What Is A Crying Obsidian In Minecraft

What Is A Crying Obsidian In Minecraft and its Uses

With the current Nether Update, Minecraft gained a new block, the Crying Obsidian. This block is distinctive in several ways and has some fascinating applications. While this may be exciting for gamers, it is sadly difficult to attain in significant amounts.

Though related, the Crying Obsidian block differs from the ordinary Obsidian block in that it cannot be utilized to construct Nether Portals. Weeping Obsidian is a variety of obsidian that produces purple particles and appears to be seeping a purple liquid, hence the “crying” label. It was introduced in Minecraft version 1.16.

This block can be added to the game via modes, however, it will not appear in multiplayer worlds unless the multiplayer server has the same mod installed.

What Is A Crying Obsidian In Minecraft

How do you obtain Crying obsidian in Minecraft?

Crying Obsidian is relatively scarce because there are only three ways to obtain it, and all three are untrustworthy. Players who desire to use large amounts of Crying Obsidian for construction or other uses in survival mode will have a long journey ahead of them, but this should not deter them owing to its special characteristics.

What are the uses of Crying Obsidian in Minecraft?

Respawn Anchors, which are made in Minecraft using six blocks of Crying Obsidian and three blocks of Glowstone, allow players to set their spawn spot in the Nether. If a person dies while a Respawn Anchor is active and set, they will respawn in the Nether at the anchor’s location, similar to how beds work in the Overworld. The Respawn Anchor must first be charged in order for this effect to be activated.

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What Is A Crying Obsidian In Minecraft

Minecraft players will require one of the elements used to create a Respawn Anchor, especially Glowstone blocks, to charge it. Players will add a charge to the Respawn Anchor by using Glowstone blocks on it, and it will also change the texture and begin producing light to show this change. The charge level is shown by a dial on the side of the anchor, with the maximum charge level being a total of four Glowstone blocks.

To set a player’s Respawn Anchor, they simply interact with it as they would a bed. Multiple players in a multiplayer game can accomplish the same thing to a Respawn Anchor at the same time. It will continue to respawn players in its chosen location as long as it has changed.

Players should also keep in mind that the Respawn Anchor only works in the Nether of Minecraft. When used in the Overworld, The End, or any custom dimensions produced by mods, the block explodes and sets fire to the surrounding region.

Another feature of Crying obsidian is that it emits light, unlike ordinary obsidian.

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