How to Locate Stronghold in Minecraft

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Minecraft not only provides you with various boost ways to boost your gaming skills but also gives you different opportunities and features to find and uplift your way throughout the level. 

One such way is the strongholds, which are nothing but underground structures filled with various level boosting captures like treasures, silverfish which have 8 health, coal, treasures, abandoned Minecraft, and the most important, the key to enter the end!!!

Before jumping directly to ways how to find the Stronghold, you might need to understand some of the following references which may help you to easily pursue the goal.

1) Stronghold: A stronghold contains a vacant space/room with an End portal that will transport you to the End, where you’ll be able to find the ender dragon, new mobs, and End Cities.

2) End portal: Can only be found in the portal room of a stronghold, is a naturally occurring generated structure that helps to travel into the End.

3) Eyes of ender: Crafted from an ender pearl and blaze powder, would be required the most to locate a stronghold.

4) Tools: It is very common to find various intruders and disturbances such as mods, creepers, etc., therefore, it would be suggested that you carry tools like a pickaxe, sword, health potions, torch, bow, and several arrows to not only help your way out but also to dig the stronghold.

5) Mobs: The mobs usually spawn inside the strongholds and are mostly silverfish.

6) Rooms:  Several rooms generate the strongholds, for example, hall, jail, large and small library, empty rooms, end portal room, etc.


  • Eye of ender 
  • Ender Pearl
  • Blaze Powder
  • A boat (if required, as in  the case of traveling across a waterbody)
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How to locate Stronghold in Minecraft


Step 1:

i. You would be required to press the button to throw the eye of the ender.

How to locate Stronghold in Minecraft

    ii. This will cause the item (eye of ender)  to move towards a particular direction.

    iii. You would be required to follow the direction which will lead you to the location where the stronghold is located.              

{ You might be required to find your application device from the one you’re  gaming, as the key is different for the different devices, from the following:

  1. Press the L2 button on the PS controller to throw the Eye of Ender, for PS3 and PS4.
  2. Press the LT button on the box controller, if you,re using Xbox.
  3. For PC/Mac (Java edition) right-click to access the item.
  4. For smartphones which contains the pocket edition, tap where you want to throw the Eye of Ender.
  5. Right-click to throw the item, for Windows 10 and Education Edition. 

Step 2:

i. After throwing the Eye of Ender, it will travel a certain distance, dissipate a few bits, and will finally return to its item form.

      ii. You will observe that the Eye of Ender floats up into the air, hover, and then drop to the ground.

     iii. The player will be provided the chance to pick it up and throw it again until it finally reaches the main destination.

       iv . Find the spot where the Eye of Ender hovers, is the direction you need to go. This is the location of your Stronghold.

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Step 3:

i. Dig down to find the stronghold. 

     ii. Start digging at that location but make sure that you retrieve the eye or you bring a variety of eyes with you such that you have enough and sufficient of the backups to continue with.

Step 4:

You’ve reached the Stronghold:

How to locate Stronghold in Minecraft

    i. After digging around long enough, you will eventually reach or come across an area with enough space signify, having doors, a library, and eventually your End Portal. 

    ii. This will signify that you have finally found your stronghold. 


Now let’s look at some DIFFICULTIES that you might face during your Journey to find the Stronghold:

  • Sometimes, you may come across waterbodies between your journey so you must know the correct ways on how to use a boat and reach the correct destination.
  • Many of the times, the Eyes of the ender will not shatter after falling on the ground which will make it difficult for the player to spot the accurate location.
  • You may face a lack of eyes and torches so it is advised to already have them in bulk or saved.
  • You have to face creepers and mobs inside the room so it is advised to carry various tools such as swords etc. to protect yourself.

Let’s surf the advantages of the strongholds in Minecraft and try why, it’s important to boost up your game:

  1. It will lead to the second dimension where you’ll find treasures and the dragon who you’ll have to use the swords to defeat and reach the portal and finish the game.
  2. It contains supplies such as coal, apples, compass, paper, books, iron bars, Redstone, and also sometimes, even a clock or gold ingots.
  3.  It is most of the time underground or underwater which will obviously increase your experience and skills while you reach it.
  4.  It will lead you to the chest which contains various items and treasures found in the library.
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Though there are very few, you cannot ignore them as they will always be a nuisance your way.

  1. The stronghold contains spawners, mobs which will be very difficult to defeat and would eat all your resources.           
  2.  It is very difficult to achieve an eye opener and the fact that you require approximately 12 eye openers to reach the portal, it’s way too exhausting and would require a lot of tools.
  3.  You might loose multiple lives while completing this task so it is very important for you to make sure that you have excelled enough that you reach it, without failing.

Anyways, finding the stronghold is always a great adventure and it gives you a lot of experience to uplift your gaming skills, so anything made, will always have it’s disadvantages but we should rather focusing on it’s benefits and continue our ways.

Yayy! You have now successfully learnt how to locate a Stronghold in Minecraft, definitely worth a try, so let’s go and increase our daily dose of dopamine which you feel while playing Minecraft! All the best!!

You can also check out the video on how to find Stronghold