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30+ Best Sims 4 Maxis Match CC You Must Use

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The Sims games have always been at their best when it comes to how customizable they are.

With each new version, the ability to make avatars that look different has gotten a lot better. It started with The Sims 2, picked up stride with The Sims 3, and really got going with TS4.

And throughout it all, fan-made content has made the experience even better.

Even though there are probably tens of thousands of CC CAS items out there, I’ve picked out a small portion of them and put the focus on Maxis match designs.

A player can find and enjoy so much custom content out there that was made by different people, websites, and other players. You can find things like clothes and hairstyles, as well as furniture and decorations for your Sims’ homes. There’s a lot to find out there, so where are the best places to look?

Well, we’ve made a list of the best websites to find all kinds of custom content, as well as a list of very talented people who make very specific kinds of custom content. All of these people who make this content for the game are so good at it, and you’ll love what you find.

30. Maxis Match CC

Maxis Match CC is a blog with curated content that has been tested in-game. Like other blogs, they’ve put their posts into categories, but these are pretty broad. Since each item has been tested, this is a great way to make sure you only download items that have already been filtered.

Curated blogs have good content that works well and give you easy access to a wide range of creators and works that you might not have found on your own. This blog has posts from both well-known authors and less well-known ones.

29. Felixandre

Felixandre is the next pair in the House of Harlix. He makes a lot of awesome stuff with Harrie and has also done shop the look. One of my favourite sets they’ve made is the Berlin Set P3, which has awesome office furniture thatfeatures out of this world!

Harrie and Felix work together to make some of the most famous Sims collab custom content packs. These packs are known for their high quality and attention to detail.

28. Ridgeport

Most Simmers know Ridgeport for their famous Maxis Match T-shirt, which became popular a few years ago. Since then, their collection has only grown, adding more stylish and unique pieces that are a bit more original. Their site is great for players who want to stand out with something stylish.

Ridgeport’s CC archives, which have all the fan-favorite CC from a few years ago, also have a nice variety of basics. The main focus is on CAS items like clothes, shoes, and a few accessories and hairstyles.

27. MMFinds

With Lana’s CC blog gone, the number of CC curator sites has gone down. Sites like MMFinds have made it much easier for Simmers to find exactly what they need. Their goal is to make a real resource site that is well organised and easy to use.

You can find almost everything about Maxis Match here. There’s a helpful page where you can choose which category you want to look through. This makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

26. Fantayzia Maxis Match

Fantayzia is one of many YouTubers who have a Tumblr blog where they share their Sims and CC finds. She also makes her own CC, which she also posts. Because of this, her blog is like a treasure chest full of content to find.

The blog stands out because it is easy to use and well put together. The menu system divides CC into categories and adds extras like her own CC, information about Current Household, and even some lookbooks. This blog has a variety of creators, styles, and types of CC, as well as some great Fantayzia’s Current Household stories.

25. Nolan Sims

Visit Nolan Sims’ blog if you want to find natural Maxis Match clothes that aren’t too flashy and come in earthy colours. Their clothes and hair are so similar to the ones in the original game that they might as well work for The Sims 4.

Nolan Sims is great for players who don’t want to go for crazy, flashy looks and instead like to stick to the basics because of his natural style. For people who really like playing with the Cats & Dogs expansion, there are even a few CC pet pieces.

24. AHarris00Britney

AHarris00Britney is an EA Game Changer and has been a part of The Sims 4 community for a long time. Her blog is a great place to site a wide variety of CAS custom content. Their blog has some of the best hairstyles, clothes, and accessories on the CC market.

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You can also expect to find high-quality default replacements to spice up the CAS looks in the game that come with the game.

23. Greenllamas

Greenllamas is best known for its hairstyles, which are not only beautiful but also true to the style of The Sims 4. Even better, there is even custom content for male Sims, which can be hard to find otherwise.

Don’t worry if you need to buy clothes. Greenllamas has a few cool clothing collections, each based on a specific style or theme. One is based on the popular Bratz dolls, and another is a style to the time of the Scream movies.

22. CrazyCupcakes

The CrazyCupcake blog is another great CAS resource, but if there’s one thing that should stand out, it’s their makeup. Maxis Match makeup is hard to get right and make look nice, but CrazyCupcake’s makeup is cute and stylish without going against The Sims 4’s style.

Also, their clothes are simple, but they have a bright, cartoon-like look to them, which makes them appealing, high-quality, and fashionable, as well as compatible with Maxis Match. If you want simple Maxis Match custom content clothing for The Sims 4 that can also make a statement, you don’t have to look any further.

21. Simsi45 – Mod The Sims

On ModTheSims, Simsi45 is a featured CC creator. Even though they don’t seem to have a blog outside of their ModTheSims profile, they are a great example of the great talent that can be found on sites like ModTheSims.

You’ll find a mix of CC Stuff Packs, TS2 to TS4 conversions, unique items, creations that go well with items already in the game, and the splitting up of items that were grouped together. There are also some low-level mods that mostly add more shelf space. We also suggest searching the whole site or ModTheSims, as many amazing CC creators have profiles here, though not all of them are MM.

20. Katverse

Katverse’s website is a huge list of custom content for Maxis Match, with a focus on things like tattoos, makeup, and accessories that are often overlooked. Everything is well-organized, updated often, and put together beautifully.

There are even different sections with tutorials for CAS backgrounds, poses, reshading, and more. This site has a lot of custom content and resources that are both interesting and useful.

19. Urban Sims

The YouTuber Urban Sims is known for her dramatic stories and love of custom content. She uses about things she finds on her blog. Even though it’s not the most organised list, it’s full of content she’s tried and loves.

Her finds are often talked about in videos, and the links to those videos are posted here so that others can find her favourites. This is the website you need if you’ve ever watched Jenn’s videos and wondered how to get the CC in her game.

18. SimPlistic

SimPlistic moved their CC to a new website, which looks great. The downloads are organised into groups, and there is a huge range to choose from. The content includes build and buy, as well as wallpaper, lots, and CAS. It’s a mix of brand-new items and recolors that work well with each other and fit in with the game’s core elements.

The best thing about the blog is that it has no ads, which makes reading it a lot more pleasant.

17. MM Outfitters

The MM Outfitters blog is a valuable resource because it has both CC finds and original content. It is also well-organized and updated often. You can use categories to find your way around CAS and build or buy items. The simple but well-organized menus make it easy to find exactly what you need.

Also, the originals are very detailed and cover a wide range of topics. There are both recolored and new items in a lot of different categories, giving you a lot of options.

16. The Plumbob Tea Society

The Plumbob Tea Society isn’t doing anything right now, but you should check out their Tumblr blog. It has a bunch of beautiful CC Stuff Packs made by more than 20 talented CC makers.

There are some smaller CC sets and Rustic Romance Stuff, Teeny Tots Stuff, Stellar Stuff, and Cottage Garden Stuff in the packs. Even though the blog is no longer being updated, it still has links to the pages of all the talented contributors. This makes it easy for you to check out a wide range of high-quality CC.

15. Illogical Sims

Josh, also known as “Illogical Sims,” is well-known for making a lot of high-quality CC. He has made full CC packs like Minimalist Bedroom, Contemporary Living, Sleek Kitchen, Modern Living, and SIMKea Furnishings, which is the most recent. These are paired with pieces he makes to match and improve DLC packs.

At the time this was written, his most recent writing was to separate, rotate, and add functions to many of the Snowy Escape furniture items. He also has a YouTube channel where he shows off his builds and custom content.

14. Standardheld

Standardheld is a CC creator who has made a wide range of Maxis Match CC. Some of it is totally custom, but a lot of it is just recolors or items that help items already in the game better.

Standardheld’s site is also great because it has a lot of different things. This site has everything, from fan-made Stuff Packs to simple CC that lets you change the colour of the headbands on in-game hairs. There is even a section with resources to help other people who want to start making CC.

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13. Maxis Match CC World

The Maxis Match CC World blog is another example of content and curation working together. There is a section with lots of great Maxis Match CC and a huge number of carefully chosen reblogs. There are detailed categories with sub-categories so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, and all reblogged content is free of ads. Even more than just items, some categories have specific themes. This makes the site a well-kept place where it is easy to find specific content that meets certain criteria.

If you want to go beyond CC, there is also a huge list of Simblr blogs, where people post Sims-based stories and other TS4-related content.

12. Grimcookies

Grimcookies became more well known after he worked with other artists. He has worked with SavvySweet, Ridgeport, and, most famously, the Australian YouTuber Deligracy. Even better, he worked with Harrie, who is also on this list, to make a CC collection for Gucci.

His list of qualifications shows how good he is, and his website has a growing collection of high-quality Maxis Match (or very close) CC, including some cute hairs and Witch CC. Even though it’s not as easy to use as some, it’s full of things you’ll want to download right away.

11. Luumia Sims

Luumia’s CC collection isn’t too big, but it’s included because he pays attention to small details that most other CC creators miss. There are some popular CC packs like the Summer Stroll and Teen Style Stuff packs, but there are also some unique items.

His V5 Body Hair CC is the best way for Simmers who want realism that fits the game. His most recent creation, Vanilla, adds new skin details to the ones already in the game. There are details for different ages as well as some NSFW options. Due to how much they look like what we already see, they are somewhere between Alpha and MM. Most of the time, they make something that feels like Alpha but still looks like MM. He also shares links to other CC creators who make models that are just as realistic and detailed.

10. House Of Harlix

Two different kinds of skills come together on the House of Harlix website. It has some great CC by Harrie and Felixandre, as well as the work they’ve done with each other.

If I say that my house has a Kichen, a Bafroom, a Jardane, and some Tiny Twavellers, you’ll either think I should learn how to spell or that I’ve downloaded the funny-named Stuff Packs from this talented duo. If you haven’t seen them yet, you should look at them right now. You’ll also find information about both details’ individual works.

9. The Sims Resource

The Sims Resource is one of the largest and most popular custom content sites for The Sims 4. It has both maxis match content and alpha content. The best thing about this website is that you can really find anything on it, from simple hairstyles or cc glasses to very specific items like elf ears or fairy wings.

One important thing to understand about TSR is that their website has a lot of ads because they want you to sign up for their membership programme. This will get rid of all the ads you have to watch, let you start a basket of items you want to download all at once, and give you other features you can’t get without paying. You can easily use the website without paying, but you’ll be bombarded with ads.

8. Maxis Match Finds

The next page is about Maxis Match CC, a Tumblr curator. On this page, there are beautiful clothes mixed in with eyebrows, wedding dresses, and so much more.

One great thing about Maxis Match CC is that they won’t just repost everything just to repost it. They say in their bio that they are a tester and love to see if these items look good in the game before sharing them with others.

7. Ravasheen

Ravasheen is my favourite creator because he makes useful items that improve the game and make it easier to do certain things. For example, we all hate how huge the cupcake machine is, so Ravasheen took it and turned it into a small object that looks like sprinkles or a piping bag.

They were also able to turn your in-game photos into things like Polaroid pictures, calendars, and even paintings. This makes your homes feel so much more like you.

6. Harrie

Our next two creators are both very talented on their own, but they also work together on a lot of great projects. First, there’s Harrie, who makes beautiful home furniture that will really impress you.

They just started a new thing called “shop the look,” in which they take a picture of a real room and turn it into a custom content pack that you can download all at once.

5. LittleDica

Our next creator is LittleDica, who makes some really beautiful things. The Rise & Grind Coffee House and the Delicious Kitchen pack, which they made with Deligracy, are two of my favourites.

Over the past few years, it’s been a lot of fun to see LittleDica get better at what they do and come up with better ideas. They’ve become a very skilled CC creator.

4. Around The Sims

Around The Sims has been around for a long time, and people make fun pieces of custom content that you won’t find anywhere else. Their website has a huge number of objects that are very useful and definitely fun to play with.

During the holidays, they made a really cool advent calendar that worked in both The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. This is really impressive, and it lets a lot of players enjoy it.

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3. Sixam CC

Want to find a content creator who doesn’t just stick one kind of type? Well, you might like Sixam CC. They won’t just make kitchens or living rooms. Instead, they will make packs for everyone. There’s something for everyone, from a Charming Chalet to a whole pack for barn doors.

Sixam CC’s Modern Teen Room Pack is a new thing I can’t get enough of. It has everything you could want for a colourful, messy teen room of your dreams.

2. Peacemaker

Peacemaker is the best creator for you if you like Maxis Match but also like furniture that looks like it could be from Alpha. They make things that are very unique and creative, and they love putting pillows on couches to make them feel very comfortable.

Most of Peacemaker’s creations come in packs with more than 10 pieces, so it’s easy to make beautiful spaces with them, and you’ll really love how they all come together.

1. Maxsus

Maxsus is our next creator. Maxsus is a very talented creator who makes items that fit right in with the style of Maxis Match. The Cozy Backyard Pack, the Dining Room Pack, and more are examples of some of their best work.

The Child Dream Kit might be my favourite thing Maxsus has ever made, because it makes it so much more fun to decorate a child’s room or nursery with cute furniture, like a changing table that doesn’t work.

Sims 4 Maxis Match Custom Content, What is it?

You can download two different kinds of custom content for The Sims 4. The first is alpha cc, which looks more like The Sims 3 and is more realistic, but it doesn’t quite fit in with The Sims 4. Maxis match custom content is the kind of content that works well with The Sims 4 and fits in well. You can wear these pieces with anything from EA and they will look great.


These are some of the best creators out there, so I hope you found a few new places to find beautiful Maxis Match custom content for your game. If I forgot one of your favorite people, let me know in the comments, and I’ll add them to the list as things change. Happy Playing!

Frequently Asked Question on Sims 4

Where do I find my CC in Sims 4?

To see if your custom content and mods were installed correctly, press ESC, go to “Game Options,” then “Other,” and click “View custom content” while you’re in the game. The game should show a list of everything it has installed successfully.

Is Maxis match CC better for your game?

Because it changes the way the game puts, Alpha CC for The Sims 4 works best on more powerful computers. Sims 4 Maxis Match CC, on the other hand, is content that fits better with the game’s textures.

Can you put Sims 4 CC in folders?

Mods that have more than one level of subfolders don’t work well with Sims 4. You can edit the “resource.cfg” file to recognise more levels, but it is usually easier to just have a lot of folders under “mods” instead.

Is Maxis match better than Alpha?

Alpha Custom Content tends to look more realistic, or “like real life,” than Maxis Match content. Most of the time, it puts better on higher-end machines that can handle the graphics demands of the game better.

Can you become an alpha in Sims 4?

In this game, you can become the pack leader by beating the Alpha wolf who is already there. In the expansion, there are two different sides, or packs, called Moonwood Collective and Wildfangs. A werewolf needs to unlock new skills, because just having them isn’t enough.

What does Alpha CC mean?

Alpha CC is liked by players who want their sims to look and act more like real people. It gets rid of the game’s cartoony look and focuses on accuracy, fine details, and making the game look like real life. It is often used with pose packs and other mods that can change the way you play.

What is an Alpha SIM?

ALPHA/Sim is a simulation tool that can be used for many different things. ALPHA/Sim lets a user build a simulation model graphically, enter input data using integrated forms, run the simulation model, and view at the simulation results, all in a single graphical environment.

Why is my Sims CC not showing up in game?

Make sure the mods and custom content you’re using are compatible with the latest game patch. Mods or cc that are out of date can cause problems or just not show up in game.

How do you become a famous influencer in Sims 4?

Both of these paths are different from the Get Famous Influencer path. In Get Famous, all your sim has to do to become an Influencer is start making videos or mixing music with the new items, More Views Video Station and Mix Master Music Production station.

Why doesn’t My Sims 4 have a mods folder?

If you don’t know where to find this content, load your game to the Main Menu, click Load Game, and then move your mouse over the folder icon next to the name of your save. It will list the full path to the saved file. Find that same Sims 4 folder, and inside it you should see a Mods folder.

Where do you put Sims 4 mods?

Your mods folder can be found in the following location: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. Once you have entered the game, you will need to go to the Options menu of your game client and click on the Other tab to enable mods in your game settings.

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