11 Coolest Nether Portal Designs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Nether portals are buildings that allow players to travel between the Overworld and Nether regions. They are made of obsidian blocks and have rectangular, vertical frames. The dimensions of naturally-generated Nether portals are 4×5 blocks, although players can construct them to be anywhere between 4×5 to 23×23 blocks in diameter.

This provides Minecraft players with a great deal of creative freedom and has led to the development of a range of Nether gateway designs.

Rules for Minecraft Nether Portal Designs

  • The doorway must have a rectangular shape. If you wish to create a different form (such as a circle), you must utilize numerous rectangular portals.
  • The minimum size of a nether portal in Minecraft is 5×4, and the highest size is 23×23.
  • Only obsidian may be utilized to create the frame of a nether portal.
  • On the frame of a nether portal, corners are optional; you may leave air or place any block in the corners.
  • To activate a Nether Portal, you must use flint and steel to ignite the frame with fire. In the End, Nether portals cannot be activated.

Tips and Tricks for nether portal designs Minecraft

  • Nether portals in Minecraft must be rectangular, however the shape can be altered by placing blocks in front of the portal.
  • Multiple frames of nether portals can be stacked next to one another to create various shapes.
  • Use nether-themed blocks like as quartz, glowstone, netherrack, lava, fire, webs, obsidian, and nether brick to construct around the obsidian frame. Personally, I like to embellish my portals with quartz and glowstone.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to adorn the opposite side of the portal (in the nether) as well! Be cautious when creating enormous portals in the underworld, as ghasts can enter your base through such portals.
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11 Best Minecraft Nether Portal Designs

1). Nether Sword Portal by Goldrobin

2). Nether Portal Design By Foxel

3). Awesome Nether Portal Design By TheMythicalSausage

4). Medieval-style Nether Portal in Minecraft By DevilMC

5). Build a Medieval Nether Portal by Mechitect

6). Skull Nether Portal By P7DDY

7). Nether Portal in Minecraft 1.18 By Foxel

8). Fantasy Nether Portal by Minecraft Fantasy Builds

9). Dragon Skull Nether Portal by MegRae

10). Nether Portal by ZayPixel

11). Roman Nether Portal by Mechitect

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