What is Aqua Affinity in Minecraft?

What is Aqua Affinity in Minecraft

There are various enchantments in the world of Minecraft that make our lives as players easier. They’re quite handy, whether they allow us to attack harder, walk on water, or simply take less fall damage. However, the enchantment isn’t always self-explanatory. To make matters worse, Minecraft isn’t the type of game that will lay things out for us, therefore today’s article will provide a brief explanation of the Aqua Affinity enchantment.

Aqua Affinity is a Minecraft helmet enchantment that reduces the penalty for mining underwater, which normally takes five times as long for the item to be destroyed. Aqua Affinity makes gathering prismarine from underwater temples easier and less time-intensive. It just has one level and is relatively easy to obtain in the game on a helmet or a turtle shell.

This enchantment has a maximum of one and is fairly simple to obtain on a helmet. It improves turtle shells even more because mining underwater along with the water breathing effect can make for a highly beneficial armor component if you want to extend your time underwater. Obtaining an Aqua Affinity enchantment will assist you in gathering materials for the conduit and will allow you to mine underwater.

How Can I Get Aqua Affinity Enchantment?

You can get the Aqua Affinity enchantment on your helmet, like most other enchantments, by using an enchanting table. There’s a chance you’ll obtain the enchantment at any level of XP. While you have a 15% chance of gaining Aqua Affinity from a level one enchantment, the likelihood increases to nearly 30% when you enchant at level 30. Aqua Affinity can also be added to any helmet type.

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The Enchanting Table will be your best way, as you may keep rolling until you acquire it, rather than just looting chests and towns, as the chances of finding a book or a villager willing to trade it are incredibly low. If you come across a book containing the enchantment, simply use an anvil to affix the book to whatever helmet or Turtle Shell you like.

Aqua Affinity in Minecraft

Aqua Affinity will not be offered by a villager on its own. You might be able to find armor or leatherworker who will sell you a helmet with the enchantment on it. This is an untrustworthy method of obtaining Aqua Affinity because you must max out the villager’s profession level and hope that the armor item they are selling comes with Aqua Affinity.

Minecraft Aqua Affinity vs Respiration

RespirationAqua Affinity
Using commands, it can be applied to other armour pieces.It solely applies to the helmet
It aids in increasing underwater breathing time.It aids in increasing mining pace underwater.
It may reach a maximum power level of 3.Its maximum power level is 1.
The enchantment weighs 2 poundsThe enchantment weighs 2 pounds.
It aids in the reduction of drowning damage.It has no effect on drowning damage.
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