How To Make Chains in Minecraft

How To Make Chains in Minecraft

A Minecraft chain is a type of decorative block that is typically used to hang bells and lanterns. When joined horizontally, they can even be stepped on. Chains are extremely versatile blocks that were introduced in Minecraft update 1.16. These inexpensive blocks may be used in nearly any construction, from bridge suspension to undersea mines.

Required Materials to make a Chain in Minecraft

  • 1 Iron ingot
  • 2 Iron nuggets

How to craft a Chain in Minecraft?

Step 1: Open the Crafting Table.
Let’s start by opening your crafting table in Minecraft. The grid should look the same as in the image below.

Chains in Minecraft

Step 2: Connect Items to Form a Chain
Add the iron ingot and the two iron nuggets to the grid while the crafting menu is open. You must place the ingot and nuggets exactly as illustrated in the figure below.

Place 1 iron nugget in the center box of the first row. Place 1 iron ingot in the center box of the second row. Finally, in the third row, place 1 iron nugget in the center box. This is how to make a Minecraft chain.

Chains in Minecraft

Step 3: Place the chain in your inventory.
Players can then begin creating chains by placing their newly manufactured iron nuggets and iron ingots in the order described above.
It is critical to understand that two nuggets and one ingot will only result in the creation of a single chain, implying that the player will require a substantial amount of iron if they desire a huge supply of chains.

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Chain Command in Minecraft

The chain command comes in the following Minecraft editions:

  • Pocket edition of Java
  • The Xbox One
  • The Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Professional Edition

To use the chain command in Minecraft, open your chat window and type the command listed below for your version.

Java Edition 1.16 and higher
/give @p a chain 1

PE, Xbox One, Switch, Win 10 1.16 and higher
/give @p chain 1 0

Uses of Chain in Minecraft

Chains in Minecraft
  • In Minecraft, players can decorate their buildings and bases using chains.
  • Generally, chains are utilized to hang bells, lanterns, and soul lanterns. There is no need to suspend lanterns from the ceiling. Chains can be used to create gorgeous chandeliers and natural illumination for medieval structures such as castles.
  • Some gamers may be unaware that they have the ability to walk on shackles. Chains encircle a tiny, walkable area. Players in Minecraft can walk across chains with sufficient practice.

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