Easy Steps to make an Item Frame in Minecraft

Item frames, which are empty by default in Minecraft, can be used to decorate. This means that when you make it, it won’t have anything to show inside, but you can put your favourite thing that you want to show off on the wall inside it. Unlike the other decorative blocks, this one can be changed a lot. It’s especially useful if you want to show off rare items like a dragon head.

Items Required to Make an Item Frame in Minecraft

To make this item, you need

  • Leather – 1
  • Sticks – 8


How to Gather Leather in Minecraft

You can get leather by killing cows in the game. This will give you 1-2 pieces of leather, which is enough for this recipe. They are easy to find because they live in many different types of environments, such as plains, forests, and swamps. They are very friendly, and if you attack them, they won’t fight back. Instead, they will run away.

How to Make Sticks in Minecraft

This is the second ingredient needed for this recipe, which is also easy to make. The first thing you need to do is find a tree and cut it down. You can do this by hand or with an axe, which is much faster and more effective. When you cut down a tree, some logs of wood will start to fall to the ground.

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You need to pick up one of these logs and put it on the crafting table. This will turn it into four wooden planks.

Later, you’ll need to put back two wooden planks on the crafting table. This will give you four sticks, but you’ll need eight, so you’ll need to do this step twice.

How to Make an Item Frame in Minecraft

You can make an Item Frame in Minecraft by putting 8 sticks and 1 piece of leather on the crafting table in the exact order shown below.

How to Use an Item Frame in Minecraft

You can put item frames on the wall by equipping this and then clicking on the wall as shown below.

You can store and show off any item by putting it in an item frame. For example, you could put on a sword and click on it to make it show up in a frame.

If you right-click on the item frame again, you can also change where the sword is.

You can also add new things and move them around in the same way. To get that item back, just click your left mouse button on the item frame.


Item Frame in Minecraft is a plain block that is empty by default, so you can’t see anything inside of it. But you can show off any of the items inside by hanging this frame on the wall and then clicking on it again while wearing the item. Also, by left-clicking on the Item Frame, you can get back to the item and equip it.

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