Never judge a book by its cover, they say. However, the primary component you keep in mind is “how good” something appears…

It’s impossible to avoid it. After all, we’re 70%, visual creatures. According to scientific evidence. Without stunning visuals, an anime is nothing. If you can’t take how terrible an anime looks, the story doesn’t matter. Because anime is based on the concept of beauty and eye delight. It would not be capable of standing on its very own without it.

So, with that in mind, right here are the top visually Aesthetically Pleasing Anime with a view to captivate you from the start.

1. Land Of The Lustrous


Studio Orange’s Land Of The Lustrous is an anime series. I’ve observed that just a few humans have referred to it. Despite the positive reviews on sites such as MAL, The Land Of The Lustrous will take your breath away and go away you panting for existence if we are speaking approximately the latest anime series (2018).

It’s that lovely. I’m pleasantly thrilled via way of means of how energetic the animation is, in addition to how lovely the anime characters are in general. Some of the finest elements can be found in the background countryside. Nothing is overlooked or unnoticed. It’s a computer-generated animation. As a result, that is an element of its visual appeal.

2. The Royal Tutor


The graphics are just stunning. The pictures don’t do it justice. However, the anime is about four princes who each have their own “royal” instructor in the castle.

In terms of personal development, life lessons, and even inspiration, Vibes is akin to Assassination Classroom. The animation quality in The Royal Tutor, on the other hand, is far superior and more aesthetically beautiful.

3. God Eater


 When against maximum anime collection, this anime makes use of CGI animation, and the final results is pretty refreshing. We may not fake to have visible each CGI anime, however, God Eater wins the pinnacle rank for its first-rate animation, realism, and photograph power. The truth is that it is a horror/motion collection really provides to the bleakness and unease of the “black” scenes. Because it is so surreal whilst you are withinside the center of it.

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4. Little Witch Academia

This anime is produced with the aid of using the identical employer that produced Kill La Kill. And, like Kill La Kill, the portraits are beautiful and innovative.

Not to say that Kill l. a. Kill turned into closely inspired with the aid of using Gurren Lagann, accordingly it is no wonder that LWA seems so fantastic. Characters like  Diana Cavendish and Little Witch Academia! What’s the finest part of this series? There is no fan service or anything else to detract from the enjoyment. For good cause, it’s one of Studio Trigger’s most successful productions in the recent decade.

5. Orange

Orange is a departure from the typical anime I’ve watched. In comparison to your “typical” school series, aesthetics and images have their unique taste and flavor. And it’s one of the most emotionally charged stories I’ve ever read.

Cartoon characters in orange having a good time It’s about Kakeru Naruse, a student on the edge of committing suicide following the death of his mother. He is nearly killed by guilt, humiliation, self-hatred, and sadness. But, with the help of a letter from the future, his pals do everything they can to ensure that he lives to see a better day.

6. Terror In Resonance

Another outstanding anime with excellent animation, visuals, and overall appearance. Terror In Resonance isn’t always my preferred band, however, it does not matter. Because, if we are speaking approximately aesthetics, this anime is spot-on and not possible to overlook. The anime claims to be approximate “terrorism” at the surface, which is demonstrated withinside the first episode. But you will quickly realize that the tale is going ways deeper than that and that the craziness has a reason.

7. Snow White With The Red Hair


In practically every way, this anime is stunning.  From the animation to the backdrop scenery, person designs, and the romantic tale that follows, the entirety approximately this movie is fantastic.

With this beauty, now no longer an unmarried picture or body is overlooked. It jogs my memory a bit an excessive amount of “Yona Of The Dawn,” which you will recognize if you have visible it. But, that apart, the sights aren’t to be overlooked. Neither can the animation style’s aesthetics or general “feel.”

8. Violet Evergarden


In terms of graphics, there’s absolutely nothing that can compete with Violet Evergarden, which was released in 2018. Kyoto Animation is noted for its beautiful animation and overall visual excellence. And the feelings conveyed by each of the characters here are confirmation of that. It’s “flawless” in terms of aesthetics and art style, in my opinion.  In my opinion, not including this is a crime.

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9. The Ancient Magus Bride

via Gfycat

The Ancient Magus Bride, which turned into launched in 2017, elevates animation to new heights of “breath-taking.” Even with the aid of using 2019’s standards, there might not be many activities with more visuals than this. It does not remember how little a state of affairs is. Or how “insignificant” a element is. The Ancient Magus Bride captures all of it and shows it in order to be astounded while you see it

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10. Kino’s Journey: The Animated Series

The animation, quality, and eye-candy have been engineered to satisfy, adapted from the original series: Kino’s Travels. The lush backgrounds, vivid scenes, realistic photos, and the sophisticated art style all contribute to the overall effect. This is all you need if you enjoy anime episodes about exploring the world and hearing people’s unique experiences. Kino’s Journey does it better than any other anime.

11. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

This shouldn’t come as a surprise for an anime produced by WIT Studio, the same studio that brought us Attack On Titan. Kabaneri takes notion from Attack On Titan and provides its very own aptitude to make it something distinctive. And the anime’s story, premise, individual designs, and motion replicate this.It isn’t as well-known as AOT, but that isn’t necessary.

In practically every regard, it stands on its own two feet.

12. The Garden Of Words


Nothing else in anime records has ever seemed this good.


Nothing compares to The Garden Of Words, which turned into launched a few years ago. Even now, withinside the 12 months of 2019, The raindrops, concrete, and each different element are unbelievably accurate. It’s near as though you are looking a “actual existence” film come to existence in front of your eyes. And the number one characters do not even make feel (withinside the feel that they may be so practical that they may be hard to comprehend). Although it isn’t the best film, the aesthetics are undeniable. It’s in a class by itself.

13. Puella Magi Madoka Magica


It’s in a class by itself.

Puella Magi (13). Madoka Magica is the most successful magical girl series to date, with Madoka Kaname and her father (except for Sailor Moon, Precure, and Yuki Yuna).

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It’s also one of the darkest shows ever produced. Aside from Spec Ops Asuka, a new magical girl show.

It’s a stunning anime, with fascinating character designs and impossible “hair that defies gravity.”

It manages to combine “cutesy” character designs with crisp, sturdy animation… To top it off, there’s a dismal atmosphere.

If you ask me, the anime series is deserving of all the attention it is receiving. The visuals don’t disappoint, either.

14. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Kyoto Animation’s Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid was released in 2017. As you could guess, it was one of the best anime of the year. The aesthetics stand out, but that’s to be expected from Kyoto Animation. Tohru dragon and KobayashiIt’s nailed the “aesthetics” part. Because the anime is attractive from every aspect. The foolish but funny comedy, as well as the occasionally ludicrous fan service, only add to the enjoyment of this anime.

15. Hyouka

Kyoto Animation has done it yet again with this stunning series.

Hyouka has four distinct personalities: The laid-back, lethargic guy who is intelligent yet loves to be alone, The inquisitive young lady. The straightforward personality.The modest man who considers himself “average.” Even if it means “creating up” puzzles on the fly, all four characters work together to solve problems. To provide them with an excuse to fix a problem.

It’s a thought-provoking show in its own right, with each character contributing their unique “flavour” to the plot. It also helps that it looks decent. Because there is no fan service (except for that 1 episode).

16. Bakemonogatari


1st series of Bakemonogatari!

Bakemonogatari is a big part of numerous “independent” series that connect together and is produced by Shaft Studios (like Madoka Magica).

The following are the themes: Mystery, Vampires, Romance, Supernatural. It’s a weird series, but the aesthetics, as one would expect from Shaft, are spectacular. The Monogatari series has some wonderful aesthetics in most of its seasons.

17. Yona Of The Dawn


Studio Pierrot, the same studio that brought you Naruto. Tokyo Ghoul, Bleach, and many more, Yona Of The Dawn is a romance/supernatural collection that has 1/2 of the motion of Akame Ga Kill.

Aside from the aesthetics, you may just like the sharp comedy and the “seriousness” of the plot. Those elements do not appear to get withinside the manner of every other. It has the complete opposite effect. Only a 2nd season, and in all likelihood extra motion and intensity for the protagonist, are missing. Otherwise, it’s come to be certainly considered one among my favorites, and you’ll adore it if “aesthetics” topics to you.