The Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy joins the esports organization 100 Thieves.

Timothy “iiTzTimmy,” who streams Apex Legends and Valorant, has joined the American esports giant 100 Thieves.

The popular FPS Twitch streamer posted a short, cryptic clip on Twitter two days ago that ended with the word “Wednesday,” which hinted at an announcement. The group’s official Twitter account also posted a video announcement in which Fuslie, Kyedae, and CouRage, among others, welcomed him.

This is the latest addition to 100 Thieves’ already impressive roster of players, which includes Fuslie, Kyedae, Nadeshot, and more. 

iiTzTimmy started out playing League of Legends and started streaming as part of a plan to make a career out of gaming. Before playing the new 2019 game Apex Legends. Since he started his career in 2019, he has also played in a number of tournaments. He has played in tournaments like TwitchCon, Random Royale, and Nickmercs, where he has won different amounts of money.

Keeping his stream going, he then started streaming Valorant, the new game from 2020. Has kept streaming this while gaining over 2.5 million followers on Twitch.

With his catchphrase “Built different” and a group of loyal fans who thought of him as a “aimbot” because of how good he was at most shooters, iiTzTimmy’s raised the bar for streaming video games. He played Apex Legends for 55 hours straight to get a new account from the lowest level, Bronze, to the highest level, Predator, all in one stream. Since then, he’s tried another crazy challenge in the tactical shooter Valorant by Riot Games, going from Iron to Radiant in 65 hours.

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iiTzTimmy’s fellow gamers and streamers congratulate him on joining 100 Thieves.

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