Roblox Grand Pirates Codes

Roblox Grand Pirates Codes (August 2022)

Inspired by the popular Japanese anime series One Piece, Grand Pirates is another Roblox game. This one will have you searching for the rarest of Devil Fruits, the Logia, as you discover new islands, hunt for treasure, and battle bandits. You’ll need codes for things like Peli (the game’s equivalent of Beli), resets, and buffs along the road.

One Piece fans may live out their fantasies in Grand Pirates, a popular Roblox game that puts them in the role of a pirate from the series. In order to advance through the game’s levels and become the most powerful player possible, you must first discover the environment around you. There are more and more formidable foes out there, so you’ll need to set sail and learn to use your talents and abilities to defeat them.

There are many benefits to cracking Grand Pirates Codes, including increased loot and influence. Get some extra XP to make it simpler to combat some of your harder opponents, or use the money you save to buy a Boat with. Developers Grand Pirate Oficial only release these codes seldom, making it difficult to plan ahead. Please check back frequently to see if any new Roblox game codes have been added to this page.

Grand Pirates Codes (Working August Codes)

The whole list of valid Grand Pirates codes is displayed here.

  • SecondSea—Redeem for a Stat Reset 
  • 50KLikesSorry—Redeem for 120 minutes of 2x Peli
  • 12.5MVisits—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • 60KFavorites—Redeem for 60 minutes of 2x XP

Inactive codes in Grand Pirates

  • 10MVisits—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • 30KLikes
  • 8.5MVisits—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • GearFourth—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • 30KLikes—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • 50KFavorites—Redeem for a Remove Devil Fruit
  • 7.5MVisits—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • 40KFavorites—Remove Devil Fruit
  • 5MVisits—Devil Fruit Notifier 120 Minutes
  • 20KLikes—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • 1KDislikes—Redeem to remove your Devil Fruit
  • 2MVisits—Redeem for a 60 minute Devil Fruit notifier
  • 20KFavorites—Redeem for Double Peli 60 Minutes
  • 1.5MVisits—Redeem for a 60 minute Devil Fruit notifier
  • 10KLikes—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • 1MVisits—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • SorryForShutdowns—Redeem for 60 minutes of 2x Drop Rate
  • 10KFavorites—Redeem for Double Peli 60 Minutes
  • 5KLikes—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • 500KVisits—Redeem to Remove Devil Fruit
  • 100KVisits—Redeem to a Stat Reset
  • 4KLikes—Redeem for 30 minutes of 2x Peli
  • 3KLikes—Redeem for 60 minutes of Devil Fruit notifier
  • 2KLikes—Redeem for 30 minutes of 2x XP
  • 1KLikes—Redeem to a Stat Reset
  • SuspiciousAction—Redeem for 60 minutes of Devil Fruit notifier
  • SorryForBugs—Redeem for 10k Peli
  • Released—Redeem for 10k Peli

How to Redeem Codes in Roblox Grand Pirates

Roblox Grand Pirates Codes

Here’s how simple it is to redeem a code in Grand Pirates:

  1. Launch Roblox Grand Pirates
  2. Play the Game (past the main menu)
  3. To access the menu, use the ‘Menu‘ button that can be found directly to the left of the health and Xp bar.
  4. Go to the menu and click on ‘Settings
  5. In Grand Pirates, there is a white arrow beside the options button.
  6. Fill out the text box at the new window’s base with your working Grand Pirate code.
  7. Enter the code and it will be redeemed.

Your rewards will temporarily show above your health bar after a successful attempt. Please take additional caution while entering codes into this game as they are case sensitive.

Quick Questions

What is the best fruit in Grand pirates?

Suke and Chop are the two greatest fruits offered by Grand Pirates. Similar to the anime One Piece, these fruits provide the customer with exceptional abilities that are definitely worth seeking out.

How often do devil fruits spawn in Grand pirates?

Devil Fruits are mysterious fruits that, when consumed, grant the user special skills at the cost of unable to swim. They can be found randomly under trees all across the landscape and are divided into three unique categories: Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan. Devil Fruits have a chance to spawn once per 1 to 4 hours once the server has been running for at least 1 hour. They despawn after 1 hour. The next fruit spawn timer will begin once the Devil Fruit has been collected or despawned.

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