How to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft

Redstone clocks are among the most efficient device that you could build for any machine on a large scale. Redstone clocks are typically easy to make and integrate into your devices they are also simple to scale, meaning that you can build them as large or as small as you like and adjust the timing according to your preferences. Here are a few of the most simple Redstone clocks you could make using Minecraft.

A clock is a part of the wiring that allows the repetition of a pulse until you are ready to end it. There are numerous kinds of clocks that you can construct according to your requirements. A lot of Redstone clocks are version-specific, which means that what works for one model may not be compatible with another.

Required Materials for Redstone Clock

  • Redstone Dust
  • Redstone Torch
  • Lever

These are the items you’ll need to construct the most basic Redstone clock. The clock was present in the game prior to when many Redstone blocks were made and it was practical however, it is slower and larger than other clocks. To improve the quality of clocks we’ll need to include the following.

  • Redstone Repeater
  • Redstone Comparator
  • Sticky Piston

A lot of these Redstone products are able to create clocks independently. Each clock has its own dimensions and speed. Certain variations of this game are unable to cope with speed of the tick and might be broken. Try varying the repeater’s delay along with the level of dust in your other players to see whether that resolves the issue for you.

How do you create a Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

Hopper Clock

Redstone Clock

Of all the clocks in this list it is the most complex and costly to construct. It also gives you the greatest control over the timings. The primary benefit for this particular clock is the fact that it’s adjustable and allows you to have the most control over the timings. It is possible to put as many as you’d like in your project and have each one start at a different time.

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The time of this clock is determined by the items that you drop in the hoppers. Each item causes the delay that is 0.4 seconds. Therefore, if you wish for your machine to shut on every second, you have to load 150 items into the hoppers.

To make this clock, you’ll need the following items:

  • 2 Comparators
  • 2 pistons that are sticky
  • 1 Redstone block
  • 4 Redstone torches
  • 4 Blocks of iron or wool
  • 2 Hoppers

Instructions :

  • Two hoppers should be facing each the other. In this way, they will be constantly moving their goods between them.
  • Set a redstone block on the top of the hoppers then put the pistons on sticky to shift the block around over the hoppers.
  • Put the comparators on top of each hopper so that they are activated by the objects that are passing across the hoppers.
  • Set up a block behind the comparator, and put the redstone torch on the opposite side. Put an additional block over the torch and place another torch in front of your pistons.
  • Then complete the filling of the hoppers with the amount of items you’ll need. It is then possible to join the block of redstone or torch on other machines as you need.

Repeater Clock

Redstone Clock

It is most likely the most popular and widely used clock in the development of redstone. It’s also the most affordable of the clocks that are listed, however it is also prone to causing the most lag when you’re on the server and you keep scaling or tiling. You can set the timing of this clock, however it’s more complicated than minecart or hopper clock.

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To create this clock, you’ll need the following items:

  • 4 Redstone dust
  • 2-4 Repeaters
  • 1 Redstone torch


  • Making this clock is simple. Alternate your Redstone repeaters and repeaters dust until you’ve created an electrical circuit. The signal will continuously move throughout the circuit until you break it or cause the signal to cease.
  • Once your circuit is built, you’ll require a Redstone torch in front of one of the dust pieces. Break the torch immediately after you put it. The signal you want to get started and you do not wish for it to go all the way around the circuit. If you’re fast enough the signal will move around the circuit that you’ve constructed continuously. You can also expand the circuit’s size and add repeaters to extend the time it takes for the circuit to be activated.
  • Once you have the clock running it is possible to connect any other device you want to connect by adding the rubble or repeaters to join to the.

Minecart Clock

Redstone Clock

The greatest and most annoying characteristic for this particular clock is the fact that it’s easily scaleable. So long as you’ve got the right materials to create more minecarts or rails, you can expand it to the limit. The drawback to this kind of scalability is that the clock consumes more space than other clocks on this list, however it’s fairly simple to use even if you’re novice to redstone.

To make this clock, you will require these items:

  • At at least one rail for activation
  • At minimum, 1 minecart
  • Rails powered by electricity
  • Redstone torches
  • Redstone dust
  • Normal minecart rails
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For this clock to be made the only thing you have to do is make the circle of rails that you want a minecart that can travel on. Install an activator rail wherever you want that Redstone’s signal is activated. It is possible to place multiple activator rails in order to trigger multiple machines if you want. Install the powered rails using a Redstone torch next to them to ensure that your cart has enough speed.

Observer Clock

Redstone Clock

This is perhaps the easiest clock made of redstone to build, even though it has some disadvantages. It will be constantly running and can be somewhat annoying for your family members or friends on your server. It can also create a bit of lag when you have excessive. If you want something to keep running continuously it, this clock is a simple and quick solution.

All you need to build this clock are two observers.

Two observers are placed in front of each other and they’ll begin clocking one another. It is possible to connect any device that uses redstone to the rear of these observers to activate it.