How to get Katana in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeon is currently the top used gaming platform and worldwide famous for its features and other various facilities it provides you.

It contains various levels to be completed along with the different in-between difficulties that the player faces which makes it difficult for the player to complete the level.

But being an advanced technology platform game, it provides you with various features which will help the user to surpass any of the difficulties they face while playing the game.

One such extra facilities are the weapons and fighting tools they provide you for better accessibility and the enhancement of your game.

Among these weapons, the one which is the easiest to use and the most helpful and important is the KATANA!

It is a melee weapon in the Dungeons version of the game Minecraft. It poses various versions and two of them are the dark katana and master’s katana. Katana is basically a Japanese word derived from the origin, KOTO, it refers to a sword that consists of a single-edged blade and is very sharp.

So let’s move on to how to get the katana in Minecraft Dungeons, the steps might sound a bit difficult but gets easier once you start applying them in the game.

How to get Katana in Minecraft Dungeons

Figure Out The Level Minecraft Dungeons :

This weapon katana in Minecraft Dungeon can be taken from various levels but you should first select the one on which you are playing.

Then sort out and come to the conclusion whether the level you are accessing is available for the katana weapon feature or not, because unfortunately, most of the levels are DLC exclusives.

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 Take a look at the following list of levels that can give you the katana sword:

  1. The coral rise which is of the Adventure, DLC.
  2. Apocalypse’s Lower Temple level
  3. DLC Daily Trial’s Basalt Deltas
  4. Obsidian Pinnacle level of the Apocalypse
  5. Panda Plateau level of the Apocalypse DLC
How to get Katana in Minecraft Dungeons

How to Purchase Katana in Minecraft Dungeons

The weapon katana sword can also be purchased from various Merchants.

There are a few of them in the following from which you can purchase the katana sword:

1) The Piglin Merchant

2) The Luxury Merchant

3) The Village Merchant

The Luxury Merchant and the Village Merchant sell weapons and other items in exchange for emeralds.

While the Piglin Merchant sells the Katana sword and various other stuff for gold.

And not forget, mention that the Ancient Hunts are not having this feature and it is not available there.

You can also do this in obsidian pinnacle or folder from the blacksmith.

Qualities Of The Katana Sword

The sword is a perfect twist critical hit chance.

Master’s KatanaDark Katana
Lower Temple (Apocalypse)Lower Temple (Apocalypse)
Panda Plateau (Apocalypse, DLC)Obsidian Pinnacle (Apocalypse)
Obsidian Pinnacle (Apocalypse)Coral Rise (Adventure, DLC)
Coral Rise (Adventure, DLC)Basalt Deltas (Daily Trials) (DLC)
Basalt Deltas (Daily Trials) (DLC)Panda Plateau (Apocalypse, DLC)

It has a high base damage medley, it is very useful but also is a slow weapon.

It requires very low maintenance so automatically it provides you with better-level skills and scopes.

PowerDamage Point

So in the conclusion, it is basically a very powerful, accessible, and useful weapon, which provides you different ways to protect yourself and the goal.

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It is therefore very easy to access it, and once you do, you are all set to level up your game!