A Horizon MMO Might be Coming

The project is said to be a collaboration between Sony and NCSoft, a South Korean company to expand the horizon universe.

NCsoft, the company that made Guild Wars, might be making an MMO called Horizon. The Korean publisher is reportedly in talks with Sony about making a new game set in the Horizon universe. If the game does well, it could lead to more games set in other franchises owned by Sony.

Lineage and Guild Wars, two of NCSoft’s MMO series, are the ones that people know it for. If the rumours are true, it would make sense for Sony to hire the developer to make an MMO, especially since Sony wants to add more live-service games to its first-party games.

Sony and NCsoft are talking about forming a “business alliance” right now, while the game itself is still in the planning stages. If the alliance works and the Horizon MMO gets off the ground, Sony might give NCsoft the rights to use other intellectual properties to make other games.

In response to the report, NCsoft said, “It is difficult to confirm information about undisclosed projects currently under development.”

It is said that Guerilla is also working on a remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn with better graphics, better lighting, smoother animations, and other improvements that make the game better overall. The same rumour said that a multiplayer game was coming, which could be the game that NCsoft is said to be making.