Top 15 Purple Minecraft Skins to Try [2022]

The use of skins in Minecraft is a fantastic technique to personalise the appearance of a character in-game. The internet provides gamers with access to an enormous variety of skins, and they can even make their own skins if they so choose.

These purple Minecraft skins may be downloaded for free and are very simple to install in the Java edition. This post will focus primarily on some of the greatest Purple Minecraft Skins, which are a choice that is quite well-liked by players.

1). Purple Suit Duck

Purple Suit Duck

The Minecraft purple Suit duck Starting is a simple skin that shows a person in a full purple suit with a yellow duck face. Because of how bright the colours are, this skin will stand out from the rest. It’s always great to see a purple skin.

2). Purple Gamer Girl

Purple Gamer Girl

The Purple Gamer Girl is a skin that is mostly black, but has a lot of black-purple spots all over it. This skin has a unique look that makes it stand out from the rest. Details-wise, the skin shows a girl gamer with purple streaks in her hair. All of these things look great together, so if you want a great purple-themed skin, this is a great choice.

3). Yun Jin from Genshin Impact

Yun Jin from Genshin Impact Purple Minecraft Skins

It is well known that Yun Jin, a member of Genshin Impact, possesses a wide range of skills, ranging from singing opera and dancing to making tea at the Heyu Tea House. In addition to being a performer, she is also a playwright. Over the past few years, the Yun-Han Opera Troupe has staged a number of plays, all of which were written by this artist.

4). Flowers Girl in Purple

Flowers Girl in Purple

This Minecraft purple skin was made by Erlam, who was inspired by Isabela from Encanto. The little textured layers on the light purple dress make the whole look feel like spring. The many flowers also make the skin feel like spring, but I’m giving all the credit to the purple in this case.

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Pastel purple makes me feel so light and airy, so bright and Easter-y.

5). Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon Purple Minecraft Skins

Purple is a great colour because it can be used in so many different ways. In the last skin, it was bright and reminded me of spring on a dress with flowers. It’s Spyro the Dragon in this case.

But more than just a reminder of the past, this skin by master creator Kefka is a testament not only to how well skins can be made, but also to how deep and wide the colour purple can go.

6). Herobrine


Herobrine (/hrobran/ HEH-roh-bryn) is the focus of a creepypasta made by the community. Herobrine is one of the most well-known Minecraft characters, but he has never been in any version of Minecraft. From the original creepypasta, we know that Herobrine builds strange things, like sand pyramids in the ocean and long 22 tunnels. He also strips the trees of all their leaves.

7). Enderman


A neutral mob that can be found in all three dimensions is an Enderman. Endermen can use teleportation and grab blocks. Endermen can appear on any solid surface with at least three empty spaces above it, as long as the light level is 0 or lower in the Overworld, the End, or the Nether. They are the only creatures that can appear in all three dimensions.

8). Daft Punk

Daft Punk Purple Minecraft Skins

Even if Daft Punk are no longer active, their career spanning many decades is certainly one for the annals of history. Even if they didn’t have music, but just their distinctive helmets, they’d still be remembered for their contributions to culture.

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In all seriousness, there aren’t many band visuals that are more recognisable than Daft Punk’s trademark helmets and cosmic purple colour scheme.

9). Purple Ender Dragon Skin

Purple Ender Dragon Skin

The Purple Ender Dragon Skin has a dragon with purple eyes, the same as the Ender Dragon. Since the Ender dragon is mostly black, it is hard to show all of its features with just black. Instead, it shows many of its features in purple.

For those who don’t know, the Ender Dragon is the last boss in Minecraft and is thought to be one of the strongest mobs in the whole game. This fierce animal is not to be taken lightly, as shown by the above skin.

10). Purple Karl Jacobs

Purple Karl Jacobs

Karl Jacobs is probably a well-known name to anyone who watches Minecraft videos on YouTube. He has more than 3 million subscribers and makes content that is very popular. Aside from talking about how successful the YouTuber is, this skin shows how well purple can be used.

Even if you don’t follow the influencer, this Purple Minecraft Skins looks futuristic and almost steampunk. It has goggles and layers of different shades of purple with some iridescent parts. The deep purples look beautiful and royal, and the colour goes well with the rest of the outfit. Purple is a winning colour. The proof is in how things turn out.

11). Purple Guy Fit

Purple Guy Fit

If you’ve been on the Internet for a while, you probably remember how crazy Five Nights at Freddy’s fans were in the 2010s. And if you know FNAF, you probably know about the strange and scary Purple Guy. Even though this Purple Minecraft Skins isn’t the enigmatic character himself, it does turn the desaturated purple outfit into an eboy skin. And it was a great one.

12). Purple Eboy Skin

Purple Eboy Skin

We’re moving away from video games and references to popular culture and into the traditional world of eboys. That means a lot of black, shredded materials, cool patterns, and emo-inspired designs, all of which the creator ImOnly’s skin has a lot of. Who would have thought that purple would go so well with the style of an eboy?

13). Purple Ninja Skin

Purple Ninja Skin

The Purple Ninja Skin is a cool colour for a ninja to wear. The purple shirt is different because it covers his mouth and only shows his eyes. Ninja skins are very popular in Minecraft, but it’s rare to see a real-life ninja wearing purple. Fans who like to play on PvP servers are likely to like this skin.

14). Wizard of the Ender

Wizard of the Ender

A lonely traveler, trapped in the end, he was adopted by an enderman cult and eventually through rigorous training mastered the arts of telepathy, teleportation, and other telekinetic powers. A powerful foe indeed.

15). Purple glowing effect Skin

Purple glowing effect Skin