Top 11 Minecraft Dragon Mods to Try

Players of Minecraft are aware with the ender dragon and its evil legend, and they can’t help but consider additional dragons that could be added via mods.

Players may ponder hatching the egg of the ender dragon or taming and riding other dragons into the sunset. Perhaps they would want to wear the ender dragon drops, which can only be obtained via mods.

Take a look at the top 11 Minecraft dragon mods of 2021 to gain a deeper understanding of dragon mods.

1). Dragon World RPG

Minecraft Dragon Mods

Everything, can become a reality in Minecraft. Even a planet where humans and dragons coexist happily. But do they in fact?

The Dragon World RPG is more than a Minecraft modpack with a dragon theme. Almost every aspect of the game has been altered to make it feel more like a role-playing game.

Well, a role-playing game in which you can ride dragons to battle other dragons and fantasy creatures with the aid of your friends from around the globe. Who wants a new MMORPG?

2). Dawn of Fire

Minecraft Dragon Mods

Since first appearing in our beloved fantasy settings, dragons have undergone considerable change. In older games, their only ability was to breathe fire. Now they can exhale whatever occurs to them! The Dawn of Fire mod adds a variety of dragons to Minecraft, including typical fire-breathing dragons and some that can breathe lightning!

3). DragonLoot

This Minecraft mod allows players to obtain additional loot from the ender dragon in addition to its egg. The substance is comparable to leather in that it may be fashioned into armour. This is a great mod for individuals that dislike the Ender Dragon or want to show off their accomplishments to their buddies.

4). Dragon Mounts Addon


The ghost dragon is the only one of the dragons in Dragon Mounts that does not have its own uniquely designed armour, weapon, and scale. To equip the armour, either right-click the screen or press and hold on it for an extended period of time. You also have the option of equipping the dragons with a saddle, chest, and horse armour. Every species of dragon has both a wild and a domesticated form. The versions that can be tamed do not have wings. All dragons drop scales.

5). Dragon Mounts: Legacy

Complex physics and a plethora of new features are fine, but what if we simply want to ride dragons? This mudpack from Dragon Mounts: Legacy is here to save the day. This mod is fairly basic in comparison to other Minecraft mods.

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Simply download the mod, care for dragon eggs in order for them to hatch, and you’ll have the avian friends of your dreams. Simple and entertaining.

6). Wyrmroost

Minecraft Dragon Mods

This mod’s range of dragons is certain to keep players on their toes. Wyrmroost is downloadable through CurseForge and is compatible with Java Edition.

This mod offers a variety of exquisitely crafted dragons that can be tamed. Developers claim that they are meant for more than just travel. Players who are interested in fantasy and/or dragon-themed Minecraft mods should give the dragons a little time.

7). Ice and Fire: Dragons

Minecraft Dragon Mods

This mod gives players access to the ice and fire dragons that naturally produce as adults in Minecraft. Fire-breathing dragons are regarded as having the power to traverse the majority of the globe. In contrast, ice dragons inhabit the coldest locations and freeze their prey to death.

In addition, lightning dragons have made their way into this modification, hitting their victims with lightning bolts. In addition to dragons, additional features and enemies are added to the player’s realm, such as cyclops and ghosts. The Minecraft modification can be downloaded from CurseForge.

8). Grow Your Own Dragon – Incubator Edition

Do you possess the skills necessary to raise your very own dragon? All the way from an egg (once you rescue it from the dreadful Troll, Rock Monster, or Lumberbad), to a baby, all the way up to a fearsome troll-eating beast? Within the scope of this mod, you will be able to hatch a dragon from an egg and then ride it.

9). World of Dragons

In World of Dragons, one of the best Minecraft dragon modifications ever created, technology and magic merge. Because installing this gives you the best of both worlds!

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This mod is based on the excellent gameplay mechanics of the “Ice and Fire: Dragons” mod. In World of Dragons, you are placed into a world where dragons not only rule the skies, but also power two technological trees that allow you to literally create your own adventure.

Add incredible multiplayer features, and you have the definitive dragon-themed Minecraft experience. Unquestionably a must-try.

10). Baby Ender Dragons Addon

This Minecraft PE add-on allows players to spawn the ender dragon in an overworld, which is a dangerous but entertaining task. After hatching, the dragon goes through two distinct stages. Stage 1 is neutral and will not damage players, however stage 2 is hostile.

The dragon has 100 health and the ability to unleash fireballs during the initial phase. The dragon will then mature and enter its second phase, where it will become hostile to players, endermites, and villagers. Also, its health is enhanced by 20.

11). Dragon Mounts 2 Refurbished

Reworked versions of the Dragon Mounts 2! The latest and greatest iteration of the Dragon Mounts 2 game! With features such as improved animations, new dragons, new game mechanics, an entirely new dimension, and a great deal more! Here be dragons!!