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The Sims 4: High School Years Experience, Tips, Guide and Features 

The Sims 4 High School Years Experience TheGeekAtom

The Sims 4 has released available its first expansion pack since 2021 with the introduction of the High School Years Expansion Pack. However, navigating the DLC could be just as difficult as homeroom in your first year of high school. In this situation, you are going to need some advice from an experienced older person like myself.

But first, some background information: the release of the Expansion Pack coincided with a significant update to the base game. This update included, among other things, a layer of scruffy realism with options for maintainable body hair, customizable sexual orientation, curved walls, and unwanted cases of incest.

You did indeed read that correctly. Both the original game and High School Years have been plagued by icky bugs for the past week. Some of these issues include Sims randomly becoming famous, Sims trying to court their family members, and Sims ageing much faster than normal.

However, rather than a fresh season of an exploitative show on TLC, this is the fourth instalment of the Sims series. Maxis released fast by releasing some “growing pains” fixes on August 2, after the community’s outcry against the icky bugs.

Unfortunately, some disorders, like cystic acne, do not resolve themselves as quickly as others. I’ve noticed that creepy crawlies are still in charge of our High School Years, but I’ll tell you what to watch out for and what to anticipate from the Sims’ high school experience. After that, I’ll whack you with a wedgie.


What can you do at Copperdale High?

Sims go to Copperdale High School for their high school education. A home for many generations of teen Sims over the years, as well as the centre of the Copperdale community! The school also has a lot of After School Clubs and events that Sims can join when they are not in school.

A day at Copperdale High School

The school day begins right on time at 8 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. When it’s time for your Sim to start school, you can either go with them or send them alone.

When you get to Copperdale High, you’ll have some free time that you can use however you like. It is recommended that students use this time to improve their skills and knowledge. However, you can also use this time to get to know other students on campus.

After your morning free time is over, you will go to classes and attend a break for lunch. When the school day is over, you are free to go home. If you need to use any resources or equipment, you can stay on campus until you feel it’s time to go home.


Copperdale High School has a wide range of classes. Your Sims can learn different skills from each class. From Monday to Thursday, you’ll have two classes each day. On Friday, you’ll be studying for exams and taking them.

Here are the kinds of classes your Sims might go to.

  • Social Studies (Writing Skill)
  • Maths (Logic Skill)
  • Science (Logic Skill)
  • Language Arts (Writing Skill)
  • Art (Painting Skill)
  • Science of computers (Programming Skill)
  • Business (Charisma Skill)
  • Foreign Language (Charisma Skill)
  • Not sure what classes your Sim is taking on which day? Simply click on your Sim, go to the High School option, and click on Review Class Schedule. Then, you can check the Class Schedule on the Notification Wall.

Also, students will have to do their homework. This is something you can find in your Sims inventory. Simply click on the book to complete your Sims homework for the day.


Copperdale High students are expected to be at school learning and studying. Living by the school’s values and being proud to be a Copperdale High student. Mischief and bad behaviour are not allowed. If your Sims get caught, they may have to spend time in detention.

If your Sim gets stuck in detention a lot or doesn’t get the grades needed to stay in school, you may be kicked out of Copperdale High.

Things to do after school

Your Sims can join part in a number of activities after school. This includes being a part of the Cheer, Chess, Computer, and Football Teams!

Also, if you have The Sims 4 Seasons or The Sims 4 Get Famous, you will find the Scout and Drama Club After-School Activities listed here.

It’s easy to join an activity after school!

  • You can join an After School Activity by going to the Smartphone of your child or teen Sim. Select the Business Icon, then click Join After School Activity. As soon as your Sim starts using the phone, a pop-up will ask which activity they want to join.
  • You’ll get a message telling you that your Sim has joined the After School Activity you chose once they’ve joined. Under the Career tab of your Sims’ profile, you can see how they are doing.
  • Make sure your Sims go to their After School Activities and do any daily and advancement tasks to help them reach the next level.
  • You can also join an after-school activity by finding a club representative on campus at the end of the school day. Talk to them, find them questions, and join in the fun.
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Student Life

Students have a lot to do besides their classes, tests, and after-school activities. You can make friends (or enemies), decorate your locker, learn about the latest fashions, go to one of the Club Festivals, or participate in Prom.

Students can also stay in touch with each other through the Social Bunny app, which can be found on the Mobile Phone.


On the Household Calendar, you can find out about school events. Students can take part in either the Football Team Sports Day or the Cheerleading Team Sports Day every week. Both of these events happen after school, usually on Thursdays or Fridays. During the events, you can take part in the football-throwing contest or the group cheerleading contest.

There will also be events like Career Day and the Science Festival from time to time during the school year.


One of the two most important events that happen at school. It takes place at the Copperdale High Auditorium and is truly the night to end all nights!

Students will have the chance to attend promposal signs to ask another student to Prom, or they can send notes instead if they prefer.

But as you and your friends dance your way to the top at prom, don’t forget to vote for who you want to be Prom King and Queen!


We’re all in this together, as the saying goes.

The second most important event of a student’s school year is graduation. Even though some players may have trouble with Graduation, it is still a moment to look back and be proud of what you’ve done before looking to the future and breaking free.

Are you having trouble with things not going as planned for your graduation? Why not make your own event and celebrate your Sims finishing High School in your own way?

Copperdale High School is the time to make memories!

5+ Tips on Essential ways to Survive The Sims 4 High School

Lose your mind with meta screen time

Social Bunny is a new feature in High School Years. It’s basically a Sims version of Twitter, and you can get to it by clicking the phone icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Different things, like eating cafeteria food or remembering a party, will prompt you to write different pre-written status updates that you can change by setting a tone, like embarrassed or happy.

You can also accept and send friend requests to Sims you meet, send them private messages that are friendly, flirty, or mean, or tag them in posts. But think carefully before you type. Targeted messages can make or break your relationship with Sims.

Buy new stuff

You’ll be invited to ThriftTea, a new store where you can hang out with and meet other kids, drink eight-simolean teas, and buy new clothes to style and sell on Trendi, an app for reselling clothes that is backed by Depop. If your looks get enough attention, you can make money and, more importantly, become known as a Simfluencer.

But if you like interior design and are more of a girly stuff, you can also buy things. High School Years has a lot of new home and school items for teens, like cute figurines and a balloon arch that can be used to personalise events like prom, graduation, and weekly pep rallies.

With all this stuff and an unlimited school budget, you could tear down Copperdale High, change its name, give it “characteristics” like “fast internet,” and rebuild it in the style of Euphoria. I put in a speaker that only played electronic music in the cafeteria.

You can also get a gaming chair, LED panels for your wall, and a wireless speaker if you order High School Years before September 8. Why don’t you play infinite mirrors with your video gaming Sims and with God?

Work hard, if you can

High school grades aren’t that important. I guess it’s better to be a small person in a computer than a small person in the world. There are two classes each day, but there are only two classrooms in the school. To see what they are, click on your Sim, choose “high school,” and look at your calendar. Active Sims will always be in the left classroom, but when and where class starts will be shown by a ringing bell and a flashing whiteboard.

Class doesn’t teach you much. To go to class, all you have to do is sit down at the right time and hope your Sim pulls out their notebook. From time to time, you’ll be told how to answer a hard exam question. You can do homework by picking it out of your inventory, but I’ve noticed that my Sims sometimes do it on their own. You can also study in your classroom on the right after school on Wednesdays, or you can choose the “high school” option to study on your own.

Make sure you’re ready for your exams on Friday. The game keeps track of your grades, but the worst thing that can happen if you’re a bad student is that your principal will call you and tell you off.

The principal can also give you detention if you’re caught outside of your classroom during class time, but as far as I know, all students are allowed to graduate. A Montessori school, for sure.

Play hard, if you can

Aside from big events like prom and graduation, there are a lot of fun things to do on campus, like science fairs, career fairs, and pranks, that you can both go to and run.

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Every Friday, there is something like a pep rally with a football game and a cheerleading competition. You can join in by clicking on a football or cheerleading mat, which you can also buy from your locker.

Click on a locker in the school to claim it. You’ll be asked if you want to buy something from it or change how it looks with styles like “dark academia,” “goth,” or “gamer.” Yes, teens love “gamer.”

You can mess up someone else’s locker by clicking on it and choosing “stink capsule.” Don’t get caught in the stink cloud, though, or your Sim will die and your high school will probably be sued for negligence.

Teen Sims can now sneak out of windows, which is cool and sneaky. This is only possible if you live to see another day and get invited to a big event at night.

All Sims will also be able to go to new spots to “WooHoo” or “mess around” (for teens), such as fairgrounds or campus. These WooHoo spots could lead to another lawsuit, but if that helps, I tried to date my Sims’ teacher but couldn’t.

Don’t be old

Copperdale, a new world in High School Years, is run by teens. The pier, the school, and the shopping centre are its main attractions. All Sims, no matter what age, can go to these places, but only teen Sims can go to class.

High School Years is like a curtain being pulled back. Usually, you send teens to school when you’re told to, they vanish into thin ether, and then they come home when school is over.

Now you can find out what’s so cool about the ether and help your teen Sims go to school, study for tests, do extracurricular activities, and even go to prom.

But if your favourite Sim is an old young adult, you won’t be able to do much of the actual high school stuff in High School Years. However, you will still have access to a lot of cute hairstyles, outfits, items, and makeup looks that are ready for Euphoria. Some of these styles can also work for kids and toddlers.

Even though they are adults, young Sims can still join the high school football or cheerleading teams, which seems to be against the law.

Young adult Sims can also get access to the High School Years careers “streamer” and “influencer,” which, as you know, everyone under 25 in the real world is required to pursue by divine law.


In The Sims 4 High School Years pack, grades are important. They are important, but not THE most important thing. The social goal is to help your teenage Sim get along with other skills and make a smooth transition into adulthood.

In The Sims 4, high school graduation is not a given.

What kind of game play do you want to emphasise? Is your teenage Sim a troublemaker, a social butterfly, or an overachiever? Know me in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Question

How to use Trendi and ThrifTea in The Sims 4 High School Years

Trendi, a pink app with glasses on it, is another one you can use on your phone. When you click on it, you’ll see a list of things you can do, such as buy clothes, see who is following you, and get a short explanation of what Trendi is. But here is the version that was too long and nobody read: Trendi is a fashion app that lets you buy and sell clothing.

As for ThrifTea, that is a physical store that is only found in Copperdale. It’s right a thrift store where you can try on clothes, buy them, and talk to the store owner to find out what the latest fashion trends are.

Fashion trends are huge and can make or break your popularity, depending on what you wear. Luckily, you can check what’s popular on your phone. You don’t want to be remembered for the wrong reasons, do you? In the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see what’s popular right now and what’s not.

So, if you want to start your own Trend, you need to make an outfit (either in Thriftea or in Trendi) and get people excited about it. Once it gets popular, you might even see Sims you’ve never met before trying out your style.

Sims can also give their Trendi purchases to other Sims if they don’t like what they’ve bought online. And if they’d rather just get their money back, they can also sell the outfit.

How to access and gain followers on Social Bunny

The bottom left corner of your Phone screen is where you can find Social Bunny. You will see nine different apps when you click on your phone. Click the second one, which is a pink app with a picture of a bunny and a love heart on it. Say hello to Social Bunny.

You’ll see three different headings when you get to Social Bunny. These are called Feed, Friends, and Messages. Other features, like “New Post” and “Tag Sim,” are shown above these headings. We’ve explained what they all mean and how they work below.

Since Social Bunny isn’t like Simstagram, you’ll have to use that app alone to get followers. However? It’s much easier than it looks, but as always, it depends on how much you use the Social Bunny app.

Posting a lot is the first step. This can be hard if your Sim hasn’t done anything worth posting about, so get out there and make some memories! Once done, post, post and post!

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The second and last stop is the most important. You need to meet a lot of people, add them to your contacts, and tag them. These will go straight to your feed and help others know more about you, which will lead to more people following you.

  • Feed: This is where all the activity on social media takes place. The Feed section shows all of the posts from your friends, who you can add to your Friends list in the Friends section.
  • Friends: You can add Sims you’ve met to your “Contact” or “Friends List.” Here, you can send them a direct message or remove them from your list if they are too much trouble.
  • Messages: This will show you both the messages you send and the ones you get. On the New Messages tab, you can also write new messages.
  • New Post: For Sims to use this feature, something exciting must have happened to them, or else they won’t be able to post. For teens, this could mean going home from school, having a crush on someone, doing homework, and more.
  • Tag Sim: When you tag a Sim, the message about that Sim goes directly to your Feed. Depending on what kind of message you send, this can make or break your relationship.

How to join after-school activities

There are two ways to join an activity after school. For the first, you need to look at the bottom left corner of your phone’s screen and choose the business app. The business app looks like a yellow suitcase and is shaped like one.

Once you choose, you’ll get a full list of all the after-school activities. If you’d rather use a computer than your phone, you can also allow the High School tab on a laptop or PC, which will also let you choose your activities.

The second way is to join an activity right directly after school. To do this, you must stay on campus after classes end and go to the lockers. There, you’ll allow people from the after-school activities. Talking to them will help you know more about your club and allow you to join.

Once you join a club or activity after school, you will have to meet certain requirements to stay in the club and do well. Some clubs will also give you things to help, like a cheerleading mat for the Cheerleaders team or a football for the Football team.

How to become the Prom King, Prom Queen or Prom Jester

In The Sims 4 High School Years, Prom is a lot like real life in that you have to choose who will select home the crown.

In this version of prom, Sims go to the event through the Auditorium and can dance, eat, talk to other Sims, and just have fun. But in the farthest corner of the building is a bulletin board where you can vote for Prom Royalty and Prom Jester, which are two very different categories. Instead of just having Prom King and Prom Queen, Prom Royalty includes them all. This means that you can only win either Prom Royalty or Prom Jester.

Even though I’ve tried many times, I feel like the game’s choice of Prom Royalty or Prom Jester is mostly based on luck, no matter how many times I vote for a certain person.

Once you choose the Sim you want to win the category, you can go back to the Prom and enjoy the rest of the night. After some time, the Principal will gather everyone together and tell them who won in each category.

After the announcement, Prom will go on for a few more hours before it’s over and your Sims go home.

How the prom works and how to go?

As you go through your first week of high school, you’ll eventually get a notification that Prom is coming up. Most of the time, prom is on a Saturday at the end of the week. If you want to be sure, you can check your Household Calendar.

When the time comes, you’ll be asked if you’d like to go to Prom. This answer can be either yes or no. If you say no, you won’t go to prom. If you say yes, you will.

How Prom works is that if your Sim wants to go, they can go alone, with friends, or ask someone special to go with them. This will give them feel like they’re on a Prom Date. But be careful, just because they said yes doesn’t mean they won’t change their mind, so make sure to give your Prom date all the attention they deserve.

How to ask Someone to the Prom?

Even in a game, if you ask someone you like to the Prom and they say no, it can be embarrassing. Still, we’ll show you how to ask someone to the Prom if you want to.

First, you must wait until you get a notification about Prom. Once that’s done, you can click on any Sim you want and get a choice of options: Promise to Skip Prom Together, Ask for Prom Tips, Ask to Prom, Ask to Prom as Friends, Say You’re Prom Royalty, and Give Prom Proposal Sign. Choose which option you’d like based on what you like best.

But if you want to be creative and go all out to win your prom date’s love and affection, you can present them a proposal sign. To do that, click on your Sim, then on the Prom tab, and then on the Create Prom Proposal sign. Once that’s done, you can present it to the Sim of your choice.

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