Mojang Studios has unveiled a new Minecraft series titled “Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes.”

Mojang Studios announced on November 6, 2022, that Minecraft fans will get a new monthly web series on youtube called “Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes.” Each month, the show’s narrator and their friend Marilla will talk about the game’s biomes and explain how they came to be.

The official trailer says that the story is about an ex-Mojang employee who wants to destroy the game world by letting a mob named Mobbo into the game. Mobbo has already been seen in the Dungeons spin-off game.

The strange mob has caused a lot of damage throughout the Overworld, and only the narrator and Marilla can stop him. As the two explore the Overworld, they’ll show how Minecraft’s different biomes work behind the scenes. So, here’s what we know about the Minecraft web series so far.

Mojang didn’t say much about the new series in the first trailer, but a few things have been confirmed. The main story of “Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes” will be told in parts as the narrator and Marilla try to stop Mobbo from doing bad things. Along the way, the two will learn from the developers how the game’s many biomes were made and put together.

Because there are so many biomes in the game to cover, the web series should go on for a long time. Still, it’s not clear if each biome will be talked about or if new ones that come out during the show’s run will be covered.

The trailer just shows the narrator and Marilla exploring different parts of the world, with the narrator fighting hostile mobs and Mobbo likely building some strange structures.

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Mojang might give more information about “Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes” in the next few weeks. But it’s also possible that the creators will stay quiet and let the first episode of the show show fans what to expect.

For the time being, Minecraft fans should be patient. Even if new details are revealed before the first episode airs, fans will probably be happy to know that a lot of new content will be coming out every month for the foreseeable future. We will keep you updated for sure. Follow The geek atom for more such news!!

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