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Minecraft Warden: Everything You Need to Know

One of the most eagerly awaited additions to the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update is the Warden. It’s powerful, dangerous, and only found in a new biome called the Deep Dark in Minecraft 1.19. In spite of this, players have yet to fully grasp the Warden’s gameplay mechanics.

Who is Warden in Minecraft?

  • Warden is a blind hostile mob that is also the strongest non-boss mob in Minecraft. There is no Netherite armor in the game that can protect you from two direct strikes. Warden’s appearance alone is enough to make this crowd frightening.
  • Unlike an Iron Golem, the Warden possesses a chest with an exposed heart. People think that blazing heart contains the souls of the enemy. The heartbeat is audible when it spawns.

Abilities of the Warden in Minecraft

It was previously stated that Warden is the first sighted mob in the game. So, it uses vibrations, scent, and sound to locate its prey. The Warden becomes enraged and kills anyone who causes too many vibrations in the vicinity of the Warden.

Following are the skills of the Warden in Minecraft:

  • Warden applies a darkening effect to nearby players, making them unable to see clearly in the gloom. With out the Potion of Night Vision, this effect might cause blindness in low-light situations.
  • The Warden prefers to use its hands as a primary assault method. The Warden deals 30 damage in normal difficulty and 45 damage in hard difficulty with a single hit.
  • A sonic shriek is unleashed if the Warden is unable to hit its target with a direct strike. On the hardest setting, it deals 15 damage points, while on the easiest setting, it deals 10 damage points. When this strike hits you, you’re driven back many blocks as well.
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Where Does Warden Spawn in Minecraft?

Only the Deep Dark biome, a new subterranean biome that appears under the underworld, contains the Warden in Minecraft. The Warden is most likely to appear in the Ancient Cities within this context. The Warden, on the other hand, does not emerge in the world like other gangs. Instead, you must initiate its emergence.

Minecraft warden

How to Spawn the Warden in Minecraft?

  • A Sculk shrieker block must be activated in order to call the Warden into being. Sculk blocks abound in the Ancient Cities, and this one is no exception. Sounds and vibrations in the vicinity of this block cause it to go into active mode.
  • The Warden, on the other hand, does not appear right away. Initially, the shrieker shrieks out two warning shrieks to alert others. You can summon the Warden, though, by making a third shriek.
  • Keep in mind that the number of warnings is based on the player, not the block. To call the Warden, you only need to accidentally trigger three different shriekers. Sculk shrieker can only produce a Warden if the light level is below 11 and no other Wardens are within 48 blocks of the block.

How To Defeat the Warden In Minecraft?

There is no easy way to defeat the Warden. The greatest potions in Minecraft are essential unless you have years of battle experience. If you want to beat the Warden in Minecraft, here are some tips:

  • The Warden is impervious to the effects of fire, lava, and water. Neither mobs nor players can knock it back.
  • For five seconds, its melee attack renders players’ shields useless.
  • This creature has 500 health, which is more than the Ender Dragon and Wither’s health at normal difficulty in both editions.
  • If the Warden is unable to hear or sense your vibrations, it will use its nose to find you.
  • The Warden does not target the mob nearest to it in terms of targeting. As an alternative, it focuses its attention on the most suspicious person. To avoid the Warden, it might be best if you don’t bring additional mobs to distract him.
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Warden in Minecraft can be defeated with a variety of distinct methods once you’ve mastered the basics.

Ways to Avoid the Warden in Minecraft?

To avoid the Warden in Minecraft 1.19, there are a few tips and tactics that you can employ. Among them are:

  • Elytra: You can fly away from the Warden using an Elytra. Getting about in the Ancient Cities won’t be simple in this dark environment, but it is doable because to the vast open space.
  • Use your pickaxe to destroy two blocks surrounding the Warden to trap it, and you’ll be done in no time at all. If you don’t, the creature will be able to chase you down once it’s fully formed. Once you’ve had just enough time to get away, you’ll be safe.
  • You can try to sneak out of the Ancient City, despite the fact that it’s terrifying. The new enchantment for fast sneaker footwear that appears in the city’s chests can assist you in this endeavor as well…
  • You can bring many mobs to the Ancient City to distract the Warden as you flee. Keep in mind that Warden only attacks players half of the time, so keep that in mind when using this tactic.
  • Traps using liquids like water or blocks like cobwebs can also be used to catch the Warden if you’re feeling daring. They won’t be able to kill or hold it in place. However, you are given enough time to flee.

What Do Minecraft’s Wardens Drop?

The Warden drops five experience orbs and a sculk catalyst when slain, either by a player or a domesticated wolf. We don’t know what this drop means because the sculk catalyst block already generates throughout the deep black biome. Take this information with a grain of salt, as Minecraft’s developers may change this mechanic in the future. Using silk touch enchantment to mine and pick it up is an alternative to fighting the Warden.

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The sculk catalyst block can be used to create sculk features anywhere in the overworld after it is collected. To get experience orbs, simply kill the creatures that drop them around the area.

The Warden’s Despawning Method

Minecraft warden

Even if you are unable to kill the Warden, you have the option of waiting for its demise to occur. Every movement and vibration is tracked by the Warden. Even bullets can be detected by its ability to detect vibrations.

But if the Warden doesn’t detect any vibrations for 60 seconds and stays “calm”, then it digs into the earth and despawns in Minecraft. As long as there’s no liquid around, the Warden won’t respawn and just disappears after some time. This mechanic was brought out with the Minecraft 1.19 Pre-release 2 in mid-May.

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