GTA 6 Source Code Leaked And Confirmed to be Set in Vice City, DMCA on Various News Media

Since this morning, rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 have been trending on social media, and it appears that the game will take place in the much-loved city of Vice City.

On GTAForums, a leak has been made available that has over 90 minutes of gameplay footage from Grand Theft Auto 6, displaying many facets of the game. These leaks include the weapon wheel and characters, and they corroborate the potential that it would be set in the legendary and much-requested Vice City area. Vice City was last featured in GTA Vice Stories 16 years ago, so this would be a significant return to the setting.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Is Taking Place in Vice City

In one of the leaked gameplay videos, a male protagonist can be seen walking around the metro-rail station. If you look closely, you can see that the rail is called “Vice City Metro.”

This proves that video from a game called Vice City, which is based on Miami, has gotten out. In another video, a car is seen driving on the highway and making a turn toward “Washington Beach.”

Washington Beach used to be an unruly neighbourhood in the southeast part of Vice City. This is more proof that the game is set in the same city as fans have been asking for a long time.

One of the leaked pictures shows the police cars in the game. They have the letters “V.C.P.D.” on them. The V.C.P.D. stands for Vice City Police Department, and it was in both of the previous Vice City games.

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GTA Forum:

All of this seems to point in the same direction, which is that Vice City will be back in the next game. Also, a well-known reporter for Bloomberg has confirmed that the leaks are true.

GTA 6 Leak Has Been Confirmed To Be True

In a tweet that was tweeted earlier today, Jason Schreier verified that all of the leaks and speculation regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 that have been floating around are accurate.

He shared in a tweet the extent to which these lakes matched his report from July, in which he reported that the game would have two playable characters, one of which would be the first Latina female protagonist in the franchise.

Leaker Wants To Negotiate a Deal With Rockstar For Source Code

But there has been another change. The leaker is now trying to make a deal with Rockstar Games and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, by using the fact that they have access to vital parts of the upcoming game.

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In a tweet from earlier today by Tom Henderson, a video game fan and writer, the leaker is now trying to make a deal with developers by telling them they have the source code for two games. The leaker has said that he or she has “GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets” and could soon release more information.

The leaker has updated the original GTAForums post to say that he is “looking to negotiate a deal,” as seen in the above post. They also seemed to say that they had been asked about the leaks in more than 3000 Telegram messages, and they told the developers how to reach him.

The hacker has leaked more than 90 clips from GTA 6, causing chaos in the gaming industry as a whole. Players were not supposed to see any of the parts of this content that were in the game. The famous Bloomberg writer Jason Schreier confirmed that the video that was leaked was real.

The journalist also said that the situation was a “nightmare for Rockstar Games” because it would slow down work at the company for a while and could cause management to limit employees’ ability to work from home. This is a serious situation that could have a lot of different effects.

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A YouTube video by TGG says that the whole leak includes 50 minutes of GTA 6 footage that shows different parts of the upcoming game.

The leaks showed that the game might have two main characters, and that one of them might be Latina. Several clips also show that the upcoming game will be set in the fan-requested Vice City.

DMCA takedowns on YouTube videos with recent GTA 6 leaks

As readers can see from the above-embedded tweet, almost all of the takedowns are initiated by Take-Two Interactive.

Many fans were waiting for something like this to happen, as these takedowns can be seen as proof that these Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks are legitimate, because if they are not real, why would Take-Two Interactive bother taking them down?

But some have expressed different opinions regarding these take-downs, stating that Take-Two Interactive might be doing this to remove all of the fake leaks that have gone out of control and do not reflect the final product they have created.

This seems to make sense as the videos these leaks have provided showcase a very early build of the game.

But again, this point is still in the minority, as Take-Two did not release any prior statements and directly started taking down videos. So, these leaks have more credibility than any other information about the game that has come before.

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