Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass Disappoints Various Fans Epic Making The Same Mistake

Even though there are some good rewards, like Spider-Gwen, along the way, many Fortnite fans feel let down by Epic Games’ latest Battle Pass.

Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 has finally arrived. The update finally came out over the weekend, after people had waited a long time and talked about it a lot. As usual, the game is very different from what it was at the end of the season. Map changes, new characters, new storylines, and more have all been added.

The new battle pass has to be one of the most exciting changes for players. It’s always fun to meet new characters and work hard to get the page 10 skin. Many gamers have won all the skins through battle passes in the past, so each new season is always exciting.

Epic Games released the fourth season of Chapter 3 of Fortnite on September 18. The new season, called “Paradise,” is about a mysterious substance called “Chrome” that is taking over the island. Fans will be able to play Season 4 until December 3, which is when Fortnite gets its annual winter makeover. A new season means, of course, a new Battle Pass.

When it was first introduced in the second season of Chapter 1, the Battle Pass changed everything about how rewards were given in Fortnite. Even though the game is free to play, Epic was still able to get money from players who didn’t want to spend it in the item shop. This was done through the Battle Pass, which gave players the chance to get better rewards the more they played.

Epic has always gone out of its way to include some high-value skins and emotes in the Battle Pass, but this season it seems to have dropped the ball. But some people in the Fortnite community have said bad things about this season’s battle pass. They’ve even said it’s one of the worst letters they’ve ever gotten.

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Too Many Marvel Skins & Partnerships

There are a few things about the pass that Fortnite players don’t like. They weren’t really looking forward to a Fortnite x Marvel skin as the Page 10 skin.

They have gotten Carnage, Spider-Man, Darth Vader, and now Spider-Gwen in a row. They are tired of this pattern, but it probably won’t change any time soon.

Even if you don’t count the collaboration skin, which is getting tired for a lot of gamers, the Fortnite battle pass has other problems that are hard to miss.

Brie Larson is now the actress who plays Paradigm. She is the latest famous person to voice a character. Epic Games wants to make money off of her fame, just like they did with Dwayne Johnson and the Foundation.

This time, Brie Larson’s face is on the first skin you can choose. In the past, Evie, Toona Fish, and other Page 1 skins like them were good. The community says that this is a clear grab by Epic Games to make money.

Hyped Rewards on This Season’s Battle Pass

Even though there aren’t as many choices this season, players who bought the Battle Pass still have a few great choices. On different pages of the Pass, you can find the usual 100 V-Bucks rewards that you can get for five Battle Stars. You can also unlock a few different loading screens and emoticons.

But the best thing about the Battle Pass has always been the skins. Fans of Fortnite can unlock Paradigm, one of the game’s running characters based on Brie Larson and voiced by her, on the very first page. Players can also get different styles for Paradigm in later pages.

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Spider-Gwen, the last reward on the Battle Pass, is the other skin that people want. The character looks like the same-based Marvel Comics character. The comic takes place in an alternate Spider-Man universe where Peter Parker’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter. Players always get a skin at the end of their Battle Pass in Fortnite, and this season will be no different.

Fortnite Needs to Add More Skins Instead of Repeating

Even though a few of the rewards for the fourth season of Chapter 3 are very sought after, the rest of the unlockables leave a lot to be desired. Spider-Gwen and Paradigm are the only ones who stand out from the rest; everyone else is much less impressive. The rest of the skins are either obscure characters from other IPs or ones that were made specifically for Fortnite. Some original skins, like Meow Skulls, can bring in new fans, but those who don’t find much about Fortnite may be disappointed.

The Battle Pass for this season of Fortnite doesn’t have any high-level emotes or skins that people would want. In this season, there are two emotes that are only used in the Chrome storyline, one Marvel Series emote, and two other emotes that are Uncommon. The choices are few and not very interesting.

Removal of AutoShotgun, Combat AR

Although apart from Autoshoutgun and Combat AR various guns have been vaulted and unvaulted. But fans, are confused with this new Meta of gameplay with the introduction of New Shotgun.

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In general, the Battle Pass system is hard to get the hang of. Epic wants to reward players who buy it every season, but it doesn’t want to give them so much that they stop spending money in the Item Shop. But it looks like Epic decided to get rid of the mid-level rewards that players get on their way to getting the rarer skins and emotes.

The best thing about Fortnite has always been that you can play it for free. Fans can always upgrade the game’s visuals, but players can’t buy or unlock anything that will give them a competitive edge, which is rare in the video game world. But every season, a huge number of players still buy the Battle Pass. If Epic wants to keep its loyal customers, it will have to start giving players more for their money.

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