Best 10 Pokémon Mod for Minecraft

Pokémon. The games that never change, yet still change, and are still adored by millions of people around the world. Given how fantastic the games remain to this day, this is hardly a surprise.

Then came Minecraft. The game that is continually evolving, but remains adored by millions of gamers worldwide. Not terribly surprising, given its almost limitless creative potential.

With modding and texture packs, players can change everything about the Minecraft world to make it more to their liking. You can add whole new parts to the game, and the options are almost limitless. So, the question is: Have you ever played Minecraft and wanted to be the best, like no one else has ever been? If so, here are 10 Pokémon Mod for Minecraft that every Pokemon fan should try.

1). Pokéball

Pokémon Mod for Minecraft

The Pokeball mod introduces Pokeballs, a fundamental Pokemon mechanic, to the lovely blocky world of Minecraft. The player can use these Pokeballs to capture the hostile monsters that inhabit the planet, and then release them like a genuine Pokemon. It is unknown whether freed monsters will remain hostile to the player.

Additionally, there are friendly Pokemon Trainers that drop Pokeballs for the player. This Pokémon Mod for Minecraft was created for Minecraft 1.4.7 by felixmc on Planet Minecraft.

2). PokémonMD

PokemonMD: Undaunted Heroes is an innovative and intriguing Minecraft mod. It incorporates aspects from Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Okami, and Starcraft to the game. Additionally, the Pokemon have been tweaked stylistically in intriguing ways.

Some Pokemon can be tamed, but others are simply hostile mobs or minibosses. It requires the Minecraft Forge mod to operate. Spikybum Jolteon, a user on the Minecraft Forum, produced the mod, which has been updated to Minecraft 1.7.10.

3). Pokécube Mobs

Pokémon Mod for Minecraft

If the Minecraft creatures you encounter are not enough for you, to begin with, you are far too demanding. Obtain PokéCube Mobs next.

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This mod works in conjunction with the PokéCube mod, allowing you to transport several Pokémon into the Minecraft environment. These are not only reskins. They are brand-new, fully functional beings with their own talents. They can even become your pets. Make certain Charmander does not torch your garden.

4). PokéCraft Reforged: Capture Them All

Do you really need to capture them all again? Not really, but where would the fun be in that? Like a few other mods on this list, PokeCraft Reforged – Catch ‘Em All adds Pokémon combat and capturing to Minecraft.

However, it does so in an intriguing manner! Using the all-powerful Magic Arts, you can fight alongside your Pokémon instead of having them do all the hard work. If these creatures are truly your allies and not simply weapons, it is time to let the world know.

5). PokéTournament

This Pokémon Mod for Minecraft is designed to be compatible with Pixelmon servers. It enables people to arrange Pokemon battle tournaments, but it is mostly reliant on the honour system, thus players cannot utilise exploits or hacks to win.

The Pokemon League and battle competitions are a significant aspect of Pokemon lore, thus it’s great that someone created this mod. The last update for this was in 2016, and Pixelmon has been updated since. As a result, it is uncertain whether this one is still operational. It was made by user EhhChris on Planet Minecraft.

6). Pokécube

Pokémon Mod for Minecraft

Combat is an integral component of the Pokémon experience. Pokécube provides the most accurate Minecraft reproduction.

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Pokécube introduces Pokémobs that attack on sight. These enemies will not restrain themselves to only employing their most potent special moves.

They will adapt dynamically to the battle’s flow and the surrounding surroundings. This allows them to take advantage of the terrain whenever possible, which is very remarkable.

7). Pixelmon

Gotta capture ’em all! Once, only the catchphrase for the Pokémon franchise. Thanks to Pixelmon, the Minecraft slogan has now been adopted.

Now moved to the “Reforged” edition, Pixelmon integrates Minecraft with every feature, every mechanic, and nearly every fan-favorite Pokémon. In the most optimal manner.

This affords you the opportunity to battle and capture Pokémon, enter Gyms to face their leaders, and ascend to become the world’s greatest Pokémon Trainer.

8). Pixelmon Generations

How do you improve upon Minecraft’s replication of the Pokémon experience? By allowing you to catch them all!

Pixelmon Generations contains every Pokémon ever made, from the traditional first generation to the most modern Pokémon Sword and Shield monsters.

The mere amount of effort required to duplicate all of these creatures so precisely would be plenty for us to praise this mod to the skies. However, its superior quality enables us to do so as we enjoy gathering Pokémon and battling blocky Gym Leaders.

9). Bidoof Totem Of Undying

This appears to be a simple retexturing mod, but it is very essential to any Pokemon fan’s Minecraft experience. This mod reskins the Totem of Undying to resemble the Pokémon Bidoof in Minecraft form. It causes Bidoofs to weep when used, therefore its name has been shortened to “Bidoof.”

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This is a Pokémon Mod for Minecraft that every Pokemon-loving Minecraft player absolutely must have, despite its relative simplicity. The Bidoof Totem of Immortality was created for Minecraft version 1.16.5 by user rocket741 of Planet Minecraft.

10). PokeCube Revival

PokeCube Revival is the revival of a separate PokeCube mod. This extensive hack adds Pokemon, Pokeballs, and Pokemon mechanics to the Minecraft universe. It allows users to battle and capture Pokemon. The Pokemon are very intelligent and able to interact with their environment; their attacks vary based on the circumstances.

This mod requires a few more mods to function properly, including Minecraft Forge, ThutCore, and PokeCube Core, which are all linked at the bottom of the PokeCube Revival mod page. It has been updated for Version 1.12.2 and posted by user Thutmose of server 9.