God Of War Top’s Steam Sales Chartsof 56,557 players.

God Of War PC Top’s Steam Sales Charts

Sony has started porting its games to PC and, since the beginning with Horizon, it appears that the situation has only gotten better.

Their most recent game, God Of War on PC is their biggest success ever, grabbing the top place in sales last week, and achieving the most concurrent player count that PlayStation has ever seen in a launch week for a brand new port.

The information was announced via the Steam charts which is where God Of War reportedly has an average of 73,529 concurrent players, beating the previous record set by Horizon Zero Dawn of 56,557 players. Days Gone currently has an all-time record of 27,450 concurrent users.

God Of War PC Top’s Steam Sales Charts

These remarkable numbers will hopefully, spur Sony to bring more exclusive games to PC in the near future. Other exclusives from the company such as Horizon Zero Dawn experienced a similar level of success at launch, too. The decision to port PlayStation exclusive game titles onto PC was apparently prompted due to pressure from the designers at Sony who saw the potential for profit from the idea. This has brought in significant dividends to the company, and it’s hard not to think about whether this could inspire Sony to develop a large portion of its games exclusive to timed play.

God of War’s popularity on PC is just the beginning of Playstation by 2022. The much-anticipated sequel Horizon Zero Dawn is releasing in February and an update to God of War, although the date of release for the latter has not yet been confirmed. PlayStation gamers have plenty to look forward to in the coming year, and PC gamers can look forward to a fascinating next chapter in the event that Sony keeps its tradition of releasing exclusive games on PC.

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What are the possibilities for doing the PC Version that is God of War do?

  • High-quality graphics: Be looking for 4K resolution in the near future as well as unlocked frame rates for other options for graphics
  • The support to Nvidia DLSS along with Reflex Enhance your frame rate, produce crystal-clear images, and enjoy low latencies
  • Control adjustment: Plays with a customizable layouts for keyboards and mouses, or using DualShock 4, DualSense or other controllers
  • Ultrawide support: Play the game in 21:9 ultrawide image format

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