Dream Finally Revealed his face and the Internet is Blown Away

Dream’s YouTube account was created in February of 2014, more than eight years ago, and has remained faceless since then, but that may change. The dream has been making Minecraft videos for several years, but no one has ever seen his face. They’ve only seen the smiling logo that has come to represent his name. Despite his massive online following, Minecraft YouTuber Dream has kept his face a mystery, never revealing what he looks like – with the exception of a few small teases. Fans are now anticipating a full face reveal with another teaser showing off his hair.

Dream told his fans early on October 2 that they should anticipate the face reveal to be uploaded at some point later in the day after charming a few of his streaming friends over FaceTime. Hours later, despite a few more tweets assuring the release of the video, some people grew impatient and some even began to suspect that Dream was pulling a sophisticated prank on them. However, Dream followed through on his promise with a YouTube upload later that night, and fans were ecstatic to finally get to see his face.

Dream Finally Revealed his face

In order for his best friend, fellow YouTuber GeorgeNotFound, to move in with Dream and Sapnap, another friend and content creator, Dream explained that he had finally decided to reveal his face. Dream said, “My goal was just to start doing things. “Get out, mingle with artists, and finally say hello to my friends. Get out there, create something real, and be a person!” He added that he finally came out with it because he had grown weary of people trying to pry into his personal life by constantly leaking information about his appearance and butt. The decision is already paying off, if fan reaction is any indication.

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But, so far, Dream has managed to keep his face a complete secret – despite numerous hints and teasers, some of which he put out there himself and others that he did not.

In the past, Dream has typically avoided using a camera while streaming, instead opting to substitute an avatar with a happy face for himself in his videos. Dream revealed his childhood battle with depression in an interview with Anthony Padilla, and he explained how playing “Minecraft” gave him the ability to feel like a different person. This, in turn, inspired him to make his smiley-faced avatar. Since his channel first gained popularity back in 2020, fans have been eager to see the face behind the smile, but it initially seemed impossible that they would ever get the chance. Then, in early September, Dream revealed that the face reveal would be included in his subsequent upload.

To put it mildly, the fact that Dream revealed his identity was a big deal for both his neighbourhood and Minecraft as a whole. With 5.6 million Twitter followers, 3.1 million Instagram followers, and 30.4 million YouTube subscribers, Dream has an astounding fanbase. For comparison, Ninja in Fortnite has 23.8 million users. 4.1 million people follow Dr. Disrespect. 47.5 million people follow Taylor Swift. Dream means a lot.

Dream face reveal Will Dream finally show his face this year

This image of (apparently) Dream wearing a Corpse beanie went viral on Twitter in March. The Minecraft star apparently posted it before quickly deleting it, knowing that his devoted fans would immediately share it.
Fans have long pleaded for a face reveal, as they do with streamers and players who do not show their faces (Minecraft star Ranboo experiences it, too). For once, their cries may not go unheard. Here’s what Dream has to say about the possibility of a face reveal.

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