35 Popular Anime Girls With Short Hair

An anime girl with short hair exudes a certain endearing quality. It is something that most characters in anime shows have in common. Some are especially cute, like Yui, Sakura or the trending Himeno From Chainsaw Man. Others have a strange air about them. Girls with short hair in anime are typically endearing because they are sweet, naive, and innocent. She aspires to be a far more accomplished person than she currently is. If you like green hair charatcer, you might wanna check out popular green hair anime character.

The use of short hairstyles in anime is showing signs of becoming increasingly widespread. In point of fact, many of the most adorable female characters in anime have short hair. Are you looking forward to viewing our list of the top 35 anime girls who have short hair. We got it Covered.

Top Short Hair Anime Girls

35. Yui Hirasawa from K-On!

Yui Hirasawa from K-On!

Yui Hirasaw is the lead guitarist and vocalist for the band Ho-Kago Tea Time, which she co-founded with fellow students from the Light Music Club.

The reason Yui initially became a member of the Light Music Club was because she wanted to find something “simple” to do after school. Yui is not very bright, but that does not mean that she is easy.

When she joined the band, she had no prior experience playing the guitar. However, persistence can be just as vital as aptitude in certain situations. And my goodness, just look at those tresses!

34. Ruruka Ando From Danganronpa 3

Ruruka Ando (Danganronpa 3) - Anime Girls With Short Hair

Ruruka is shrewd but has a tendency to be forceful and cruel, despite the fact that she has a sweet appearance and talent. Given that she frequently relies on others to further her agenda, this attitude most likely results from her fear of being misled by them.

She can be nice, though, when she’s with Sonosuke, her companion. Ruruka’s diplomatic skills and people-pleasing personality are what distinguish her as a best girl. The way she interacts with Sonosuke also reveals the kind of person Ruruka can be.

33. Mikasa Ackerman From Attack On Titan

Mikasa Ackerman From Attack On Titan

Mikasa is a slim, average-height woman. Mikasa has grown more emotionally distant and dangerous as a result of her upbringing, sometimes intimidating her allies as well as her enemies.

Despite how hopeless the situation appears to be, she is generally calm and stoic, rarely losing her composure or not knowing what to do. Her willpower is quite strong.

Mikasa cherishes her friends and caregivers because she views them as the last remaining members of a family that she cannot risk losing.

Mikasa has a strong sense of right and wrong and will stop at nothing to persuade even her most impulsive friends to go in the direction she believes is best.

Despite this, she makes it a point to follow them wherever they go because she is aware that she cannot always influence their decisions and wants to be there to assist them if a problem arises.

32. Bulma from Dragon Ball

Bulma from Dragon Ball

Who can forget Bulma! Dr. Brief’s second daughter, Bulma, is an excellent scientist. Bulma is the main female character. Bulma, along with Goku, is the longest-running character in the meta-series.

Bulma is volatile, tomboyish, and feminine. Bulma is extremely intelligent yet spoilt and vain, using her attractiveness to justify her selfishness.

Bulma regularly helps people. She makes important decisions on her own and works hard to achieve her goals.

Bulma becomes a renowned scientist and assists the Dragon Team and her family by designing and fixing innovations. She’s funny and easygoing, often teasing her friends.

31. Kyouka Jiro From My Hero Academia

Kyouka Jiro From My Hero Academia

She has short purple hair with bangs and earlobes that don’t match up. Jiro looks like a typical girl who goes to school. She wears a black jacket, a peach-colored T-shirt, black pants, and stereo boots.

Kyoka has a white choker, black earrings, and headphones as accessories.

She is a main character in the show, and her short hair makes her an instant favourite among fans.

Jiro’s bangs are broken up into three groups around her eyes and stick up in a few places on top of her head. It gets a lot of attention because of how different it looks.

30. Mei Misaki From Another

Mei Misaki From Another

Mei Misaki is a modest young woman with short black hair who conceals her artificial eye with an eyepatch.

Due of her lack of emotion or reaction to events at the start of the anime, Mei presents a depressing image to others.

However, Mei occasionally has a reputation for being incredibly nice, particularly to the male main character Kouichi Sakakibara.

It is obvious that feelings are starting to grow between Mei and Kouichi as she spends more time with him and learns more about him.

29. Rukia From Bleach

Rukia From Bleach

To purify Hollows, Rukia was dispatched on a mission to the human realm. These are human souls that have wandered off to the hereafter and been defiled.

For a Shinigami, purifying Hollows is a daily task. But things are different this time.

Despite leading the elite Thirteenth Division of Shinigamis, Rukia is unable to detect the Hollow.

It turns out that Ichigo Kurosaki’s strong soul, which has the ability to perceive and sense spirits better than the spirits themselves, has damped her senses.

Rukia is one spirit you don’t want to cross on your path to the afterlife because she is a strong Shinigami and an even stronger ally.

28. Touka Kirishima From Tokyo Ghoul

Touka Kirishima From Tokyo Ghoul

Having short hair, Touka Kirishima is a Tokyo Ghoul.

She is the sister of Arata and Ayato Kirishima and had worked as a waiter at Anteiku.

Despite having a short hairstyle and a calm demeanour, she has a quick temper.

Touka was once on the run, and it was initially believed that she was pregnant, but it was later discovered that this was just a coincidence.

Although Touka is not Renji’s equal in strength, she is more than capable of defeating the ghouls.

She joins them as their training partner, Kaneki’s mentor, and Ichika’s mother.

27. Haruhi Suzumiya From Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya From Haruhi Suzumiya

In order to conduct research on aliens, time travelers, and Espers, Haruhi founded the Brigade. However, she is unaware that her entire Brigade is comprised of them.

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She is unaware that her Brigade members are watching her, which is another thing she doesn’t know.

She possesses divine abilities that allow her to alter the universe’s overall structure. And her emotions are connected to these abilities.

But because she is unaware of her abilities, Without without realising it, she could bring about the end of the planet.

26. Mina Ashido From My Hero Academia

Mina Ashido From My Hero Academia

In the anime, Mina Ashido’s short hair is frequently pulled back.

Her light skin tone and upbeat demeanour are highlighted by her short hair.

She has two yellow horns on her forehead, and her short, unkempt light pink hair is dishevelled.

A sleeveless cropped jacket with a teal and purple unitard make up Mina’s outfit.

She also had on a pair of purple boots with yellow cushioning. Although Mina Ashido is not a bright student, she is a skilled combatant.

She doesn’t excel intellectually, but she receives full scores on the combat tests.

She has rigorous behaviour because she is a talented dancer and teaches other students.

She uses her dancing abilities to soothe and pacify others, yet she is frequently portrayed as being strict with her pupils.

25. Anna Sasaki From When Marnie Was There

Anna Sasaki From When Marnie Was There

The protagonist of Anna’s tale is a young orphan who lost both of her parents.

One day, the government sends money to Anna’s foster parents to help them care for her, leading the young girl to believe that they only watch over her for payment.

Anna becomes estranged from both her parents and the other students at school as a result of this.

She meets Marnie, a blonde-haired girl, one night, and the two of them decide to keep their meeting a secret. Over time, they eventually form a close relationship.

24. Yuuko Aioi From Nichijou

Yuuko Aioi From Nichijou

She is a vibrant high school student with brown hair that is cut short.

Fair-skinned Yuuko has short, pointed bangs that are a light shade of chestnut brown. Yuuko enjoys telling jokes to make people laugh, but she frequently falls flat or goes too far.

Usually, Yuuko isn’t deterred by her inability to make jokes, and she’s inventive when it comes to coming up with fresh jokes or funny responses.

She has a tendency to be awkward and has a straightforward outlook on life.

23. Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop

Faye, who was raised in an obscenely wealthy Singaporean family, was involved in a space accident in 2014 that killed her parents and imprisoned her for 54 years in cryogenic storage.

After extensive surgery, a doctor who was preying on Faye’s lack of memory handed her a bill for 300,028,000 Woolongs (the new intergalactic currency) when she awoke.

This is a very strange plot, but it’s very entertaining to see.

Faye Valentine turned to a life of crime and bounty hunting after being betrayed by the only people in the galaxy she knew.

She is sly, conceited, and sluggish. When you need her, you’ll never find her. But when she needs you, you’ll be there.

22. Reiju Vinsmoke From One Piece

 Reiju Vinsmoke From One Piece

The main character in the anime One Piece is Reiju. She is the wealthy Vinsmoke family’s daughter.

Her strength and speed have been genetically enhanced.

Reiju becomes an incredibly powerful and quick character as a result.

Reiju is also the name of the family’s pet dog, Poison Pink, who appears in the anime One Piece.

Reiju has repeatedly displayed her cunning side and has a great deal of respect for their strength.

One instance is when, in exchange for Sanji’s repentance, she displayed ten chambermaids.

She does, however, have a soft side, which recurs frequently in the series.

Sanji considers Reiju to be a close friend and a tremendous aid.

21. Lady Merlin From The Seven Deadly Sins

Lady Merlin From The Seven Deadly Sins

The charming Liz is undoubtedly the sexiest character in Lady Merlin’s The Seven Deadly Sins.

She may come out as chilly, yet on the inside, she is incredibly soft.

She has developed into one of the most endearing characters in the series and has proven to be fiercely loyal to the Holy Knights.

She has a sweet baby face and a slim figure, just like the other Seven Deadly Sins gals.

Some claim that she represents Queen Elizabeth in a physical form.

Merlin is a strange woman who exudes enigmatic.

She is courteous to everyone, including Escanor, but when necessary, she can be very serious.

She assumes the lead following the loss of his son since she is distraught by Arthur’s passing.

Along with being nice and laid back, she also knows when to be serious.

She ascends to the throne of the world after Arthur is killed.

20. Annie Leonhart From Attack On Titan

Annie Leonhart From Attack On Titan

The female Titan, Annie, has short blond hair and ordinary human body proportions.

She has a feminine shape, yet her face and torso are made of muscle.

Her teeth are yellow, and you can see the muscles in her face. In addition, Annie is friendlier in person than she was in Titan form.

However, she now looks very different from how she did before.

She is more attractive and seductive in her short blond hair than in her Titan form.

A young Eldian woman named Annie Leonhart was brought up by her father to be a warrior in the Libero Internment Zone.

She is qualified to get the Female Titan. She made an attempt to leave the Paradis Operation after the death of her father, Marcel.

She travelled between the Walls to obtain information, but Reiner compelled her to do so.

Her first significant role was in this episode, and the development of her character will be greatly influenced by her personal life.

19. Hinata Hyuga From Naruto

Hinata Hyuga From Naruto

An anime character with short hair is Hinata Hyuga, who appears in the well-known Naruto manga series.

The persona features a sleek face, violet eyes, and hime-cut dark hair.

Although hair length is a matter of taste, people have commended her short tresses for being fashionable and distinctive.

Hinata’s short hair is complemented by a distinctive hairdo. Hinata has short hair, in contrast to the majority of the manga’s female characters.

She may have been born with short hair, but her style and personality are unusual. The short hair is frequently the centre of attention for fans.

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The persona has sparked a number of fan theories and served as inspiration for other comic book characters.

18. Mayuri Shiina From Steins; Gate

Mayuri Shiina From Steins; Gate

Mayuri is a young woman of average height. She has light-blue eyes, short black hair with side-swept fringes, and thick eyebrows.

For someone her age, Mayuri has a very naive and childish attitude.

According to Okabe, despite having the appearance of being one of the less intelligent lab members, Mayuri is very perceptive, frequently being surprisingly quick to notice things no one else notices and being skilled at understanding how others feel.

Kurisu makes a remark about this, saying that while everyone else was preoccupied with the PhoneWave, Mayuri persisted in taking things personally.

17. Fubuki From One Punch Man

Fubuki From One Punch Man

Tatsumaki, the “Terrible Tornado,” has a younger sister named Fubuki who is significantly more endowed.

She was able to establish the Fubuki group, one of the main hero factions, thanks to her charm, wealth, and influence.

She tries to convince Saitama “One Punch Man” to join her and even engages in combat with him in an attempt to subdue him, but eventually she starts hanging out with him and other outcast superheroes.

16. Sailor Uranus From Sailor Moon

Sailor Uranus From Sailor Moon

Sailor Uranus, despite being well-liked by anime fans, is genderless in the real world.

She is a gay cast member and frequently portrayed as lacking in femininity.

While gay people can be depicted alongside traditional gender roles, Uranus cannot.

Sailor Uranus frequently speaks in a way that gives the impression that she is a boy and wears a boys’ uniform at her high school.

Sailor Saturn and Sailor Uranus both have extremely short hair. She has a close friendship with all of the Senshi members.

She promises to look after Sailor Saturn, who she first encountered as an infant.

However, Haruka asserts that Michiru has wealthy sponsors.

Some admirers view her as an antihero as a result. She has a death sense and could even be useful to the sailors.

15. Android 18 From Dragon Ball

Android 18 From Dragon Ball - Anime Girls With Short Hair

What is the name of the short-haired anime girl from the Dragon Ball series who you’ve probably seen on screen?

The half-human, half-robot character is called 18 in the manga and anime series.

Her skills include swimming, and she can swim alongside her robotic brother.

She has a short bob, unlike most Androids who have human heads.

Video games featuring Dragon Ball frequently feature the playable character Android 18, a strong Z Fighter.

Fighters in the Xenoverse series are compelled to battle replicas of their loved ones.

The fight against Krillin’s clone in Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope will be challenging because Krillin is one of the clones, and Android 18 will have to fight against him.

14. Nami From One Piece

Nami From One Piece

The team’s third and most recent addition, Nami joined during the Orange Town Arc.

She is Nojiko’s acquiescent sister; the two were abandoned together and taken in by Bell-mère. She is an explorer.

Nami is a petite young woman of average height with orange-colored hair and earth-toned eyes.

Most people find her to be particularly attractive, or even charming.

On her left shoulder, she has a dark tattoo (blue in the anime) that mentions mikan and pinwheels (a respect for Bell-mère, Nojiko, and Genzo, individually).

She once had a tattoo there designating her as a member of Arlong’s organisation.

13. Rem and Ram From Zero

Rem and Ram From Zero

The estate of Roswall L. Mathers is where the twins make their living.

Both of these Oni are extremely powerful, despite the fact that they were only born with a single horn.

Because Oni society views them as flawed, they were scheduled to be sacrificed in the beginning if Ram hadn’t been able to demonstrate her formidable strength.

Ram demonstrates both pride and strength despite the fact that her horn was secretly removed by the demon Faust at a later point in the story.

On the other hand, Rem is reserved and shy, but she is devoted, compassionate, and caring for those around her.

12. Akane Tendo From Ranma ½

Akane Tendo From Ranma ½ - Anime Girls With Short Hair

The lead female character in Ranma 1 is Akane Tendo.

She is one of the successors of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts and the youngest of Soun Tendo’s three daughters.

Akane is the main character who appears the least.

having a male structure that is somewhat more constrained than Ranma Saotome and on par with his despised structure.

She has earth-toned eyes and short, dark hair that is blue in the anime.

She had long hair in the beginning of the series, but she cut it short after a fight between Ryoga Hibiki and Ranma, so she kept it that way until the end.

Although she has several clothing, she typically wears the Furinkan High School young women’ uniform.

Akane is dressed in a pale yellow gi as she gets ready for the anticipated confrontation.

11. Lotte From Little Witch Academia

Lotte From Little Witch Academia

If you’re looking for cute girl characters with cute hairstyles, it makes sense why Lotte’s short hair is popular in anime.

She has a kind and sympathetic disposition. Her IQ is in the 300s.

She uses her water and ice powers to battle her adversaries while harbouring dreams of becoming a doctor.

She is of Finnish descent, and her compassionate nature wonderfully complements her special talent.

This enables her to communicate with the ghosts of abandoned objects.

The show emphasises the difficulties that Faeries face in real life in addition to featuring the adorable short-haired character Lotte.

She must battle the Faeries while working for the school in order to make it successful.

She also has to deal with the realities of living in the working class.

Furthermore, she is easily recognised in anime due to her short hair.

10. Rin and Len Kagamine From Vocaloid

Rin and Len Kagamine From Vocaloid

The names of the twin-designed characters Rin and Len were taken from the left and right sides of a stereo player.

Despite the fact that they are both incredibly adorable and still perform at concerts, they weren’t as well-liked when they first came out because they were more difficult to use than Miku while also being less adaptable.

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Nevertheless, the two remained well-liked enough to be incorporated into the Vocaloid canon. Additionally, they are now seen in live performances, animation, and manga!

09. Sakura Haurano From Naruto

Sakura Haurano From Naruto

One of the main characters in the show and a well-known character is Sakura. She wears her ninja band on her head and has lovely pink hair.

One of the most well-known characters in the series is Sakura Urano. In the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, she debuted short hair.

By the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, she has grown it out. By the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament, however, she is back to wearing long hair.

Sakura’s hair lengthens as she gets older and matures.

She wears short hair for the first time in the manga’s second season before growing it out later.

08. Sailor Mercury From Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury From Sailor Moon  -Anime Girls With Short Hair

One of the most well-known Sailor Moon characters is Ami Mizuno.

She is a quiet student with blue hair who acquires Mercury superpowers.

Because of her blue hair and the fact that she consistently receives the highest grades on exams, her peers think she is a snob and haughty.

She is a talented soldier, though, and she is prepared to die for her friend Eren Jaeger in order to save the world.

The abilities of Sailor Mercury are linked to both intelligence and water.

She can control the water to hit her opponents with waves and subdue them.

She has the ability to turn her adversaries into ice cylinders that will instantly freeze them in place.

07. Ochako Uraraka From My Hero Academia

Ochako Uraraka From My Hero Academia

In Class 1-A at U.A. High School, Ochaco Uraraka is a student pursuing his dream of becoming a professional hero. She is one of My Hero Academia’s main characters.

Ochaco is a very friendly, outgoing person who sees the best in everyone while remaining objective enough to recognise both their flaws and strengths.

She is friendly to everyone she meets, sympathetic in general, and willing to defend or assist anyone who shows kindness to her or needs help.

Ochaco appears to have a keen sense of people.

Ochaco can adopt an extremely determined, focused, and sometimes intimidating attitude when the situation calls for it, despite her typically upbeat and occasionally ditzy demeanor.

06. Shizuka From Doraemon

Shizuka From Doraemon

Those of us born in the 1990s who grew up watching Doraemon would definitely relate to Shizuka. We are all familiar with Shizuka. however, for those who do not. Let’s think back.

Nobita, the series’ central character, has a crush on Shizuka and would never pass up an opportunity to win her over and spend time with her.

Shizuka is that neighbourhood child that excels at what she does. She excels academically and is a compassionate person who enjoys helping others.

Don wearing a pink outfit and wearing her short hair in a bun. Nobita consistently stops and stands around.

She can’t stop loving her doll and plays the violin. She has also on multiple occasions shielded Nobita from Sunio and Gian’s abuse and has always participated in Nobita’s wild exploits, which usually land them in sticky situations.

05. Nagisa Furukawa From Clannad

Nagisa Furukawa From Clannad

One of the central figures in Clannad is Nagisa Okazaki. Nagisa is a quiet girl who is always nice and sweet to everyone.

To the point of going above and above, she will even help a complete stranger. She is unselfish and demeaning of herself since she favours other people’s happiness over her own and thinks poorly of herself.

Nagisa is innocent and upbeat because she always finds the best in others. She is lively and spirited while having an introverted demeanour.

Nagisa is vivacious and upbeat. She stands out like a sore thumb due to her charming and infantile behaviour and draws attention from strangers, including bullies and various male customers.

04. Fraw Bow From Mobile Suit Gundam

Fraw Bow From Mobile Suit Gundam

Gundam’s first female protagonist is Fraw Bow.
Fraw Bow, who is introduced as Amuro Ray’s childhood friend and next-door neighbor, has always stood by him and supported him.

Even though he was young, simply being around inspired him to grow up to be a brave hero.

On their journey to Earth, she acts as a mother figure to the other refugees from Side 7 and eventually adopts three abandoned children from the ship.

03. Shinobu Kocho From Demon Slayer

Shinobu Kocho From Demon Slayer

Along with Kanae Kocho’s younger adoptive sister Kanao Tsuyuri, Shinobu Kocho is also Kanae Kocho’s younger sister. Shinobu and her sister joined the Demon Slayer Corps after a demon killed her parents, hoping to prevent others from experiencing the same fate. Regardless of the circumstance, Shinobu always has a smile on her face and exudes a bright, friendly, and upbeat demeanor. Her outward behaviour is quickly revealed to be a facade, though.

02. Red Blood Cell From Cells At Work


The Red Blood Cell, also known as the “ditzy” one, is one of the most well-known characters in this series.

The Red Blood Cell must defend itself from encroaching pathogens in order to carry oxygen to cells.

The militant White Blood Cell, who is renowned for having a good heart but no social skills, is paired with her feisty personality.

Every time she encounters the White Blood Cell, he ends up saving her life. Their relationship develops as a result.

01. Himeno From Chainsaw Man

Himeno_From_Chainsaw_Man - Anime Girls With Short Hair

She is a member of the 4th Special Division of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and was formerly Aki’s Devil Hunter partner.

She harbours feelings for him. She is under obligation to the Ghost Devil.

In contrast to Aki’s cold demeanor, Himeno typically presents herself as a kind, relaxed, and carefree person.

Even while on missions, she usually likes to joke around and mess with her partners. She also demonstrates concern and protection for her peers, particularly for her ex-partner and friend Aki, whose reckless behaviour she frequently criticizes.

Himeno is a very selfless person who frequently prioritises the lives of others over her own.

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