Monkey D. Dragon is one of the maximum vital characters withinside One Piece international as he leads one of the finest agencies withinside the complete tale. Dragon is the chief of the notorious Revolutionary Army and is called the “World’s Worst Criminal,” which places into angle how risky he in reality is.

Although little or no of Dragon has been visible withinside the tale up to now, the showings of his enterprise routinely make him appear more potent and better. Additionally, there are pretty some powers that enthusiasts can see him likely using withinside the destiny of One Piece.

1. Armament Haki

Armament Haki is energy that Dragon maximum really possesses. Although now no longer anybody withinside the tale has Armament Haki, it’s miles not possible for a person of Dragon’s stature to now no longer be an extraordinary consumer of this capacity. Sadly, Dragon has by no means been visible utilizing it considering that he has by no means been worried in any main combat withinside the tale. Nonetheless, a number of Dragon’s subordinates use each Armament Haki so it is a given for him to be a consumer of this energy as nicely.

2. Conqueror’s Haki

Conqueror’s Haki is energy that simplest one in 1,000,000 humans withinside the One Piece international are born with. It lets in the consumer to impose their self-discipline on others, knocking those with weaker wills out withinside the process. Those who face up to it are sturdy sufficient to combat the consumer of Conqueror’s Haki. Dragon is sort of really going to be a consumer of Conqueror’s Haki as nicely much like his son. In Marineford, Luffy’s Conqueror’s Haki turned into attributed to Monkey D. Dragon, which means he’s already implied to be its consumer notwithstanding now no longer having used it up to now. In destiny, enthusiasts will really see him employ this capacity.

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3. Voice of All Things

 Capacity enthusiasts realize little or no about, the Voice of All Things is energy that lets in humans to concentrate to the “voice” of the whole lot round them. This consists of beasts, different residing matters, or even inanimate gadgets inclusive of Poneglyphs. When the Roger Pirates reached Skypiea, Roger turned into capable of tune down the place of the Golden Bell definitely with the aid of using following the voice of the Poneglyph. This capacity, despite the fact that uncommon, turned into in ownership of Roger, Kozuki Oden, and currently, even Luffy and Momonosuke can use it. For Dragon to have this energy isn’t always something that needs to be too surprising.

4. Ryusoken

 Ryusoken is a martial arts fashion that Sabo specializes in, as visible for the duration of the Dressrosa arc of One Piece. When the usage of this fashion, Sabo’s fingers turn out to be claw-formed and are imbued with Armament Haki to boom their toughness. Sabo should even spoil metallic together along with his claws with ease. The maximum vital factor of Ryusoken is the capacity to discover the center and ruin matters from the inside, that is what superior Ryou does. Given that Ryusoken is a right away connection with Dragon and is based on utilising Ryou, it might not be a marvel if Dragon possesses this energy as nicely.


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5. Advanced Conqueror’s Haki

Advanced Conqueror’s Haki customers are very uncommon withinside the One Piece international, however Dragon is really going to be one in every of them, with out a doubt. According to Kaido, simplest the very most powerful withinside the international can employ it, which Dragon really is. Advanced Conqueror’s Haki lets in someone to coat their frame in Conqueror’s Haki to boom their offensive output. Upon the usage of, this energy is manifested as black lightning and is one of the most powerful offensive capabilities withinside the tale up to now. Dragon, having extraordinary ambition, is really going to have Conqueror’s Haki and for him, the usage of Advanced Conqueror’s Haki should not be too hard.

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6. Ryuo

Ryuo is an exquisite energy this is very a whole lot just like Armament Haki because it stems from the identical energy. In fact, Ryuo is simply some other phrase for Armament Haki withinside the Land of Wano, however, the software of Ryuo could be very one of a kind from normal Armament Haki, that is why the samurai of Wano are taken into consideration such extraordinary customers of this energy. Ryuo lets in someone to make their Haki waft resultseasily from one precise factor and emit it from a distance. Doing this makes the Haki stronger and, on the identical time, will increase its efficiency. Using this technique, Luffy turned into positive he should spoil thru Kaido’s scales. Dragon, despite the fact that now no longer showed to be a consumer, should have get admission to to this energy because it isn’t always unusual withinside the outdoor international.

7. Observation Haki

Observation Haki is an capacity that presents a 6th experience capacity to the consumer and lets in them to experience matters inclusive of presence, emotions, intent, or even offers them precognition. Just like Armament Haki, Dragon has now no longer made use of this capacity withinside the tale up to now definitely due to the fact he hasn’t been worried in any main fights, however, it is now no longer to mention that he would not have Observation Haki.

Out of all of the Haki types, Observation Haki is the only this is maximum usually observed so it need to additionally be one which Dragon has already mastered to an extraordinary degree.

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8. Wind Logia Fruit

One of the maximum theorized powers that Monkey D. Dragon is an idea to own is the energy of the Wind Wind Fruit or a capacity this is associated with wind. While Oda hasn’t discovered what powers Dragon wields, enthusiasts do realize that he produced sturdy gusts of wind at Loguetown to assist Luffy get away Smoker.

What’s more, in Luffy’s flashback, Dragon grew to become out to be the only who stored endless humans from the hearthplace in Grey Terminal with the aid of using the usage of his Wind powers to open up a route for them. It really would not be a stretch to mention that he has a Logia-kind Devil Fruit associated with wind.