Everything to Know About New Valorant Map 'Jam'

Everything to Know About New Valorant Map ‘Jam’

Every new Act, Valorant has been putting out both new players and new maps. With the release of Patch 5.08 and the addition of Harbor as a new agent, it is time for Valorant to add a new map, and the developers have already started adding Easter eggs for it.

Valorant is reportedly getting ready to release a new map based on an Indian city. This comes after the successful launch of Harbor. Leaks show that the codename for the new map is “Jam.”

When patch 5.09 came out, it was the first time that the new map was talked about in a significant way. You can hear a message from Harbor on the range. In it, he talks about a certain “City of Flowers.”

“Brimstone. Astra, Killjoy, and I finished our analysis. We looked at it a dozen different ways, and it always comes back the same. The City of Flowers on Omega is a multiverse nexus. If Legion powers up that nexus with Alpha’s version of the city ruined…there’s nothing left to absorb the shock…the result… The result would be catastrophic, millions of lives in my home country, lost, that’s not a scenario I’m willing to entertain. No one else can stop Legion from pulling the trigger, this is on us. So get a team ready, and make sure I’m at the top of the list!”

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We can also see a picture of the Earth map, which shows where the places in VALORANT are. And the line goes from the Harbor bracelet to India.

Everything to Know About New Valorant Map 'Jam'

Taking into account the fact that the new player cards show a pink lotus on top of a tree, the internet is already full of theories that the new map is in India. At the moment, it seems unlikely that Valorant will add both the new agent and the map from India. The last agent to be released, Fade, was from Turkey, and the new map Pearl is in Portugal. It will be interesting to see where Valorant wants to take its lore.

During the current PBE 5.10 (November 4, 2022 to November 7, 2022), Astra left Brimstone a new voicemail in his office in the Practice Range. Here, Astra talks about when she, Harbor, and Skye went to the city on Omega Earth.

Players can also find a new email from Chamber on Brimstone’s laptop. In it, he says that Astra, Skye, and Harbor will be able to use a new teleportation device as soon as they get to the city. Taking into account what has been said, the new map may also have teleporters.

Everything to Know About New Valorant Map 'Jam'

Jam is short for Jaipur, a well-known city in India. It is called the “Pink City,” and its flower market is well-known. We saw the word “India” on the map, so this may be true. And Harbor, the last agent to be added to the game, is from India.

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