How to Make a Librarian Villager in Minecraft

The Librarian business is one of the best in Minecraft. In Minecraft, if a player has a good librarian inventory, they can get as many emeralds as they want. With its help, making paper is simple. Through librarians, players can also get access to powerful spells.

How to Make a Librarian in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you need to find a normal villager before you can make a Librarian Villager. There are villagers in all of the villages in the game world. Once you find a villager, you need to make a Lectern. You can make a Lectern by going to the crafting grid and putting 3 wood slabs in the first horizontal column, a bookshelf in the middle of the second horizontal column, and another wood slab right below it.

Lectern Recipe

Now that you’ve made the Lectern, which is the Librarian Villager’s job site block, you just need to put it near the Villager and wait for them to interact with it and become a Librarian.

librarian villager minecraft

Minecraft Best Librarian Trades

  • If you know a lot of librarians, you can pay one to buy paper for you in exchange for emeralds. Sugarcane can be used to make paper. If you work hard at farming, you can always turn sugarcane into emeralds.
  • At some point, the cost of the trade may change to include more or less paper, depending on your relationship with the village and how many trades you do. You can always wait until the price of paper goes up or down to fit your margins. At some point, the librarian won’t need any more paper, which will stop the trade. You can either trade him other items or wait a few days for the trade to become available again.
  • The most important thing to watch out for are, of course, the enchanted books. Some librarians will offer an enchanted book at level one, while others will unlock stronger and better enchantments as they level up.
  • This can help you get a complete set of enchanted weapons, armor, and tools. If you didn’t know, you can’t find the Mending I enchantment on an enchantment table. You have to look for it by looting treasures. You can find a villager willing to trade a Mending book, which is good news. This is one of the best trades you can make, since you will eventually want the Mending enchantment on almost every piece of gear you own. You can also look for other useful spells like Protection IV or Protection III (to make into Protection IV).
  • You might also want to trade for Unbreaking III or Unbreaking II (to make it into Unbreaking III).
  • Almost every piece of gear in the game can be used with Unbreaking. Making a tool, weapon, or piece of armour last four times as long as usual is something that every good set of enchanted gear needs.
  • Since librarians can sell almost any enchanted book, you can trade for any book that you want.
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If you want to reroll a librarian’s inventory, make sure they haven’t been traded with and break their lectern and replace it. If the villager does this, they will temporarily lose their librarian trade, but once they claim the lectern as their job site block, they will have a new list of trades to choose from. You can do this as many times as you want until you get the book you want.

Remember that once you trade with them, their profession will be locked. If you want different enchanted books after you find a trade you like, you will need a new librarian.

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