How to Get Cape in Minecraft (With and Without Mods)

Capes are uncommon vanity accessories worn on top of the player’s skin. Capes are more difficult to obtain than any other cosmetic item in the game. Due to their rarity, players wear these capes for the purpose of bragging about their cape ownership.

Capes are one of the most uncommon objects in Minecraft. Depending on the one you have, it can indicate how long you’ve been playing, which events you’ve attended, or which mods you use.

It is not difficult to obtain a cape in Minecraft. Unless you belong to a very narrow kind of gamer, though, it will likely cost you money.

How to obtain a cape in Minecraft to improve your appearance. They have the power to elevate your appearance to an entirely new level. Some even blend in well with the Minecraft biomes and serve as concealment. Therefore, let’s determine how to obtain and utilize a cape in Minecraft in 2022.

How to Get Cape in Minecraft Without Using Mods

  • In Minecraft, capes are typically awarded to players who attend specific events or perform particular objectives. From 2011 through 2016, attending a live MINECON event earned you a unique cape. Mojang brought back these capes for MINECON 2019, but exclusively for gamers of the Bedrock Edition.
  • Capes may be awarded to Minecraft mapmakers whose maps have been accepted into the Realms Content Creator Program and who have gained enough points.
  • If you purchased Minecraft: Java Edition prior to December 31, 2020, switching your Mojang or legacy account to a Microsoft account will get you the “Migrator” cape.
  • A selection of Minecraft: Java Edition capes. Mojang. Those who visit the future Minecraft Festival in late 2022 will also receive a unique cape.
  • A few capes are available at all times, although they are limited to the Bedrock Edition.
  • The Pan Cape is offered to gamers who download Bedrock Edition beta releases.
  • Nearly two dozen unique capes are available to Bedrock users who purchase skin packs, such as the Adventure Time Mash-up Pack or the Star Wars Classic Pack.
  • Capes can be purchased in Bedrock Edition. To equip your capes, modify your skin on Minecraft’s character creation page. There, you’ll find all the capes you’ve unlocked.
  • Minecraft Bedrock players can purchase animated capes. They are not available on the official store as of 2022, but you can download them from independent developers. It is simpler to locate animated capes in the Bedrock edition. There are a few animated cape alternatives for Java Minecraft, but not from a large number of trustworthy or free sources.
  • These capes serve the same purpose as ordinary capes, but include moving graphics rather than static textures. Animated capes are based on GIFs and offer the same quality and aesthetic enhancements as traditional capes.

How to Get cape in Minecraft Using Mods

Using the most popular mods in Minecraft is the most popular way to obtain capes. Forge could be installed to utilise mods in Minecraft. Numerous mods, both free and paid, offer capes to players. Using mods provides the benefit of obtaining capes of any texture, size, and shape.

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Advanced Capes Mod (download) is one of the most dependable free Minecraft cape mods. But mod-based capes have a downside as well. Regardless of how cool your cape appears, only you will be able to see it. There is, however, a solution to this problem in the form of paid capes.

If you have Optifine installed in Minecraft, you can also donate to Optifine to purchase capes. In Minecraft, these Optifine capes are visible to other Optifine users. Numerous Minecraft Java gamers utilise this patch to run the greatest Minecraft shaders. Additionally, it improves the game’s performance and FPS output. If this is the case for your group of pals, it appears prudent to purchase the Optifine cape.

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