How to Play BattleGrounds Mobile India Early Access? And everything you need to know about Game

New Update : Early Access of battlegrounds Mobile India is now avaialble for Indian Players !

Early Access for BGMI is now avaialble for players to tryout. Many content creators are already got their hands on the game and they have already started grinding. Many uses have also started getting their hands on Early access to the game

How to get Early Access?

Players can click on link and will have to register themselves as application tester to access the game. you can apply from this link

after click on this link , you will have to accept their TnC and thats it , the game will be avialable to download on your device .

Although Some users are facing Server error, but you can try out anyways. And even if you dont get chance the game is very close to release and stay tuned to get detailed analysis on BGMI vs PUBGM.

BGMI Date Revealed ??

Over the last few weeks, Krafton was dropping a variety of artworks leaking a variety of aspects of Battlegrounds Mobile. The post, which was recently published, asked fans to guess Battleground Mobile India’s release date.

We know you’ve been waiting for us since a long time. 🪂

We’re super excited for the biggest drop of the year! 🤩

 In the comment section, several have gone ahead, stating their predictions.

Some have managed to decipher the message in the comment section as shown in the given pictures:

According to many sources, the game is expected to release n 18th June. Let’s hope the game launches as soon as possible and players can get a hand with it.


Everything you need to know about Battlegrounds Mobile India

Finally after months of the ban in India, PUBG mobile is coming back with brand new name BattleGrounds Mobile India. Battlegrounds Mobile is going to have a great deal of similarities to the PUBG Mobile global variant including original maps like Errangal, Miramar, Sanhok, the mascot, and quite likely its attribute set. Considering PUBG Mobile’s download size weighs in at around 600MB, it is safe to say the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK file size will fall in precisely the same range. This basically means that only about every contemporary Android smartphone ought to be able to play the game at the start. It might be why Krafton doesn’t see the demand for a Lite version of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - Thegeekatom

Signing up before launch nets you the following benefits:

Recon Mask

Recon Outfit

Celebration Expert Title


Battlegrounds Mobile India - Thegeekatom

Krafton says that these benefits are exclusive for people who pre-register. Therefore, in the event that you think you are going to have the ability to receive them at a later date once the Game is out, that is unlikely. Nevertheless, it is very likely that the outfit and mask rewards are purely cosmetic with no pay-to-win components attached to it.

That said, it is quite probable that Krafton wants to provide its players a taste of what the BattleGrounds Mobile India has to offer in regard to makeup with the expectation of monetising its India player base further. At its peak, PUBG Mobile India earnings were approximately $3 million before it was banned.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India - Thegeekatom

After Months of Speculations, Battlegrounds Mobile India may finally have a launch date. According to Team Solomid trainer and content creator Abhijeet Andhare aka Ghatak, the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date is slated for the third week of June. He took to Twitter to show this.

Industry resources on condition of anonymity claim the Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is June 18. When you believe that it could be per month later pre-registrations went live, it might make sense as that’s usually what most big publishers tend to perform. Throw in that Krafton tends to upgrade its match on Tuesdays, and that’s what June 18 is, and it is likely that Ghatak’s tweet backs up this claim. But, it’s also essential to say that the discourse in the community suggests a June 10 date.

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