How to Use Chunkbase to Find Different Biomes

Biomes are places in the Minecraft universe that have peculiar environmental characteristics. That is why new Minecraft players are always looking for new biomes in Minecraft. As a result, “how to find biomes in Minecraft?”
whereas vanilla Although Minecraft does not have a mini-map or equivalent mapping system, numerous third-party applications, mods, and websites attempt to accomplish this feat, and Chunkbase is one of them.

Chunkbase is a Minecraft website that can be called a third-party “utility.” It allows gamers to find certain biomes or structures in any seed they create. Chunkbase reduces errors by requiring users to define the game version and world type each time a seed is entered into it.

Chunkbase supports all Minecraft versions beginning with Java Edition 1.7 and continuing to Bedrock Edition 1.14. It also provides the possibility to explore the nether and locate structures and biomes with their exact positions. A compass in the top-left corner of the seed map assists players in determining their location with respect to the global spawn.

How to Use Chunk Base to find Different Biomes

  • Enter the seed code into Chunkbase and select your game version from the dedicated settings. Because villagers only spawn in the overworld dimension of Minecraft, you can leave the dimension set to “overworld.”
How to Use Chunkbase to Find Different Biomes
  • After you’ve entered the seed code, scroll down to find a map of that seed. You may toggle various map elements and indicators on and off just above the map. Make certain that the village indication is turned on. It’s represented with a villager’s face.
How to Use Chunkbase to Find Different Biomes
  • You may find the exact locations of a town as well as its biome by clicking on the villager symbol. A compass indicates your spawn position, which you can also view. It is the only way to locate all of the settlements in Minecraft.
  • Scroll down and tick the box next to “highlight biomes” to activate it. Choose a biome or biomes from the list on the right. When you click the biome’s name, the map will only show that biome. Players can move their cursor over the biome’s map projection, which will display the biome’s actual coordinates on the bottom left of the map.
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How to Use Chunkbase to Find Different Biomes

Aside from the seed map, its structure, and biome-locating operations, the chunk base has a few other features. The website has dozens of mods that players may utilize for themselves, as well as dozens of lessons on various themes in the game, ranging from how a village works to how to construct an automatic slime farm.

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