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Here’s Why Disguised Toast has been banned from Twitch?

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is the most recent Twitch streamer to be banned from Twitch after he broadcast the latest anime to his viewers amid the ongoing DMCA tensions.

The meta-TV show continues to be a burden on. A few days after Imane “Pokimane” Anys was prohibited from streaming Avatar The Final Airbender Disguised Toast is now under the hammer.

Toast streamed Death Note during his January 10 broadcast. While he was live for a lot of the day, however, it wasn’t until the show reached episode 25 when the ban was announced.

But what was totally shocking was the fact that Wang’s suspension was for one month. The suspension was announced via his Twitter account and he stated that the suspension would be lifted “in the next month”.

The time for a ban of one month differs from the norm. Imane “Pokimane” Anys, was banned after viewing Avatar: The Last Airbender on stream, was handed 48 hours to leave Twitch.

Although the circumstances appear like they are, it’s not clear what will happen to Wang’s channel. reinstated in the same time-frame as Anys channel. Wang himself hasn’t made an official response to the ban, but instead tweeted, “they really couldn’t have been waiting for 20 minutes, could they?”

Many Twitch streamers in the past few months have been monitoring as well as reacting to copied material in the streamers “TV meta.” Although this meta has earned streamers impressive numbers of viewers however, the possibility of DMCA strikes by those who originally owned the show was always in the back of their minds. In addition, with the second ban, it is possible that there could be more coming when streamers continue to stream diverse copyrighted content.

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