Java in that Cactus, Bamboo, Dead Bushes, and Sugar Cane cannot be built on Moss Blocks.

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Related Topics

1). Can you grow moss blocks in Minecraft?

You can’t grow them. Moss carpets can grow on their own in lush caves, but you can also get them by putting bone meal on a moss block or making the carpets with moss blocks. 

2). Where is moss block found in Minecraft?

It can be obtained in jungle temples, underwater ruins, big tree taiga biomes, and some communities, but it is most commonly discovered deep underground in dungeons.

3). Does moss need dirt to grow?

Moss does not require soil to exist because it is a non-vascular plant; instead, it has a rhizoid multi-cell anchoring system that it uses to climb and grip rough surfaces.

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