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How to Make a Cartography Table in Minecraft

The Cartography Table is a block used for cloning, expanding, locking, zooming out, and adding pointers, among other operations. Additionally, you can do a variety of other things at the crafting table, but it will typically cost you more paper.

The Cartography Table is generally a useful tool for navigating the Minecraft world. As soon as you know how to make a cartography table, it’s easy to use it to work on maps. We’ll show you what you need to make a cartography table in Minecraft and how to use it to edit Minecraft maps.

Steps to Make Cartography Table in Minecraft

Step 1 : Collect Sugarcane

Find at least 3 sugarcane stalks to make paper. Look for sugarcane stalks that are 1–4 blocks tall and light green. They grow near water. When you find some, click or hit the bottom block on the stalk to make it drop a resource. Get 3 pieces of sugarcane from different stalks so you can make paper later.

Step 2: Collect wood from Trees

Get two wood blocks from any tree. You can make a cartography table out of any kind of wood, so it doesn’t matter what kind of wood you use. Find a tree nearby and hold down the Attack button to hit one of the wood blocks until it breaks. Get the wood that falls off the tree and put it in your inventory.

Step 3: Make Wooden Planks from Wood Logs

On the bottom of your inventory is a list of all the items you’re holding, and on top is a 2×2 crafting square. To open your inventory on a computer, press E. Put the wood blocks in one crafting square to make 8 planks. Take the two wood blocks you got from the trees and put them in the same square at the top of your inventory. If you only use one square, it doesn’t matter which one you use. Planks made from the wood are to the right of the crafting squares. Drag the planks into your inventory by picking them up. Four planks can be made from each wood block.

Step 4: Make Crafting Table from Wooden Planks

Make a craft table by putting a plank in each square. Choose 4 of the planks you just made from your inventory and drag them back up to the crafting squares. Put one plank in each of the four crafting squares. When you put down the fourth plank, a crafting table will show up to the right. Put the crafting table in the inventory’s bottom row.

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Put the crafting table down somewhere. Leave your inventory and go through your items until you’re holding the crafting table. Right-click on a place in the world where you want to put your crafting table to set it down.

Step 5: Put 3 sugarcane in a row on the crafting table to make 3 pieces of paper

Put 3 sugarcane in a row on the crafting table to make 3 pieces of paper. On a computer, use the right mouse button or the left trigger on a console to open the crafting table. Take the sugarcane out of your inventory and put it in the crafting boxes in a 1×3 horizontal row. Once you place the last sugarcane, three pieces of paper will appear on the right side of the interface. Drag the paper into your inventory after you choose it.

Step 6: Place the Items in Crafting Table to Make Cartography Table

Place four wood planks in a 2×2 square on the crafting table. Take the extra wood planks you have in your inventory and drag them up to the crafting squares at the top of the screen. Put two of the planks in the bottom row of crafting squares. Then, put the last two planks in the middle row so that they are right on top of the first ones.

To finish the cartography table, put two pieces of paper on top of the square. Take two pieces of paper from your inventory and move them to the top row of crafting squares. Put a piece of paper in each square right above the planks. When you’re done, a cartography table will appear to the right of the crafting squares.

Drag the cartography table into your inventory after clicking on it.

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Step 7: Place Cartography Table on Ground

Place the cartography table somewhere on the planet. Leave the crafting table and use your items until you have the cartography table in your hands. To put the table down, use the left mouse button or the right trigger on a controller.

If you’re in Survival Mode, put your table inside a house or other building so you won’t be attacked while you’re using it.

How to Edit Maps with the Cartography Table in Minecraft

  • To make the map bigger, put a filled map and some paper on the cartography table. If you’ve already seen everything on a map because you’ve been exploring, you can make it bigger to see more of the world. Open the cartography table and put the filled map in the top slot. Then, slide a piece of paper into the table’s bottom slot.
  • Your map will be shown on the right side of the screen, with extra space around the edges. For a bigger map, click the map icon on the right and drag it into your inventory.
  • You can make a map bigger up to 4 times.
    If a map is still empty, you can’t make it bigger.
    If you don’t have a map, you can make one on your crafting table by putting a compass in the middle and 8 pieces of paper around it.
  • You can make a copy of a full map by putting it next to an empty one. Go to the cartography table and put your completed map in the top left slot of the menu. Then, put another empty map in the slot at the bottom. Your map will be shown twice in the picture on the right. Drag the two maps on the right side of the picture into your inventory. So, you can have two maps that are identical.
  • When playing with other people, you can give them a copy of the map. When you use your copy, you can see where in the world your friend is.
  • Put a map under a glass pane to keep it from changing. You can lock your map if you don’t want it to change when new landscapes are added. Put the map you want to lock in the cartography table’s top slot. Then, put a pane of glass in the slot at the bottom. In the corner of the map on the screen, a small lock icon will show up. Drag the map to your inventory from the right side of the menu.
  • You can make glass panes in Survival Mode by putting glass blocks in the bottom 6 squares of a crafting table. If not, it will be in your inventory if you are not in Creative Mode.
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