Ryu Dong from Street Fighter 6?

Who is Ryu Dong from Street Fighter 6?

Ryu Dong made his debut in the very first Street Fighter game and is widely regarded as the series’ main protagonist. In this new installment, Ryu has a beard. His weight is approximately 187 pounds (ca. 85 kg), and he has a height of 5 feet (1.52 m) 9 inches (ca. 23 cm). Ryu, in contrast to Ken, is modest and respectful. He is a warrior with a kind heart who is always willing to help others. However, Ryu also has a shadow side that compels him to strive for perfection at any cost.

The ability to remain calm and collected under pressure is Ryu’s greatest strength. Ryu plays the role of the nomadic warrior as he works toward his overarching goal, and he approaches both his travels and his training with a high level of intensity. On the other hand, he is a genuinely kind and good-hearted individual. He holds in high regard as well as those who possess abilities on par with his own, and he respects those who possess skills on par with his own.

Street Fighter 6 Ryu Dong

Along the same lines as Ken, Ryu possesses one of the simplest fighting styles, which not only makes him one of the simplest characters to master, but also makes him one of the simplest characters to defeat in Street Fighter 6. Ryu typically uses powerful, single blows to bring his opponents to the ground, as well as his Hadoken, which is a devastating punch that channels the fighter’s will and energy through the palm and out. In order for opponents to avoid this strike, they must either jump or dodge, giving Ryu control of the playing field.

Street Fighter 6 Ryu Dong Skills

  • Superhuman strength, durability, speed, reflexes, stamina, agility, endurance
  • Master in acrobat
  • Master in marital artist
  • Hadoken
  • Posses Karate-style attacks
  • Has high intelligence

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