Valorant's New Premier Mode

What is Valorant’s New Premier Mode? Valorant beyond Radiant

Riot Games announced its players about the new competitive mode coming to Valorant Game. With the new Premier Competitive mode, players will have the opportunity to go “beyond Radiant” with a new seasonal challenge and a well-thought-out tournament system for teams that want to take their skills to another level.

In a new blog post, Jonathan “EvrMoar” Walker said, “We wanted to build a connection between the game and the esport through a highly competitive mode that would allow millions of players to experience Valorant in a similar way as our VCT pros and teams.”

Riot Games addressed challenge-hungry players and stated that it wanted to create a connection between the game and its esports infrastructure through a highly competitive mode that would allow players to experience Valorant in a manner similar to that of professionals and teams.

What is Valorant’s new competitive Premier mode?

Valorant's New Premier Mode
Riot Games

The new mode in Valorant is called Premier, and it will act as a “path to pro” mode where players can put together five-person teams to compete in a tougher setting. Premier game mode is like the tournament system in League of Legends – Clash.

A small group of players in Brazil will get an alpha version of this new mode next week. Riot wants to make it available to more players in the future, but it says that a smaller group will help it test and make changes faster, so the final version can be delivered sooner.

Players will be able to put together a team and compete in a season of pre-planned games against other teams with similar skill levels. Think of it like Faceit for CS:GO, which is often seen as more competitive than regular matchmaking, but for Valorant.

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Who can play Valorant Premier Competitive Mode?

Premier lets you or anyone else builds a team and compete in a season of games that have already been planned. This means players can make a team with friends, or with anyone else, and fight for glory against some of the best teams in their region.

Once you’ve put together a team, you’ll be put in a division where you’ll play in weekly games and tournaments over the course of a long season. If your team has everything it needs to win, you might even make it to the end-of-season tournament to play for the Division Championship.

What are the features of premier Mode?

Valorant's New Premier Mode
Riot Games
  • Team creation (with team logos and colors)
  • Server load
  • Tournament play (including a map pick-and-ban system)
  • Premier Score (and qualifying for the end-of-season tournament)
  • Matchmaking and queue health throughout the Alpha and many more.

The developers will slowly add this mode to the whole world as they check to make sure everything is going as planned.
Now you know everything you need to know about Valorant’s new competitive mode, “Premier.” Check out our other content for more information on the geek atom.

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