How to Get Loyalty Enchantment in Minecraft

Loyalty is a relatively recent feature to Minecraft, having been introduced with the 1.13 Aquatic Update for the Java Edition. It lets you to play out your Aquaman fantasies, such as tossing a trident and summoning it back to you. Despite its youth, it is already a very popular enchantment in the game. Before doing so, however, you must first enchant a trident with Loyalty.

How does the Loyalty works in Minecraft?

Enchantment is the process of imparting previously unavailable unique properties to previously ordinary substances. So, with this enchantment, the weapon will automatically return to its yielder towards enemies and then return to you after a few seconds, eliminating the need to manually retrieve it.

Material required for the loyalty enchantment

There are three essential objects necessary to perform this enchantment:

  • Anvil
  • Trident
  • Loyalty enchantment book

Step 1: How to Make Anvil

On a crafting table, place three iron blocks and four iron ingots to create an anvil. Iron blocks may be easily obtained from many biomes in caverns and mountains, whilst iron ingots are produced by smelting iron blocks in a furnace. You must own at least the stone pickaxe in order to collect the iron blocks.

anvil minecraft recipe

Step 2: Locate the Trident

This weapon has no crafting recipe, therefore it can only be obtained by killing a monster with the name drowned. This is an extremely rare monster that you will very sometimes encounter, however you may find it with a trident in the ocean or rivers.

Step 3: Get the Loyalty Enchantment

For this item, you must now travel to the village biome and locate some villagers. After that, you must position the lectern nearby to transform them into librarians. The librarian is the sole option for acquiring this book through natural commerce.

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On a crafting table, the lectern may be assembled with four wooden planks and one bookshelf.

Step 4: How to Apply Loyal Charm on Trident

You must first lay the anvil on the ground and then click on it to reveal two distinct spaces. Place the trident in the first slot from the left and the loyalty enchantment book in the second slot to complete the enchantment.

As you can see in the illustration below, when we threw the trident at the underwater horde, it returned to us.


Loyalty is the sole possible enchantment in Minecraft that is limited to the trident. Trident is one of the rarest weapons that cannot be made and can only be acquired by defeating a “Drowned” enemy underwater. It may be used for both melee and ranged attacks. When you hurl this weapon at an enemy, it will return to you after a few seconds if it hits.