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11 Realistic Sims 4 Hair CC & Body Mods

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The Sims 4 is lacking a few features that longtime fans of the franchise have been hoping for. Body hair is one of the most distinguishing features. Although it is possible to add male Sims some facial hair, the game does not currently include options for other types of body hair. This means that no matter how old a Sim is, they will always have smooth, hairless skin.

Because of the unrealistic nature of this, certain players are forced to resort to using custom content and mods so that they can experience the full potential of the game. There are some mods that include body hair as an integral part of the mod, but the vast custom require additional content to be added. In this section, we have compiled some user-created content that aims to replicate real body hair in order to make the appearance of your Sims more lifelike.

The Sims 4’s realism can be improved with the help of user-created content. Here is our selection of body hair cc that you absolutely need to have in order to create realistic male and female sims.

Evie Eyebrows By KatVerseCC

Even though eyebrows aren’t technically considered to be body hair in most contexts, we wanted it would be appropriate to include these Evie eyebrows from KatVerse CC. They are available in a variety of colour swatches over on TSR, where you can find them.

They give a more realistic impression than a lot of the in-game options, and they blend in better with the other body hair choices. They can also be used on sims of any teen, from teenager to senior, and can be worn by either male or female sims, making them extremely versatile. These are an excellent option if you want neat brows that go with the rest of your CC.

Female Body Hair By ForeverBlueSim

This modification of pre-existing content was made in order to make it suitable for use with female Sims, and it was found to be effective. It includes hair on the armpit, leg, and armpit area, and comes in four different colours: black, brown, red, and blonde.

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You can find the download through the love4sims4 Tumblr. You will find the content in the tattoo category of create-a-sim, and you will be able to apply it from that location.

Female Armpit Hair By Forest_Wanderer

This content from forest wanderer gives female Sims their own naturally occurring armpit hair. You can find more about it on ModTheSims, but before you get started, make sure you read the instructions carefully because it requires a separate mesh.

The content recycles a creation made by Lumialover and modifies it so that it can be used by female Sims. However, there are a few incompatibilities, so if you plan to use both sets of content, you will need to investigate how to resolve these issues.

Body Hair Update 1.4 By Castor Sims

Castor Sims, who creates self-described “shitty” custom content, is responsible for this selection, which is somewhat unexpected given his reputation. However, despite the fact that the arm hair, in particular, might not be to everyone’s taste, the chest hair looks great with those in-game tops.

The tattoos are a great addition to the overall look and make this work in a way that we did not anticipate. You can find this and other variations on Castor Sims’s Tumblr if you are interested. In addition to that, this spot features a recolor.

Body Hair Updated By Erling

Recent changes have been made to ensure compatibility with other mods when using this body hair. There are a variety of different versions, and each one is available in all 18 of the swatches for the EA hair colour system. Even though we are completely baffled as to why you would want pink body hair, the colour matching is helpful in any case.

Realistic Body Hair By Slums

This realistic body hair was created by Slums and can be found in the tattoos and gloves categories. It adds hair to the chest, legs, arms, and armpits of your sims. It is only available in one thickness, but it has a texture that is not very frequently seen.

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There is one each of black, brown, and ginger on the swatches. All of them are available for download on the Slums Tumblr. On this website, you will also find a wide variety of other forms of CC.

Natural Hairy Look By PinkZombieCupCakes

This detailed body hair is available for sims of all ages, starting from young adults and going up. The skin was developed to look good against a variety of different tones. It was produced by PinkZombiecupcakes, who is currently a featured artist on TSR, and it can be obtained from their TSR Page.

You will also find a large number of other CC on their page that is equally as well-crafted. Considering that their page has over 1000 creations in total and boasts over 64 million downloads, you can rest assured that you are getting quality content.

LLS Body Hair V4 By Xldsims

This body hair is a recolor that was done in order to make Luumia’s hair, which can be found higher on this list, more closely resemble the EA hair colours. This recolor does not use the most recent version of the content that Luumia has available; however, adding in-game swatches gives more variety.

Regardless, this content on Xldsims Tumblr is definitely something that you should check out. It offers a wide variety of choices to anybody who would like the coloration of their body hair to be as uniform as possible throughout their entire body.

WM The Sims 4 Body Hair 01 By S-Club

This content relating to body hair was provided by S-Club, and it can be found on their TSR Page. It comes in three different colour options and offers a realistic-looking yet voluminous hair for your Sims.

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There are also other body hair options available, as well as a large number of custom creations that can be made for eyebrows, facial hair, and other adjustments that can be made to give your sims a more realistic appearance.

Body Hair V5 By Luumia Sims

This collection of body hair from LuumiaSims is the one you should download if you are only going to get one lot of hair. It offers a straight/wavy option with 10 distinct levels of density, in addition to a curly option with 5 varying options of thickness.

In addition, there are five realistic swatches, one each in the following colours: jet black, coffee brown, cocoa brown, flame red, and blonde (Platinum). The coverage includes to the entirety of the body and can be located on the Luumia website. You can find the textures in the tattoo section of the game’s menu.

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