Easy Guide to Make a Smoker in Minecraft

A smoker is a craftable block that may be used to cook food in Minecraft. It requires a furnace and some wood, so it’s rather simple to create. While food may be cooked in an oven, smoking it allows it to be cooked twice as quickly. However, the furnace loses the capacity to smelt ore, therefore it is preferable to have access to both.

Items Required to Create a Smoker in Minecraft

  • Wood Logs – 7
  • Cobblestone – 8

Here is a step-by-step, illustrative instruction on how to create a Smoker in Minecraft:

Step 1: Create a Crafting Table

A crafting table is the first item required to make a smoker. The initial stage in constructing a crafting table is to transform three of the freshly purchased logs into wooden planks. Keep four logs intact for later use in creating the smoker block.

crafting table minecraft recipe

Step 2: Make Wood Planks

To create wooden planks, just insert the collected logs into one of the slots on the crafting table for the survival inventory, as shown below.

planks mineraft recipe

Step 3: Find Cobblestones

You will need a crafting table to create the most basic form of pickaxe before you can harvest your first cobblestone. After collecting at least eight cobblestone pieces, the first step in creating a furnace is to open a crafting table menu.

smoker minecraft recipe

Step 4: Create Furnace

To create a furnace, lay eight cobblestone pieces around the outside perimeter of the crafting interface, leaving the center square empty.

Place eight cobblestones around the outside perimeter. After constructing a furnace, you may create a smoker using some of your spare resources.

smoker minecraft recipe

Step 5: Craft Smoker

The smoker block is created by placing the newly crafted furnace block in the centre of the crafting table and surrounding it with four wooden logs arranged in a diamond pattern. As illustrated below, each of the four corners should be vacant.

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Place your new smoker on the ground and prepare the stuff you have gathered.

You may now use your new smoker to prepare any food item you’ve gathered in your world.

smoker minecraft recipe

How to Use a Minecraft Smoker

Smokers work similarly to furnaces with the exception that they can cook food twice as quickly. If you have access to a readily available source of meat, such as a sheep or cow farm, you can simply feed yourself by smoking the meat.

  • Acquire raw meat from an animal such as a cow, pig, or sheep.
  • Open the interface for smokers.
  • Place raw meat in the interface of the smoker.
  • Place fuel in the interface of the smoker.
  • Wood and coal, which may be used in furnaces, can also be utilised in smokers.
  • Wait for the food to finish cooking before adding it to your inventory.
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