Mount and Blade Cheats

Mount & Blade, a 2008 medieval strategy and action role-playing video game for Microsoft Windows, was developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment in Turkey and published by Paradox Interactive in Sweden. The player is able to control a character that can trade, battle, and manage a fief within Calradia’s medieval land.

Mount & Blade, a single-player action-oriented role-playing video game, takes place in Calradia, a medieval country. It is a sandbox-style game with no storyline. The player can do quests but not the main plot. The player can choose to fight in one of five battling factions, as a mercenary or outlaw, or stay neutral.

How to use Mount and Blade Cheat Codes

On the Launcher, select Configuration and then check the “Enable Cheats” box. The gold cheat only works in the inventory screen, the health cheat only works in battle, the instant kill cheat only works in battle, the see everything on the map cheat only works on the map screen, the AI take over character cheat only works in battle, the add 1000 XP cheat only works in the character screen.

Mount and Blade Cheat Codes

Activate Cheat Menu (allows for a multitude of cheats including adding items and improving relations[also some debug features])Ctrl + ~ (then type in ‘cheatmenu’ no ”)
AI takes over you character in battlesCTRL+F5
Completely heals youCTRL+H
Completely heals your horseCTRL+Shift+H
Damage yourselfCTRL+F3
Deactivate Cheat MenuCtrl + ~ (then type in ‘nocheatmenu’ no ”)
Fast Forward waiting at mapCtrl + space
Gives experience to the selected party memberCTRL+X
Gives you 1000 XP in the character screenCTRL+X
Greatly increases all of your weapon proficienciesCTRL+W
In the inventory it gives you 1000 GoldCTRL+X
Knock unconscious all enemy troopsCtrl+Alt+F4
Knocks out all enemies zoomed into. (Holding shift and looking at)Ctrl+Shift+F4
Knocks out all of your troopsCtrl+Shift+F6
Knocks out one of your troopsCtrl+F6
Knocks unconcious an enemy after a number of pressesCTRL+F4
Let’s you see everything except hideouts on the World MapCTRL+T
Level UpCtrl + L
On the World Map, teleports your party to where you clickCTRL+Left Click
Slow Motion (Press again to turn on or off)CTRL + F9
Stop the time at battleCtrl + F11
Upgrade all available units to that path.Ctrl + Left Click

Make a godlike character

1. You can start the game with any character history you wish, but this person is not important.

2. Once you have control, open the character sheet. Click Statistics at the bottom left

3. Click on Export character

4. Open “computer>Local disc>Users>”>Documents>mount and blade warband>Characters, then open the text file that needs to be edited

5. From here, you can edit your character sheet and gold to your heart’s content. However, you should not edit reserved skills. This could cause your game to crash. Max skills are 10 attributes. 63 weapon skills cannot be increased to 460 without cheats.

6. Open or start a new game with a character that has the same name of the super-character, then open the character sheet and click statistics

7. Click IMPORT character

8. You will enjoy playing a character that has almost unlimited money, and you don’t need to level up.

Important: This only allows you to edit the PC, your companions, the world of Caladria and, strangely, your PC’s gender. You can change what the hero can/can spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to activate Bannerlord cheats?

  • Go to documents.
  • Navigate to Bannerlords.
  • Now configs.
  • Next engine. config.
  • Change the cheat_mode to 1
  • Save the file.

Q2. How do you get special units in Bannerlord?

You will need to go to the nexus to recruit special units in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord. Once they have been recruited, companions and special units will become part of your retinue. However, they can be very expensive.

Q3. What are the Bannerlord Cheats That Work?

  • Ctrl + H: Your character gets healed.
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse Button: Takes you to the place you clicked on the map.
  • Ctrl + Shift + H: Your horse gets Healed.
  • Ctrl + F3 – damages your character
  • Ctrl + Alt + F4: Knock out all of your enemies.
  • Ctrl + F6 kills one of your soldiers.
  • Ctrl + Shift + F6: All of your troops are killed.
  • Ctrl + F4: Knocks an enemy.

Q4. What is a Menavliaton?

Infantry Menavliatoi: The Menavliaton, a spear-like bill mounted on a thicker shaft and meant to be used in close quarters rather than the longer spears and pikes that were part of the infantry block, was designed for infantry.