How to Tame a Ender Dragon in Minecraft

The principal foe and game’s final boss is Ender Dragon. It is a gigantic, highly manoeuvrable creature that can spit fire. And while slaying it in Minecraft might take courage, taming an Ender Dragon looks more cool.

In a sense, Ender Dragon represents the end of Minecraft. The game is essentially done once you’ve tamed or even murdered her. It’s difficult to tame Ender Dragon because she is the boss of every other mob. It can fireball you from a block afar and breathes fire. But anything can be done in Minecraft with the right knowledge and abilities.

In Minecraft, a player can tame an Ender Dragon. A dragon must be called and given raw salmon in order to be tamed. A gamer with raw fish in his hands draws out Ender Dragon. You can easily tame it once you have fed her enough raw salmon. As soon as the player enters the End dimension, Ender Dragon spawns.

Can You Tame The Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

Tame a Ender Dragon in Minecraft

A player enters the end dimension through the end portal. End portals, however, are frequently hidden. That is why it is challenging to get to the conclusion in Minecraft.

The End portal can, however, be made. You can then travel to the realm where you can tame this creature.

You can tame the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. With the use of the End Portal, a player must go to the End dimension. The Ender Dragon can then be tamed after being discovered.

How Do You Tame The Ender Dragon In Minecraft?

Feeding raw salmon to the dragon will tame it. The player holding the fish is drawn to the Ender dragon.

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The benefits of dragon taming are numerous.

After being killed, the Ender dragon slowly soars upward, her wings and body shredded, until she vanishes as light beams come from her centre. Ten drops of 960 experience points and one drop of 2400 experience points total 12,000, which is enough to advance the player from level 0 to level 68. Only 500 experience points are lost following the Ender dragon battle (after she has been re-summoned with the End crystals). In the Java Edition, the Ender dragon’s tatters fly back to the centre as it dies. In the Bedrock Edition, killed Ender dragons vanish into oblivion where they were killed.

How Do You Tame The Ender Dragon In Minecraft Java Edition Using Command?

A straightforward spawn command in Java Edition will insert the ender dragon into your game. However, be careful to strike at the proper location. Additionally, activate the cheat setting in the settings before entering the cheat code.

“/summon EnderDragon [x] [y] [z]”

How To Tame The Ender Dragon In Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

The Java edition’s summoning process is similar to how to summon the ender dragon in Bedrock.

Type in:

“summon ender_dragon ~ ~ ~ {DragonPhase:0} and press ↵ Enter.”

Activate the cheat code setting.

Minecraft mods for taming dragons

Dragons of various varieties are added to Minecraft by a lot of mods, but not many of them let the player tame the dragons. Players can tame living things to use as pets with this function.

1). Ice and Fire: Dragons

How to Tame a Ender Dragon in Minecraft

One of the most popular dragon mods on CurseForge, Ice and Fire: Dragons has received over 25 million downloads. The game gains stunning dragons that are more realistic-looking than the Ender dragon.

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This mod contains dragons as well as their skeletons, scales, and eggs. Dragon caves contain eggs that players can collect, and their scales can be used to make tools, armour, and weapons. Additionally, they can give their tamed dragon armour.

2). Dragon Mounts: Legacy

How to Tame a Ender Dragon in Minecraft

The players can tame and ride on a variety of dragons thanks to this addon. The Dragon Mounts: Legacy mod, which was developed by Barracuda/ATA4 as a replacement for the original Dragon Mounts mod. Players can install this mod on Minecraft 1.16.5, even though most mods only function on very old versions of the game.

By using the dragon egg obtained by slaying the Ender dragon, a large number of new dragons are added to Minecraft. Previously useless, the dragon egg is now used in Minecraft for something.

3) How To Train Your Dragon Ultimate Mod

How to Tame a Ender Dragon in Minecraft

This mod for Minecraft adds dragons such Night Fury, Skrill, and Deadly Nadder and is based on the well-known animated film How To Train Your Dragon. Strike, tracker, sharp, boulder, tidal, mystery, and stoker are the seven classes of dragons.

Additionally, players will be able to employ brand-new tools and weapons including clubs, waraxes, and warhammers. Since they are based on the property, they have skills, and the textures of the dragons and other embellishments are quite detailed.


1). How do you tame dragons in Minecraft?

Once you’re an adult, you can use raw fish to tame the dragon. You can tell tamed dragons to lie down or stand up by using the bone item. Use a saddle on a tamed dragon, then right click it without holding an action item to ride it.

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2). What does the Ender dragon eat?

A recipe or end traders’ warp dragon meat are fed to the infant ender dragon. After feeding it to your dragon, it will be content and go into love mode (only mates in tier 6 romp higher.)

3). Can you hatch the Ender dragon egg?

You must gather or make four end crystals and transport them to The End in order to “hatch” your dragon egg in Minecraft and give birth to a new Ender Dragon. You should put one of the four end crystals on each side of the portal that encircles the Dragon Egg pedestal.

4). Can Endermen pick up the dragon egg?

Endermen will make an attempt to grab the dragon egg. They’ll just keep pulling till they give up. However, only 5% of those who try will succeed.

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