Skeleton horses in Minecraft

How to Get Skeleton Horse in Minecraft and How to Ride

In Minecraft, the skeleton horse is a very rare and great mob. You can ride them without a saddle or with one. They are twice as fast as the player. It is a great mob to find on a trip because it moves quickly. If a player sees a Skeleton Horse during a thunderstorm, they should be careful. At first, they may seem harmless, but players will soon find out that they are very dangerous. It’s hard to get a skeleton horse in Minecraft.

How to Get Skeleton Horse in Minecraft

When lightning strikes a horse during a thunderstorm, you can find and get a skeleton horse. These electric shocks happen at random during certain events, like thunderstorms.

Once a storm starts, there are two ways for players to get Skeleton Horses.

  • With a lightning rod, you can get the Skeleton horse. These rods were just added in update 1.17. They are made from copper ingots. Putting these rods in a pen with the horse can make it much more likely that lightning will strike you. If you have this improvement, it makes it more likely that you will get a skeleton horse.
  • If you use the channeling enchantment, you can also get skeleton horses. Also, this channeling enchantment needs to stay on a trident. Only by killing a drowned can you get this trident. Once you have the trident, you can strike the horse with lightning to turn it into a skeleton horse. You don’t have to make one of your lightning strikes into a skeleton horse. Still, this method works easily if you try it over and over again.
Skeleton Horse in Minecraft

How to Tame a Skeleton Horse in Minecraft

The Skeleton Horse can be tamed after the Skeleton rider has been killed. They can get the horse to trust them by riding it until it does. Skeletons Horses can’t be ridden, given a saddle, or given armor in Bedrock Edition. If a Skeleton Horse is born from a spawn egg, it can’t be tamed or ridden for some reason.

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How to Ride a Skeleton Horse in Minecraft

Skeleton Horse in Minecraft

When you have full control of the skeleton horse, red hearts appear around it. The skeleton horse seems to be completely tamed now. At this point, it’s easy to sit on the skeleton horse. You can’t slow down or stop this skeleton horse until you put a saddle on it. Skeleton Horses are different from regular horses in that riders don’t have to get off when they go into water. They can even be ridden underwater because they don’t drown.

In the end

In this article, we told you about all the ways to get a skeleton horse. Even if you get a skeleton horse, you can’t ride it without a saddle. You can control and ride a skeleton horse if you put a saddle on it. By reading this article, we hope you’ll be able to get the skeleton horse without any trouble and enjoy riding it once you know how to control it.

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