15 Best Minecraft Mob Farm Ideas [2022]

 In Minecraft, getting XP is one of the most important things to do. It lets you use the best enchantments in Minecraft, level up, and get more credits on some Minecraft survival servers. But getting more XP isn’t an easy thing to do. If you know how to set up a mob farm in Minecraft, it’s easy to get XP and even loot items. To start a mob farm, all you need is a little planning and a few basic items.

 However, in reality, they’re as a whole lot of aid to be accumulated as is cobblestone and iron and that’s what we’re going to be searching at today, top mob farm designs in Minecraft.


This raid farm is pretty resource-extensive and difficult to construct, however, it is absolutely useful and an amazing manner to get lots of XP. Basically, this farm takes benefit of Minecraft’s Ominous Banner mechanic, which begins offevolved a raid while the banner service is killed. The incoming raiders will then be guided into the lure and killed. Players will discover a Pillager Outpost, smash it, after which construct the farm in which the Outpost was once to draw the maximum Pillagers.


How is that, this is a Minecraft mob farm and does not have mobs?!

 Whoever requested that could be correct; however, this farm is so green that it has to be mentioned.

If gamers are completely constructing a farm for XP, this approach is the pleasant one. This approach includes observers, kelp, pistons, hoppers, and smokers.

Basically, because the kelp grows withinside the farm, the observer block sees this and turns on the piston, which breaks the kelp. The kelp is then transported right into a furnace with the aid of using a hopper, cooking it earlier than shifting the kelp right into a chest. Once the participant eliminates unmarried kelp from the smoker, it’ll offer XP for all the cooked kelp.


The multi-layered farm is pretty resource-in depth however gives heaps of objects and XP very quickly.

 This farm includes hoppers, dispensers, repeaters, and chests, permitting the mobs and assets to be transported efficiently.

 The multi-layered farm operates through the usage of dispensers to dispense water. The mobs on every layer are then driven off the platform’s aspect right into a grinder, wherein they may be killed, and their objects and XP are collected.

This is an AFK farm, which means gamers will construct an AFK spot, wherein they take a seat down at the same time as the farm works. Players can wait so long as they want; however, the shorter the time they wait, the fewer objects they may acquire.

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Dungeons are clearly spawned systems in Minecraft that include a mob spawner.

 While now no longer the maximum green sort of mob farm, if gamers have a Dungeon nearby, they may be a wonderful supply of assets and XP.

The mob spawner can best spawn Zombies, Spiders, and Skeletons. Zombies have a 50% hazard of displaying up in Dungeons.

At the same time as Spiders and Skeletons, every has a 25% hazard.

Dungeons may be changed to come to be computerized farms, however for gamers without sufficient time to construct huge systems, they’re sufficient.


There are lots of designs for AFK fish farms or different automated fish farms, which might be all high-quality approaches to farm attraction books, bows, saddles, call tags, or even fishing rods.

 Automatic fishing farms also are super for meals and XP in Minecraft.

 Given the way it does not require many resources, having a fish farm is quite a whole lot essential for any player.

The XP is quite low however the technique is easy and smooth and the rewards are high-quality.


Now to the actual meat of the nether update. With the creation of piglins.

Bartering, gamers were arising with extraordinarily exciting farm designs that now no longer simplest contain xp farming in Minecraft.

Even though Piglins aren’t always friendly, they are important mobs because they can trade valuable items for gold. So, you need to build a Piglin trading farm so you can trade with Piglins to get different valuable items without much trouble.

The loot they give out is random, so sometimes they will make you happy by giving you things you need, and sometimes they will make you sad. In Minecraft, Piglin also drops Ender Pearls, which are needed to get to the end.


Coming on the 9th position on our list is the Gold Farm

 If you are not concerned approximately seeking to combine bartering into your farm that is an exquisite opportunity to the piglin bartering farm.

This farm brings in massive quantities of xp and whilst its aid is heavy the real construct in all fairness smooth to construct.

This farm does contain a few tacky recreation-breaking strategies, together with getting into the Nether roof. You’ll want to do that earlier than you may start the construct.

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During any normal survival game, you’re almost expected to stumble upon mob dungeons with a spawner at a few points.

 Dungeons are without problems identified via way of means of their mossy cobblestone partitions and loot chest or chests.

These are mob dungeons best for XP farms in Minecraft. Most spawner farms paintings at the easy precept of trapping the mobs in a single region in which you may effectively kill them if you want to benefit from it and from any gadgets they’ll drop.

The satisfactory dungeon to show into an enjoy farm in Minecraft is a skeleton dungeon because of the beneficial loot they drop (bones, arrows, and bows), however, any kind will do.


Ultimately, a whole existing world of Minecraft is not entirely finished or complete if you have not made the king of all mob farms, the conventional Minecraft mob XP farm.

 Although it calls for pretty a chunk of stone and typically a superb peak to be constructed on, it may yield quite a few enjoy factors and beneficial drops.

If closed-off structures are constructed over a big frame of water or a way up withinside the air, you’ll see an extended fee of monsters spawning inside.



If you are seeking out the best quality mob farm for XP, blazes are an incredible location to start.

While constructing a farm withinside the Nether can get risky, blaze rods are a need for the give up game, that’s why this farm essentially kills birds with one stone.

 If you need to test with potions and brewing then you may want an amazing delivery of blaze rods. This farm will assist you to get them safely, and benefit a few XP.


It’s no mystery that guardians are a number of the exceptional mobs to farm for XP in the sport because of the respectable quantity of XP they drop.

That being said, constructing a mother or father farm is a huge mission, on the grounds that maximum designs require draining the whole ocean monument.

Despite the massive time and useful resource cost, this farm continues to be really well worth it because of its sheer output of experience.


Once you’ve honestly reached The End and defeated the Ender Dragon, you would possibly need to take into account constructing an enderman xp farm.

The End is largely complete of the loose area in which endermen can spawn, and with water as their sole weakness, it is a smooth sufficient farm to make.

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 Not most effective does this farm yield a ton of enjoy seeing that endermen are some of the hardest mobs, however, it additionally gives extra ender pearls than you may ever use, which are available in reachable whilst exploring the End islands.


 Cave spiders are taken into consideration the worst mobs to farm withinside the complete game.

 For one, they may poison you, and for two, spiders in widespread will be inclined with the intention to get away numerous systems through mountaineering walls.

However, there’s a manner to make both a cave spider or an ordinary spider farm paintings and to get a gaggle of revel in factors for it in Minecraft.

This is in particular beneficial considering cave spider spawners are very smooth to locate because of how not unusual place deserted mineshafts are withinside the game.


If sources aren’t a hassle you may as properly pass together along with your xp farm designs.

 One favorite (particularly at tougher difficulties) is a nether portal farm that attracts in Zombie Pigmen from the nether and does not even require you to manually kill the mobs.

As properly as an excellent quantity of XP, you will additionally advantage a tonne of gold.

The simplest drawback is that it calls for a massive quantity of sources, which may be tough to attain on survival.


The simple tower is the perfect mob farm to make in Minecraft. The toughest assets to collect for this construct are hoppers, trapdoors, and 25 stacks of cobblestone, which isn’t always very tough to collect at all!

Most Minecraft gamers have an abundance of cobblestone anyways. This layout works via way of means of the usage of water to funnel the mobs right into a hole.

 The mobs will then collapse the tower onto a platform in which gamers can kill them in a single hit given that they have got taken fall damage. Once killed, the gadgets will fall into the hoppers, and the XP may be accrued via way of means of gamers.

Considering that each of these incredible Minecraft mob farms provides you with unique advantages, ranking them was a challenging task. We hope that these Mob farm Designs will keep you busy for a while, whether you’re looking to level up from 1 to 30 quickly, gather resources for your next adventure, or find a challenging building project to undertake.