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10+ Features in Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod

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The modern video game business is home to a dizzying array of various life simulations, one of the most well-known of which is known as The Sims 4, and you can find all of these games in one place.

It allows you to create a character and take charge of managing that character’s life. Additionally, you have the ability to create offspring within the game, and there are several interesting alterations available for this gameplay aspect.

The Realistic Childbirth mod is an intriguing addition that brings a sense of realism to the process of giving birth to a kid. The Realistic Childbirth mod for The Sims 4 is available for download, and today we are going to tell you where to find it.

Are you becoming tired with the limited number of ways to play the game when it comes to pregnancies in The Sims 4? If you answered “yes,” then you have most surely come at the right place. After PANDASAMA has provided you with information regarding the Sims 4 realistic birth mod, you will not have to go through any more dull pregnancies in The Sims 4.

The events that are to come can only be described as realistic and wholesome. In that case, hurry up and get the nearest notebook, because this update offers a plethora of wonderful advantages that you simply cannot afford to pass up.

10. Have Another Sim Attend The Birth

You will be able to ask another Sim to accompany your pregnant Sim when they experience the wonder of childbirth after your pregnant Sim has selected their desired delivery option. This interaction is not only enjoyable in terms of getting the game into a bubble of absolute realism, but it is also fun in terms of the gameplay!

This is a brand new and interesting interaction to interact, and we just adore it. In any case, you can ask a Sim to accompany you during childbirth by clicking on them and selecting the interaction that says “ask to accompany childbirth.” This will prompt the Sim to join you during the delivery of your child. Just remember in mind that you need to do this task before your Sim enters labour; else, it might be too late.

Having said that, there is a catch with this… Any Sim you ask must have a friendship rating of 70 or higher, or a romance rating of 30 or higher, in order to accept the request.

And if you change your mind about who you want as your company, you have to “ask to not accompany childbirth” before you may ask someone else to do it… Remember that if you bring any company with you, they will not be able to assist you during the labour process until you specifically ask them to do so.

9. Call Your Sim’s Obstetrician

During the course of a typical pregnancy, this will mean – in life, in the contemporary world… It is highly possible that the pregnant person will speak with their obstetrician on multiple times. In the typical gameplay of The Sims 4, you won’t be able to access this option, unfortunately…

The addition of PANDASAMA’s realistic childbirth mod, on the other hand, makes it possible for this phone call to actually take place. When your Sim enters their second trimester of pregnancy with this mod installed, they will have the option to call their obstetrician at that time.

Your Sim’s obstetrician can be reached by clicking on their phone, navigating to the household menu, and selecting “call obstetrician” from the available options.

8. Choose Different Birthing Options

Your Sim will have the opportunity to select one of three unique birthing options during a conversation with their obstetrician that takes call over the phone.

These include the surgery machine, the natural delivery method, and the caesarean section, which is also referred to as a c-section. Your pregnant Sim will receive a phone call that will give them the opportunity to plan the birth of their child – and have it be on their terms.

To select a delivery method, all you have to do is click on the one that appeals to you the most, and then you just have to wait until it’s time to send the gift! Yes, we just referred to your Sim baby as a package, but we called it a sweet little package.

7. Take Family Leave Before Birth

Your pregnant Sim will receive two days of paid time off from work in the week leading up to the birth of their child. On the other hand, you must make certain that the companion Sim does not go to work while the child is being born. After all, it is going to be pretty difficult for them to offer their support from behind the work desk.

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You are, however, in luck since you have the ability to select whatever Sim you have asked to join the birth, and then choose the option “take family leave” to also get two days off from work! Perfect, perfect, perfect. The time has come for your Sim to give birth!

6. Ask For An Epidural

The moment of truth has arrived… If you have decided to go with the C-section delivery method, you will need to click on one of the obstetricians in order to “ask for epidural,” and it will be necessary for the anaesthesia to take effect before the surgery can begin. Warning to the pregnant woman: you really must ask an epidural.

If you do not take this precaution, your Sim may go into labour and remain there for a very very long time. And that is something that none of us want, right? In passing, the epidural is only effective sixty percent of the time, so there is some…

In any case, we adore the realistic realism of requesting an epidural, and we are sure that you will feel the same way.

5. Use A Yoga Ball To Induce Labor

We are all aware that it is possible for Sims to remain in their third trimester for a very long time without ever coming even close to labour. Which can drive us completely bonkers at times.

Why, exactly? Why does it need to take that much time, long considering that this is simply a game… Just think about how long it feels like it’s waiting to take for that baby to arrive in real life and how long it feels like that. Those of you who have done so have our sincere gratitude. That takes some real self-control to wait for nine months, right there!

Now, let’s get back to The Sims 4! There are, fortunately, two ways to circumvent the need to wait indefinitely for labour to begin using this childbirth mod. One option is to take a walk, which can be accomplished by right-clicking on your pregnant Sim and selecting the “go for a walk” option from the menu that appears.

However, in order to select the more exciting option, you will need to invest in a yoga ball from the build mode. And then employ that to bring on labour. But therecomes no need to worry about it because the yoga ball is already included in this mod. Simply conduct a search in the online catalogue using the term “yoga ball,” and you will find it.

4. Gain Weight After Giving Birth

Your Sim will gain on some of that wonderful weight after giving birth at the hospital, which means that their bodies have just finished the process of creating a completely new Sim. Which is something that we love!

The game seriously lacks the authenticity and, to tell you the truth, the realism that this brings to it. It is realistic, and we have a strong yearning for some realism in our lives. In any case, in addition to the weight gain, your Sim will acquire a little patch on the abdomen, indicating the location of the C-section, if they had one.

Although these alterations do not in any way impact the gameplay, we love them due of the increased level of realism they bring.

3. Surgery Table

When you call your obstetrician, you will be given an information menu that will walk you through the many birthing options that are available to you. You may click more about what each birth type will entail by clicking on any of the links above. If the process for that kind of birth doesn’t sit well with you, you may always change your mind and go with an other type.

This is how a typical EA mother gives childbirth to her process. You walk in, step into the birthing apparatus, and then the baby is born. You don’t experience any discomfort during baby or any other difficulties.

In the event that you change to a different conclusion at a later time, you are free to call your obstetrician whenever you want prior to the beginning of childbirth in order to change the method of delivery that you would like to have.

You can ask any Sim that your Sim is close with to be their companion when they are giving birth. This is an option that is available to you if you would want someone to accompany your Sim while they are giving birth. This companion will be there for your Sim during the birth and will watch as she gives birth to the child.

2. Natural Birth

If you selected natural birth as your preferred method to give birth, you will get a little note when you get to the hospital telling you that you will give birth when you are 10 cm dilated. This could take a few hours or a few days, so your Sim and their companion (if they chose to have one at the birth) will just have to be patient and wait it out.

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While your Sim is in the early stages of labour, there are a few things she can do to make active labour start sooner. They can take a walk around the hospital or do pre-birthing exercises on a yoga ball to try to speed things up. To have a yoga ball at the hospital to use for exercise, you will need to enter the cheat bb.enablefreebuild at the hospital and choose the CC yoga ball that comes with this mod from the hospital items menu in Build/Buy. You can place it anywhere in the hospital, and your pregnant Sim can use it to work out. The yoga ball comes in ways that are unique to it.

To go for a walk, you just need to click on your pregnant Sim and choose Take A Walk. They will walk around the hospital for a while, both inside and outside. Even if your Sim does all of these things, it can still take a long time for her to be fully dilated and give birth. Our Sim was there for over 24 in-game hours, but some natural births can take even longer.

During the early stages of labour, your Sim’s water may break, making a puddle on the floor and putting her in a bad mood for a few hours. When they are about 6 cm dilated, a moodlet will tell them that the contractions are getting closer together and stronger. The moodlet says that if your Sim wants an epidural, now is a good time to ask for one.

Your Sim doesn’t have to get an epidural, but they can if they want to receive pain. To get an epidural, click on an exam bed, select “Ask for Epidural,” and then choose the doctor you want to receive you the epidural. Beware! The epidural does not always take properly! Sometimes the pain doesn’t go away completely, and your Sim only loses feeling on one side. Yes, this is another part of this mod that is very realistic. If this happens, you can click on the exam bed again to ask for another epidural, but there’s no guarantee that the second one will work either. If the epidural goes well, your Sim will get a strong happy moodlet talking about how good it is that the pain is gone.

You can also click on an exam bed at any time during the early stages of labour to have your Sim’s dilation checked. A doctor will come over to see how far along your Sim is, and you’ll get a message telling you how many centimetres along your Sim is.

At 9cm, your Sim will get a very strong moodlet about being in unbearable pain if they didn’t get an epidural or if it didn’t take effect right. You can keep walking and use the exercise ball to walk 10cm faster. Your Sim is finally ready to give birth when she is 10cm dilated. Click on any doctor in the hospital and select Give Birth.

Your Sim and their friend will go to the operating room and go to the Get to Work surgery table. Don’t worry if your Sim floats awkwardly above it for a moment! The surgery table is about to magically turn into a birthing bed! Neat! Once both the doctor and the Sim’s chosen companion are in the delivery room with the pregnant Sim, your Sim will start pushing with encouragement from both the doctor and their chosen companion.

The actual delivery won’t take any longer than an hour or two. When the baby is born, you’ll be asked to name the new family member, and the doctor will give the baby to the new parents for skin-on-skin contact. Both the Sim who gave birth and the Sim who helped her will receive very happy when the baby is born.

1. C-Section

If you choose to have a C-section, your time in the hospital will go much faster and smoother. When your Sim and their (optional) companion arrive at the hospital, you’ll get a small message welcoming you to the hospital and telling you how to handle the delivery.

With the natural birth option, your Sim doesn’t have to wait until she is 10cm dilated. Click on any exam bed as soon as you get to the hospital to ask for an epidural. One will be given by a doctor who will come to your house. Then all you have to do is lie down and wait for the epidural to work. It won’t be fully effective for more than a few minutes. When the epidural starts to work, your Sim’s moodlets will let you know.

Once the epidural has taken effect, click on the surgery table to have your baby delivered. Your Sim and their companion will go to the surgery table with the doctor. Once everyone is in the operating room, a sheet will be put up between the Sim who is giving delivery and the doctor, and the surgery will begin. The person watching the surgery may feel a little queasy, but it won’t be long before the baby is out and the doctor hands it to the parents so they can bond with it. Both the Sim who gives birth and the Sim who helps her will feel very happy when the baby is born.

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The Sims 4 Realistic ChildBirth Mod By PANDASAMA

Since we are all gathered here, I think it’s right to say that we all enjoy playing The Sims 4 quite a bit. This much is very clear given the time that we continue to engage in the game on a regular time. How many hours have you already put in on this project? Even though we have a lot of love for The Sims 4, we feel that certain gameplay components may be significantly improved upon. We bet it’s a lot… Anyway, Pregnancies and the process of giving childbirth are one of them.

Have you noticed that the few pregnancy-related interactions that are available, such as notifying people about the pregnancy and letting them feel the belly (which, by the way, is sort of creepy), are some of the most common things to do? Not to add the highly weird way in which our Sims give birth – either by magically popping a baby into bassinets… Or, the more disturbing way – being placed in a freaky machine at the hospital which unintentionally takes out their heart…Yes, it is that disturbing. Also, it’s kind of funny…but it’s not the best option for Simmers who want a realistic gameplay experience.


This mod exceeded our expectations in a big way. For Simmers who do want that realistic childbirth experience, this is really going to take their gameplay to a whole new level. While we understand that this level of realism may not be to everyone’s taste, and that’s perfectly fine, we want to make it clear that we fully support those Simmers who do want it.

The animations are really polished and professionally done, and we enjoy the fact that there are a variety of options for the various kinds of births. In the actual world, every experience and birth is unique to the individual.

The various moodlets that Sims can experience, together with the varying degrees of effectiveness that the epidural can have, tell greatly to the telling of that one-of-a-kind story.

Even in its current form, this mod is incredibly well thought out; however, in the future, we’d love to see home births with midwives and water births added to it for even more opportunities to tailor the birthing experience for our Sims.

However, even in its current form, this mod is really well thought out. We had a time of fun experimenting with it, and I will most certainly be storing it in the Mods folder for the foreseeable future.

After using this mod, I honestly don’t think there’s any way I could ever go back to those strange births in Maxis. My emotional investment in the childbirth and process of my child is significantly higher than it was before.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you have a realistic birth on Sims 4?

Players will have the opportunity to experience a natural birth if they select the “Natural Birth” option from the menu. This approach does involve some unpredictability in order to replicate the characteristics of the actual process of natural childbirth. When this option is chosen, a Sim who is in the early stages of labour is given the ability to go to the hospital.

Can Sims give birth hospital?

The Sims have the option of travelling to the hospital in order to give birth to their baby if you have the Get to Work expansion pack loaded on your computer. Select the self-interaction “Have Baby at Hospital” when the pregnant Sim is in the labour stage, then choose any other Sims you want the pregnant Sim to go to the hospital with, and they will travel right away.

How do you get the yoga ball in Sims 4?

In order to exercise with a yoga ball while you are at the hospital, you will need to enter the cheat code bb. enablefreebuild at the hospital, then go to the hospital’s Build/Buy menu and select the CC yoga ball that comes with this mod. You may place it wherever in the hospital, and then have your pregnant Sim use it to get some exercise.

How do you induce labor in Sims 4?

On your keyboard press CTRL + Shift + C at the same time while actually playing the sims 4 base game only and that should bring up the command box. Next type in sims. add_buff pregnancy_inlabor to make your sims go into labor.

Do you have to be dilated to break your water?

If it hasn’t already broken, the doctor, midwife, or nurse will usually break your water before you reach full dilation. This lets them find out if you have any problems that could make it harder for the baby to come out safely. After your water breaks, contractions usually get much stronger and the labour goes faster.

Can Sims have a miscarriage?

In The Sims 2, there is no such thing as a miscarriage, but if a pregnant Sim dies, the baby is lost, as was the case with Olivia Monty’s unborn child. No one in the family will remember losing the baby. Only the Sim who died will remember. If the pregnant Sim is brought back to life, the pregnancy will go on as usual.

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