Shee Vaneer Shrine Walkthrough and puzzle solutions

The Shee Vaneer Shrine One of the shrines in the dueling Peaks Region of the Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild. This shrine is linked with Shee Venath ShrineThrough through a special ball puzzle, which must be completed in both Shrines. You can have a total of 2 Spirit Orbs.

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The Shee Vaneer Shrine is located at the summit of the southern peak. Dueling PeaksIt can be seen across the valley if you stand at the top. If you stand at the top, it can be seen all across the valley. The southwest ascent is the easiest.

Shee Vaneer Shrine Walkthrough

shee vaneer shrine

The sign at the Shee Vaneer Shrine will inform you that the shrines on the Dueling Peaks are linked. This shrine and shrine on the other peak, Shee Venath Shrine are tied together. Small holes in the floor that are bowl-shaped make up a rectangle of 5×5 inches. These bowls are lit by five spheres.

You can take the elevator to the top. Mark the arrangement of the spheres within the bowls. You can also use the paraglider to glide around the edge of the treasure, which contains an Eightfold Longblade.

This shrine’s pattern is the answer to Shee Venath Shrine. Mark its pattern and move the spheres to make it match. Below is the pattern to Shee Vaneer Shrine.


Still Confused. Dont worry we got it covered. You can watch the tutorial from here

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