Marvel Iron Man VideoGame Coming Soon From Electronic Arts

Today, EA and Marvel announced that Motive Studio is making a new third-person action-adventure game with Iron Man as the main character. This confirms earlier rumors that a game like this was in the early stages of development at Motive, the same studio making the upcoming Dead Space remake.

Marvel Iron Man VideoGame & Motive EA

A few tweets from Motive, Marvel, and the official Iron Man account let people know about this new Marvel game and confirmed it. Motive also sent out a press release with more information about the game, which is still “in early development,” according to the studio.

Motive says that Olivier Proulx, who worked on the great Guardians of the Galaxy game in 2021, is in charge of the team making this new, unnamed Iron Man game.

Proulx said, “We have a great chance to create a new and unique story that we can call our own.” “Marvel wants us to create up with something new. We have a lot of freedom, which keeps the team interested.”

Motive and Marvel didn’t have many more details to share, which makes sense. The game is still in the “pre-production phase,” which means that we won’t know much about it or get a release date for a few years.


Still, it’s another Marvel game to add to the list of Marvel games that are being made, which is growing all the development. A little over a week ago, Marvel and Disney announced a game that will feature Captain America and Black Panther. Skydance is making the game, and Amy Henning is in charge. A Wolverine game made by Insomniac is also in the works, as is a new Spider-Man game. And Marvel’s Midnight Suns will come out later this year.

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Motive is also making Dead Space, which is a different game. The team is finishing the remake, which will still come out on consoles and PC on January 27, 2023.

Why an Iron Man Game Is Huge for Players

EA’s Iron Man game has a lot of different things that can happen. This is mostly because of Tony Stark’s abilities and the character’s due history in the comics.

In the open world of the game, players can move around as the Armored Avenger. They will also be able to craft new armour and solve mysteries with the help of JARVIS, just like Tony Stark.

Also, the fact that Olivier Proulx is involved is great news for the story of the game. Proulx was the executive producer of Square Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy, a game that fans liked because of how well it told a story.

Since the game is still in the planning details, no other information has been released, like who the bad villains are or if any other Marvel heroes will be in it. Even so, the developer’s promise to “deliver a love letter” to all Iron Man fans is a good sign, making people even more excited for the game’s release in the future.

Will they make a Iron Man game?

Insider says that an unannounced Iron Man game will release out before Black Panther and will be made by Motive. Jeff Grubb, who works in the games industry, said that even though the much-rumored Iron Man game didn’t show up at D23, it’s still being made.

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Is the Iron Man 3 game still available?

It is no longer being supported and Gameloft no longer supports it. The game is an endless runner, and the player has to avoid objects to get points, score the level, and beat bad villains from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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