Sony Pictures To Produce Shaktimaan Film Trilogy

Shaktimaan, the most popular superhero in India after Krish — has been scheduled to appear on screens across the globe, Sony Pictures India announced on Thursday. The fans will be treated to a trilogy that is inspired by the Indian Shaktimaan, the superhero of India. The original Shaktimaan television show was a hit for eight years in the DD National channel. DD National and Sony Pictures India have joined forces with the show’s producer Mukesh Khanna’s Bheeshm International and Brewing Thoughts to produce the films that are coming out. Khanna played the character of Shaktimaan in the show’s first season.

A teaser trailer for the Shaktimaan film was posted on YouTube by Sony Pictures’ YouTube channel on Thursday. The description of the teaser video says that the studio plans to “recreate the magical power of the famous superhero” and also that the film will be anchored by one of the nation’s top stars. Sony Pictures India has revealed that it is working with the creator of the show’s original television series which also starred Shaktimaan, who played the character of Shaktimaan as well as his other persona, Pandit Gangadhar Vidhyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri.

Sony Pictures has announced a big-screen remake of the classic Shaktimaan with a teaser of 59 seconds. They’ve announced the trilogy in conjunction together with Mukesh Khanna’s production firm Bheeshm International.

But unlike the TV series, the character for Shaktimaan will be distinct this time. Mukesh Khanna, whose age is 63, will take an off-hand role and Shaktimaan is being played by a famous actor.

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The TV film had a director in Dinker Jani, but to make the trilogy for the large screen producers have decided to bring an experienced filmmaker.

The one-minute video gives a glimpse of the earth before moving to a busy street. Then it’s followed by, “As darkness and evil dominate the world It’s the right an appropriate time for the hero to come back. Soon comes the Shaktimaan symbol appears and we see an idea of our hero. While the identity of Shaktimaan isn’t made public, they do provide an insight into Shaktimaan as the most loved and most popular superhero’. The body and costume of the ‘people’s superhero appear to have changed and are in line with the action stars that are in the movies.

Sony Pictures International Productions, in a statement, announced they’ve acquired the rights to the film adaptation of Shaktimaan to remake it into an action-packed trilogy that will be screened on the screen. The cast of the film hasn’t been confirmed yet, nor has the director’s name is still to be finalised. It will be interesting to know which star will be brought into play the leading role. It would also be wonderful if Mukesh Khanna could also play part in the trilogy to make it more nostalgic.

Shaktimaan is Sony Pictures India’s debut entry into the Indian superhero world. The studio has said it will seek the expertise of the parent Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony Pictures Entertainment and its headquarters in Culver City, California, US, to gain access to the most cutting-edge technologies in postproduction and filmmaking.

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Shaktimaan began at the end of September 1997 Doordarshan and aired throughout the eight-year period. It was created by Mukesh Khanna who played the title character, following a time when he observed children in his family watching superhero movies on television. Since the show is still loved by the fans, the group is confident that the movie will be a major hit in the Indian super-hero genre and be an international success in India.

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