How to Get Silk Touch In Minecraft

How to Get Silk Touch In Minecraft and How to Use it?

Many tools in Minecraft aren’t available with the use of easy equipment. The Silk Touch Enchantment is used to get blocks of their unique shape instead of regular gadgets. Silk Touch is one of the most used enchantments in Minecraft. In the early variations of Minecraft, many blocks had been non-available along with grass, glass, and all ore blocks. Silk Touch becomes delivered in Minecraft to gain those non-available blocks.

You can use Silk Touch for mining glass, stones, glass panes, ores, and grass. You will want to stage up this enchantment, otherwise, it’d come to be tough so that you can take complete benefit of this appeal’s benefits. Level 1 is the most electricity stage for the Silk Touch enchant.


1st Method

The fastest and most efficient way to do this is by using the command ‘enchant to gain Silk Touch in Minecraft. 

  • /enchant @p silk_touch 1

2nd Method

To get Silk Touch in your Minecraft requires these things:

  1. Set a pickaxe on the enchanting table
  2. Verify the level 30 enchantments. If it’s Silk Touch, then go forward. If not, you’ll need to apply an enchantment of level 1 on an item.
  3. Make sure to check Silk Touch on pick again.
  4. Repeat the process until the point you have your desired result.
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3rd Method

There’s a different method through that you can acquire Silk Touch in Minecraft. You must:

  1. Find a villager unemployed
  2. Place a lectern near him
  3. The villager who is unemployed will transform into the librarian
  4. Then you will receive an offer for enchanted book trade from the librarian
  5. Take advantage of this offer until you have received Silk Touch. Silk Touch book
  6. It can also be obtained by constantly shifting and breaking the lectern
  7. Players are also able to reset the libraries’ offers.

4th Method

You’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Take a seat at the table that is enchanting.
  2. Add bookshelves one at a time. one.
  3. Be sure you’ve set all the shelves just one block higher than your table.
  4. Reset the enchantments as needed
  5. Transfer it to the slot you want to use
  6. You’ll see Silk Touch as an Silk Touch enchantment in your inventory
  7. Now you can enjoy your game using this magic

What Are The Best Tools For Silk Touch Enchantment?

This Minecraft special enchantment is only available for certain weaponry and tools. The majority of players discover it through luck and others need the option of adding it to your Minecraft inventory. Silk Touch can be used on:

  • Axe
  • Hoe
  • Shovel
  • Pickaxe

Silk Touch is best suited to use a pickaxe in Minecraft.  It is possible to use this enchantment in conjunction together with the other enchantments in order to maximize output. For instance, if you use Silk Touch and Efficiency V simultaneously players will be able to dig up the dirt and gravel in an hour. The highest level of power for this type of enchantment is 1. Thus, it is possible to enchant tools or weapons with Silk Touch-up until level 1.

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Different Ways To Use Silk Touch

1) Glass and Glass panes

Minecraft gamers love including glass in their bases and builds. These obvious blocks carry shade and existence to buildings. To mine glass blocks, gamers want a silk contact pickaxe. Players want to consider this while setting glass subsequent time.

2) Stone

Minecraft overworld is full of stone all around the place. Stones have a lovely texture for constructing paths, walls, homes, and lots of different things. However, mining stone drops cobblestone as opposed to itself. Smelting cobblestones into stones costs fuel. Players can get stones without delay the usage of a silk contact pickaxe and store their resources.

3) Grass Block

The grass is one of the maximum lovely blocks in Minecraft. Even eleven though Minecraft is full of those inexperienced blocks, they’re unobtainable without a silk contact. Mining without a silk contact device drops dust block as opposed to grass. Silk Touch shovel is the quickest manner to get grass blocks in Minecraft.

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