How to Make a Netherite Axe in Minecraft

The axe is one of the most fundamental and widespread pieces of mining equipment in Minecraft, and as you begin digging, you’ll realise how useful it is. This tool may be used to mine various ores, excavate tunnels, and demolish walls, among other things.

As a weapon, the Netherite axe is the most durable axe, having an attack damage bonus of +10. In this guide, we will discuss how to create a Netherite axe and the resources required.

Items Required to Make a Netherite Axe in Minecraft

Netherite axe can be made by utilizing main items:

  • Nether ingot
  • Gold Ingot
  • Diamond axe

Step 1: Create Diamond Axe

The blocks of ancient debris required to create the Netherite ingot can only be mined with the diamond axe, and its formula is depicted below.

Create Diamond Axe

Step 2: Locate Ancient Debris

Upon entering the underworld, you must locate the ancient debris blocks, which are often located at or near the Y coordinate value of -14. If you are unfamiliar with this block, you can obtain a general understanding by seeing the graphic below. Now you must locate this block and mine at least four of these relics.

Ancient Debris

Step 3: Make a Netherite Scrap

To make a Netherite scrap, you must place ancient debris in a furnace with fuel. This will provide a Netherite scrap, which is the first essential component for building a netherite axe. If you are unaware of the furnace then you can make it by placing 8 cobblestones on the crafting table.

Netherite Scrap

Step 4: Make Gold Ingots

The second item is four gold ingots, for which the golden ore must be mined. You can easily find the golden ore inside the nether world by exploring this biome from Y = 0 to 31 whereas you can mine it using an iron axe or a higher one.

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Now that you have gathered the necessary materials, you may create a netherite ingot by placing these two objects on the crafting table, as illustrated below.

Gold Ingots

Step 5: Craft Netherite Axe

You will need the ingot of netherite and the diamond axe that you have already crafted to complete the netherite axe. Now you need another tool with the name of the smithing table that will be used to combine these two items and in return, you will get the netherite axe. To create a smithing table, you will need two iron ingots and four timber planks, as well as the recipe provided below.

After making it you need to place a diamond axe on the first slot from the left side and the netherite ingot on the second slot that will give you a netherite axe.

Netherite Axe


The axe is one of the most basic and ubiquitous mining equipment in Minecraft, and as soon as you begin to dig, you’ll understand how handy it is. This device may be used to mine various ores, excavate tunnels, demolish walls, and much more.

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