What is a Subspace Bubble Advancement in Minecraft?

Subspace Bubble is a new advancement that requires players to travel through a Nether portal to cross seven kilometers in the Overworld. Once they have crossed the Nether, they will then be able to create another Nether portal to exit the Nether. It uses the Nether to travel large distances in the Overworld faster than if it were a player walking.

How do you get subspace bubbles advancement in Minecraft?

Minecraft players will need to travel several blocks from their Nether portal. They will then need to build another Nether portal with obsidian and a fire source (usually lava or flint&steel). Players should remain at a considerable distance from the Overworld once they have returned.

How many blocks do I have to travel in the nether to get a subspace bubble?

Each block in the Nether corresponds to approximately eight blocks in the Overworld. Therefore, 875 blocks would be required to travel the seven-kilometer distance that advancement requires which is equal to 7000 blocks in the Overworld.

You can keep track of your progress by pressing F3, which will display the Nether portal’s X-level. Then count the blocks at least 875 yards away as you move. Players must also carry at least eight obsidian blocks and a flint-and-steel or bucket of lava.

Once players have built the portal and lit it with their chosen item, they should be rewarded with advancements as well as 100 points. It might be worth checking the location of the portal, entering the Nether again, and moving it further to make sure it’s at the correct distance.

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